Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 720

Chapter 720 Parting From Now On There Will No Longer Be Anything Between Us

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The temperature in the room immediately dropped to a freezing temperature.

Seemingly feeling like something was wrong, the woman slowly looked up and at the door.

The warm light of the room shone on her, making her face look more flushed.

Her hair was longer and damp from perspiration, as it fell on her shoulders. She no longer looked handsome and generous, like she did usually. Instead, she looked coy and charming like a young girl.

It was completely different to how she looked like under him that night at the borders.

That night, her tears soaked the pillow and she did not look charmed or satisfied at all.

Ye Yanfeng felt a pang in his heart, like thousands of knives had stabbed into him.

All the blood within him started to turn cold, as if he had fallen into a bottomless abyss, leaving himself only a painful coldness and a bitter disappointment.

He closed his eyes, before he opened them again, his eyes completely red now. He looked like Satan that had just came from hell, wanting to tear the couple in the room into thousands of pieces.

His hands by his sides clenched into tight fists, the vein on the back of his hand twitching. It was enough to show how much he was suppressing his anger today.

He growled lowly, like a beast facing betrayal. He was in pain and despair, as he swung his fist towards that man.

However, just as he was about to land a punch on that mans face, Shangguan Wan suddenly rushed forward and stood in front of the man swiftly.

Seeing that his fist was about to land on her face, he stopped his hand instantly.

His arm whose veins had all popped out fell slowly and weakly.

Even at this point, he was still unwilling to hurt her.

When she stood in front of that man, there was a sharp pain in his chest, as if there was a person stabbing him ruthlessly with a sharp knife.

Shangguan Wan stared at the man that was merely two steps away. He had lost quite a bit of weight after what happened, but his sickly appearance made him look even more handsome and exquisite. His lashes looking even longer and dense under the light.

Staring at his extremely cold and furious facial features, her heart started to thump faster.

To be honest, his red eyes, looking like he wanted to kill someone, were rather scary.

However, she could not back down in fear.

She had to do this.

Staring straight into his eyes, there was not a hint of panic or discomfort in her eyes.

It was as if it was extremely normal for him to see something like this.

Ye Yanfengs expression darkened even more, seemingly like a layer of frost covering his pretty eyes. She could not help but feel a flutter in her heart. It felt as though a century had passed before he finally broke the silence. Why?

His voice was broken and hoarse, trembling softly and uncontrollably.

Hearing the word made Shangguan Wan shiver. She felt like her entire heart was emptied. She really wanted to grab his hand and tell him that everything was fake

But, she could not.

She couldnt.

The two of them would not have an ending, so it was better to cut it off, before it dragged on.

Staring at his cold and dark pretty eyes, her expression was calm as she said indifferently, Why? Because I thought that this would be the best revenge for you!

Ye Yanfengs eyes turned colder as his expression distorted, glaring at Shangguan Wan fiercely.

Shangguan Wan was not scared at all, ridicule and scorn appearing on her pretty face. Ever since you started to cling onto me, I had despised you to the core! I was thinking what method I could use to make you taste the feeling of falling from heaven and into hell.

Her smile widened, though her eyes were as cold as ice. I thought that leaving the Capital might be a punishment for you, since you couldnt see me anymore. But I didnt think that you would be that thick-skinned to follow me all the way to the Yukou Border.

The mans expression darkened even more, as the air in the room became even more sparse.

The tension in the air was palpable, so thick it was as though one could cut into it with a knife.

Shangguan Wan did not stop speaking, as if she was happier the more unhappy he was. I was thinking then that since you cared about me so much, why shouldnt I use your feelings too make you taste the feeling of being lied to and hurt by someone?!

You dont know how much I was laughing at you when you came over to save me and even diverted the enemy for me without any fear of death! The great Fifth Prince was actually being played around by me, that he was willing to do anything and would even die for me!

After cheating your feelings and sleeping with you, there is nothing else for me to use you anymore! Or, to say it more clearly, no matter how hard you work, you will never have a place in my heart!

With that said, a dead silence spread in the air.

Ye Yanfengs breathing clearly got heavier.

His eyes were like sharp knives, glaring sharply at Shangguan Wan.

The man behind Shangguan Wan had his head down, not daring to look at Ye Yanfeng.

This atmosphere was so frightening someone might really get sick from it.

Shangguan Wans lips remained curled up. But if one looked closer, her smile was forced and she shivered slightly, though she still did her best to show a scornful expression.

Ye Yanfeng had been provoked by her words to the point that he was about to lose all of his rationality.

The vein on his forehead twitched painfully, as he suddenly raised his hand.

Shangguan Wan thought he was going to hit her. She did not shy away, closing her eyes instead to wait for the moment his hand landed on her cheek.

After this slap, everything between them would be cut completely. They would go their separate ways!

However, the slap still did not land on her cheek after a while.

Just as she was about to open her eyes, a loud slap rang suddenly.

Shangguan Wan immediately opened her eyes to see a handprint on Ye Yanfengs handsome cheek.

He actually slapped himself.

Seeing this, Shangguan Wan felt like her heart was about to stop.

She suppressed the strong emotions within her, as she stared at the man whose eyes looked like they were breaking, a burning anger in them. In this moment, he looked like someone had sucked his bone marrow out of him, with the amount of pain, despair and anger within him.

The two of them stared at each other quietly like that, until he took a few steps back.

His painful expression slowly went away, only to be replaced by endless disappointment and coldness. Shangguan Wan, if this is your revenge to me, then I have to say that youre very successful. Every word he said was cold and stiff, seemingly squeezed out of him as his cheeks were tensed. The man exuded a chilling coldness all over. I pestered you and forced myself onto you because you were different in my heart! Did you ever wonder why it had to be you, even when I can have so many other women?

He chuckled with red eyes, not a hint of a smile left as the temperature left his eyes. Youre a master at seeking revenge. I admit to being hurt completely by you! But youre not really in the wrong either. If you dont love me, then you dont. I cant force it on you.

He closed his eyes, his side profile looking as sharp as knives. He spat out word for word, clearly and with a dark determination, Since it was all one-sided and my own decision, I wont regret it my actions. But I wont pester you again. Shangguan Wan, listen well. From now on, we will have our separate lives and well never cross paths again!

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