Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 722

Chapter 722 Their Eyes Meeting Coincidentally

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The group walking with Ye Yanfeng were all young masters of the elites in the city.

Shangguan Wan lowered her chin into the red scarf, moving to the corner of the elevator to try to not attract the groups attention.

However, that Mr Qian who had approached her earlier did not seem to want to let her go. Seeing her stand by the corner, he hurriedly said, Beautiful, you dont have to be afraid. Were not bad people.

Shangguan Wan wanted to laugh a little.

People who could enter this high-end clubhouse that were only opened to elites were naturally not bad people.

Were all men here, how can we let a small woman like you stand inside? You can stand in front of us!

Shangguan Wan waved her hands, gesturing that she was fine with where she was standing.

However, Mr Qian thought that she was just shy. He took a few steps further into the elevator, pulling her arm personally to make her stand on the outside.

Although the elevator was not small, but there were several men who were nearly 190 centimeters tall in the elevator. With their strong aura, the space immediately became more cramped.

Shangguan Wan was forced to take a few steps forward by Mr Qian. She was wearing high heels, which was why she lost her balance and fell forward.

Her forehead hit the back of the tall man in front of her.

As the faint cigarette smell interlaced with a masculinity overwhelmed her senses, Shangguan Wan immediately turned tensed.

She hurriedly steadied herself, apologizing hurriedly before she nudged towards where Mr Qian was standing.

Several of the young masters could not help but tease. Yanfeng is still the best. Hed managed to steal the beautys soul the moment he arrived. Look at Qian Xiaoer, no matter how much he tries, shes still ignoring him.

Hearing the playful jibes, Mr Qian did not get angry, merely turning towards Shangguan Wan with a smile. Beautiful, although His Highness has a face that can easily move a woman, I think youre different. Are you really not interested in a sunny, handsome man like me?

Shangguan Wan had her hair down and wore makeup today, while her chin was hidden deep under the scarf, making her only show her bright eyes and top half of her face. Together with the dim lighting in the elevator, the young masters did not recognize her immediately.

Shangguan Wan stood firmly beside Mr Qian. When she glanced towards the elevator door, her eyes could not help but land on Ye Yanfeng, who was standing right in front.

He still had a hand in his pocket, though his other hand was no longer playing with a lighter. He was holding onto his phone, playing a game on it instead. He was completely uninterested in the laughter and chatting in the elevator.

The black coat on his shoulders were perfectly ironed, its flawlessness distancing its owner with everyone else, as Ye Yanfeng exuded an aura that was lonely but above everyone else.

Seeing Shangguan Wans eyes land on Ye Yanfeng, Mr Qian was about to say something when he saw Shangguan Wan pull her scarf down, revealing her pretty face.

The moment Mr Qian saw Shangguan Wans face clearly, he shivered in fear.

It was not because Shangguan Wan had been the Fourth Princess Consort, but because he had seen Ye Yanfeng get into a fight for Shangguan Wan and even ended up being chased by the mafias leader back at the bar.

Back then, he could tell from one glance that Ye Yanfeng was interested in Shangguan Wan.

And now

Mr Qian glanced at Ye Yanfeng. He was extremely serious in his game, not even caring about the person over here.

Was he no longer interested in Shangguan Wan?

However, on second thought, it made sense too. Shangguan Wan had been in the military since young, and was not gentle like a female at all since she only knew how to play with knives and wielded guns. Which man would really dare to fall for her?

Mr Qian did not dare to tease Shangguan Wan anymore, as he smiled apologetically. I didnt know that youre Miss Shangguan, please forgive me! However, its quite hard to recognize you today since youd put on some makeup.

Everyone in the elevator looked towards Shangguan Wan, apart from the man who was still playing his game.

Shangguan Wan smiled faintly. Its alright, you didnt know.

At this moment, the elevator door opened. Shangguan Wan nodded at the other men before she walked out.

The floor that the group of men wanted to go to was the same as Shangguan Wan, so they walked out of the elevator after she did as well.

I used to think that the Shangguans eldest Young Lady was a tomboy, but shes still quite pretty with long hair.

If shes not pretty, how would how Qiao Xiaoer like her the moment he saw her?

Mr Qian walked out of the elevator, glancing at the man who was still playing his game before he waved his hands. Dont talking nonsense, the eldest Shangguan Young Lady isnt someone I can think of being with!

Observing Ye Yanfengs expression closely, his expression had not changed at all. It was as if the woman they were talking about was merely a stranger to him.

When Shangguan Wan arrived at the private room, Mu Sihan was already present.

She pushed the door to enter the room. Apart from Mu Sihan, his butler, Yi Fan, was present as well.

Shangguan Wan took off her coat to hang it, before Yi Fan moved forward to pull her chair out for her.

Mu Sihan chatted with Shangguan Wan about matters at the Yukou Border before the conversation turned towards Ye Yanfeng.

Recently, hes returned to the playful life he had before. I heard that he had three different women in three days. He had even brought one of them back to the Princes residence, which made the Prince extremely furious.

Shangguan Wan smiled bitterly. His private life has nothing to do with me.

An understanding gleam flashed in Mu Sihans dark eyes. The Prince used the antiviral serum to force you to cut ties with him, didnt he?

Shangguan Wan looked down, sighing. I was at fault too. I shouldnt give him any hope. He actually loved my shadow, and merely saw me as a substitute. It may not be a bad thing if he can wake up from this delusion earlier!

Mu Sihan took his cup, sipping some tea before he said meaningfully, Wan Er, if he really loved that person, he should be able to tell if that person was a shadow or a substitute.

Shangguan Wan furrowed his eyebrows, not quite understanding what Mu Sihan meant.

Although I dont like Ye Yanfeng, if he really loved you, he wouldnt mistake you for someone else.

Shangguan Wan widened her eyes. But, he doesnt exist in my memory! Besides, Id read my shadows diary, they did have something together before.

That is a matter that belongs to your family, so its not my place to intrude. But if you believe in Ye Yanfeng at all, then you should investigate it properly.

Shangguan Wan looked down, interlacing her hands together as she nodded. Alright, I will.

After she calmed herself down, Shangguan Wan looked up again at Mu Sihan. The happenings at the Border caused some trouble for you, didnt it?

Ill go to the neighboring country personally next week to meet with His Highness Lous.

They chatted until after ten in the morning when Shangguan Wan received a call. After notifying Mu Sihan, she walked out of the room with her phone.

However, the moment she did, she was knocked into by a young girl pushing an alcohol cart.

Im sorry, I didnt mean to bump into you.

Shangguan Wan shook her head. Its alright.

The moment Shangguan Wan finished speaking, the door on the opposite site opened and Ye Yanfeng walked out with his phone. I have a gathering with my friends today, so I dont have time to accompany you. Whatever you want, just tell my assistant, you dont have to save anything for me.

Hearing his voice, Shangguan Wan turned around.

Taken by surprise, their eyes met each other.

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