Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 723

Chapter 723 A Woman He Pampers

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Shangguan Wan taken taken off her coat and scarf in the private room, which was why she was seen wearing a black, tight-fitting sweater, jeans and a thin belt wrapped around her waist.

The fitting design of her clothes highlighted her pretty and curvaceous figure. With her soft and long black hair and her face with makeup on, it brought out a femininity and charm that was not found on her usually.

After meeting Ye Yanfengs eyes, the two of them hesitated for a few seconds at the same time.

His eyes on her were rather calm, like he was looking at a stranger. His handsome face was completely emotionless, as he moved his eyes away first a few seconds later. After he hung up the call that was still ongoing, he turned to return to the private room without a word.

Shangguan Wan stared at his cold and distant back, a bitter smile of self-ridicule on her lips as she walked towards the washroom.

In the luxurious private room.

Smoke were everywhere in the dark room.

A young lady whose appearance and figure were above average that just started working at the clubhouse. All of the young masters had a woman beside them, apart from Ye Yanfeng.

He used to be the one who liked to play the most. But now, he didnt even want to touch any of these things.

After returning to the private room, he leaned against the sofa lazily, interlacing his legs as he placed them on the coffee table. He had a cigarette between his lips, though he did not light it up, merely playing with a silver lighter between his fingers.

He was surrounded by eager chattering and excitement, however he was exuding a lonely and depressed aura.

That young girl that had accidentally bumped into Shangguan Wan outside, entered the rom with a pushcart.

She knew that everyone in this private room were VIPs that could not be offended.

Crouching down, she carefully opened the alcohol bottles before pouring the glasses of alcohol one by one for the young masters.

Hey, dont you all think this young beautiful one looks a little familiar? Mr Qian teased as he stared at the girl.

The other young masters all had pretty girls accompany them already, so no one responded to Mr Qians words.

Mr Qian glanced at Ye Yanfeng before he said again, I think she looks a little like the Shangguan Eldest Young Lady.

Ye Yanfeng, who had been playing with the lighter distractedly, finally looked up at the young girl.

His eyes landed on the young girl, and his eyebrow raised a little. You, come over.

The young girl kept her head bowed down as she walked into of Ye Yanfeng in trepidation.

Look up.

Hearing Ye Yanfengs voice that sounded like he was ordering he, the young girl looked up with slight nervousness.

A pretty face entered his sight.

Ye Yanfengs hand that was playing with the lighter froze for a second.

He smirked almost visibly, looking cold and devilish. Youre quite pretty.

Hearing Ye Yanfeng say this, the other men all froze.

Although this girl was pretty, she still could not compare to the other female hosts in the clubhouse.

They did not know what the Fifth Prince was looking at.

Only Mr Qian knew why Ye Yanfeng would think that this young girl was pretty.

Although she could not compare to Shangguan Wan, but the charm between her eyebrows was something that the other female hosts did not have.

After Shangguan Wan finished taking her call, she entered the washroom.

She had just flushed the toilet and was ready to leave the cubicle when a conversation between two girls caught her attention.

Qing Tian is so lucky! How can a waitress be taken a fancy to by the Fifth Prince, just when she was bringing alcohol to customers?

Shangguan Wan furrowed her eyebrows, her scarlet red lips pursed tightly together.

Why not? But I dont know what His Highness likes about her. Although Qing Tian is rather pretty, shes definitely not the prettiest in the clubhouse. Even the top host, Sister Hong Er, was not fancied by His Highness!

Qing Tian is really damn lucky.

Have you heard? After His Highness started to fancy Qing Tian, he immediately gave her the stocks to this clubhouse. In just one night, Qing Tian actually managed to transform from a lowly waitress to become one of our bosses!

Its really infuriating when were comparing ourselves to others! Just take us, were not worse off than Qing Tian! Why arent we as lucky as her?

I know! However, I heard that the Crown Prince is in the private room opposite of the Fifth Prince, how about

Stop this nonsense. The Crown Prince is different from the Fifth Prince. The Fifth Prince has always been a playboy, his eyes able to create flutters in a womans heart with just a glance at them. However, the Crown Prince is as cold as an ice cube. Whenever I look into his black eyes, I feel like Ive fallen into a frozen lake. Hes so terrifying.

Thats true. The Crown Prince is out of our league. Besides, every time he comes, hes never asked for a female host. All we can do is dream about accompanying him!

After the two girls finished touching up their makeup and left the washroom, Shangguan Wan came out from the cubicle she was in.

Standing in front of the wash basin, she stared at the reflection who looked back at her in the mirror, her expression slightly terrible as her hands grabbing the counter hard.

There was a suppressed pain on her expression.

Her chest heaved up and down slightly.

After a while, she finally turned on the tap, leaning down to splash her face with cold water.

When she returned to the private room, Shangguan Wan told Mu Sihan she was leaving before she left with her bag.

Walking towards the classy lobby, she saw Ye Yanfeng who was waiting for the car by the entrance.

This time, there was a petite figure in his arms.

Shangguan Wan furrowed her eyebrows, vaguely feeling that the person looked slightly familiar.

Oh, it was that waitress that bumped into her accidentally when she left the private room.

So she was called Qing Tian.

Shangguan Wan did not move forward, merely standing in the lobby as she watched Ye Yanfeng get on the car with Qing Tian in his arms after his driver opened the door for him.

In that moment, Shangguan Wan could not comprehend what emotions she was feeling right now. Her breathing was slightly quickened, while her mind was in a complete mess.

As if wanting to verify something, she secretly drove after that car.

That car drove to the entrance of Ye Yanfengs villa in town and Ye Yanfeng stopped at an inconspicuous place.

Through the window, she stared blankly at the car in front.

A while later, the driver got off.

He entered the villa first.

The couple in the car did not.

Shangguan Wans hands on the steering wheel tightened unconsciously.

A strong panicked and helpless feeling spread in her chest as she stared straight at the car in front. She wanted to rush up to the car to see what they were doing so badly.

About five minutes later, that car started to shake slightly.

Shangguan Wan pushed her car door open, getting off the car uncontrollably.

When she was approaching that car, she heard a womans soft pants.

The blood within her immediately froze.

In that moment, she finally understood his feelings that night.

Her eyes turned red. In the end, she did not move further towards the car, turning around to walk towards her own car.

Right after her car turned around to leave, Ye Yanfengs car stopped shaking.

One was completely still, while the other drove away into the darkness.

Just like two straight lines that would never meet again, diverting further and further away from each other.

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