Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 724

Chapter 724 Xiaojie Is Missing

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In the car that had just stopped shaking, the young girl stared at the man who was properly dressed as he leaned against the seat, exhaling smoke from his cigarette slowly.

A derisive scoff appeared on his handsome face.

She stared in confusion at him, asking carefully, Your Highness, is that all I have to do?

All she needed to do to be able to get shares to the clubhouse, was purposefully jump around to make the car shake and pant out loud?

Ye Yanfeng exhaled a mouthful of smoke, narrowing his pretty eyes as he stared at the young girl in heavy scrutiny. If not, you really want to sleep with me?

The young girl shook her head. I-I dont dare It was not that she did not want to, but because she did not dare.

For a commoner like her, it was already lucky for her to be able to speak a bit more to the Fifth Prince. She did not dare to think too much about anything else.

Ye Yanfeng tapped the ash off the cigarette. Wait in the car, Ill get the driver to send you back.

Getting off the car, the night breeze blew at him chillingly.

He stood by the car, staring off into the night sky.

It was the direction where Shangguan Wan had left towards.

Actually, if she took a few more steps forward, she would be able to see that the girl and him were not doing anything.

However, to her, he was already not worth taking that step forward.

He no longer only wanted her.

Actually, he understood many things recently.

The world would still continue to turn without one person!

So why must he hang himself on one tree only?

Throwing the cigarette away, Ye Yanfeng scoffed as he strode into his villa.

Shangguan Wan left the Capital early in the morning the next day. Mu Sihan, her family and friends had all came to send her off.

After she left, it would be a long time before she stepped into this city again.

Her short relationship with Ye Yanfeng would also properly come to an end.

Even know she knew that he would not come to send her off, she still could not help but keep turning around when she left.

She did not see him even when she passed through the security check.

It was over between them.

It had been nearly a month since Nan Zhis accident.

However, both the Qiao family and Mu Sihan were still on mourning.

Mu Sihan would work normally during the day. However, it was hard for him to fall asleep at night, her smile and voice appearing in his mind the moment he closed his eyes. The only way for him to fall asleep was to take sleeping pills.

His psychological condition was getting worse by the day. He did not know how long he would last if he continued on like this.

Even Amy had told him that if he didnt get over the pain and sadness soon, his Ye Qing personality would come out to replace him, even when he didnt have a fever.

However, to him, Nan Zhi had been tattooed into his bones.

How could he forget her just like that?!

After returning from his office, he did not take his dinner, merely bringing a bottle of alcohol to his room.

He was about to drink some when his phone vibrated.

Seeing that it was a call from the training camps instructor, Mu Sihan immediately answered the call.

After answering the call, Mu Sihans expression changed immediately.

Back when Xiaojie asked to attend the Devil Training Camp, Mu Sihan had contacted the instructor there. The instructor made Xiaojie go through a series of tests before he successfully entered the training camp.

Xiaojies IQ was high and although he had leukemia before, he had been focusing on strengthening and training his body ever since he was healed. Now, his physical strength was slightly better than other children his age.

He had been training for two weeks in the training camp. Not only that, he was able to withstand hardships and had a great performance, which was why his instructors never shied away from praising him.

He had been getting along well with the other children in his dormitory.

However, there was a small episode tonight.

After Xiaojie went to take a shower, one of the grandchildren of the Royal relatives from the dormitory next door had ran over to his dormitory. He sat on Xiaojies bed and saw the painting Xiaojie placed under his pillow.

The painting had been painted by Xiaojie himself, with him smiling extremely happily while his Daddy and Pretty Zhizhi held his hand as they walked along the bright and sunny street.

Xiaojie did not like it when others touched his private belongings. After his shower, he immediately walked over when he saw a small boy laughing nonstop at his painting, snatching his painting back.

Seeing Xiaojies scrunched up face, the boy felt that Xiaojies attitude was not good, saying immediately, Didnt your Daddy divorce already? You dont have a Mommy now, so you should only paint your Daddy and yourself.

Xiaojie took the painting. I have a Mommy!

I heard from my Daddy and Mommy that the ex-Fourth Princess Consort isnt your biological Mommy, right?

Xiaojie did not reply.

At this, the small boy was slightly furious. Ye Jie, dont think that youre above everyone else just because your Daddy is the Crown Prince!

Staring at the boy whose expression was slightly dark, Xiaojie pursed his lips. My Daddy will marry by Mommy very soon.

Is your Mommys surname Nan?

Xiaojie furrowed his eyebrows slightly, asking softly, How do you know?

I heard my Daddy and Mommy mention it when I went home the last time. As the boy spoke, he stared at Xiaojie pitifully. Youre so pitiful.

Xiaojies black eyes were wide, staring at the small boy in confusion. Why are you saying that Im pitiful?

Because your Mommy is gone! Even if your Daddy gets married in the future, he can only find a step-mother for you!

Xiaojie blinked his eyes, unable to immediately digest what the small boy had said.

Seeing Xiaojies expression, the small boy suddenly remembered what his Daddy had whispered to his Mommy.

His Daddy said that the woman that the Crown Prince liked was involved in an accident. The news had not been revealed to the public yet, and that his Mommy should not tell others.

He thought that even if the news wasnt revealed to the public, Ye Jie would still know about it.

However, Ye Jies current expression did he not know yet?

The small boy caressed his head, not daring to look at Xiaojies current expression. Its almost time to sleep, Im going back to my dormitory.

The small boy had just arrived at the door when his arm was pulled by Xiaojie.

The small boy turned around, a little afraid when he saw Xiaojies red eyes. I-I only heard it from my Daddy and Mommy. Ye Jie, dont hit me, if not, Ill tell the instructor

Xiaojie let go of the small boys hand, his small body suddenly bolting out of the room.

Mu Sihan rushed down to the training camp site.

The instructor had already looked at the CCTV. Xiaojie did not leave the training camp site, but he did not know where Xiaojie was hiding.

The campsite was huge, and with Xiaojies IQ, it would be hard to find him if he really wanted to hide.

The instructor said apologetically as he met Mu Sihans cold eyes, The people in Xiaojies dormitory said that he found out about his Mommys death.

Mu Sihan furrowed his eyebrows. Bring me to the security room.

Xiaojie was very smart, knowing the CCTV placements in the camp site very well since he had perfectly avoided all of the CCTV.

Crown Prince, Ill get all of the instructors to go search

Mu Sihan raised a hand, his expression cold and calm. Let him have some time to calm down.

But, hes still a child

Ill let you know if theres anything else. You can go and rest!

Staring at Mu Sihans tensed expression, the instructor knew that the Crown Prince was the most worried about Xiaojie going missing.

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