Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 725

Chapter 725 He Slept With Her

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Mu Sihan walked to Xiaojies dormitory, looking up at the CCTV not too far away.

The brat was his son, so he naturally knew him well.

Besides, there were only so many places he could hide at and avoid the CCTV at the same time.

Mu Sihan tried to follow a possible path Xiaojie could take to avoid the CCTVs, and he arrived at a small hill that was not too far away.

There was a path up the hill, to which Mu Sihan followed it upwards.

When he arrived at the top, Mu Sihan looked around, seeing a small figure huddled in a ball.

He was sitting on the branch of a big tree, his black grapes-like big eyes were staring at the sky in a daze.

He didnt even realize that Mu Sihan was around.

Reaching out, Mu Sihan easily jumped on the tree.

He sat next to Xiaojie.

Xiaojie turned his blurry eyes towards the sound, his long lashes fluttering when he saw Mu Sihan sitting next to him. He asked softly, Daddy, is Pretty Zhizhi really not around anymore?

Mu Sihan pursed his lips tightly, his eyes dimming slightly. Its an accident that no one expected.

Xiaojie looked away from Mu Sihans face, his black eyes staring at the sky again.

Pretty Zhizhi used to tell me that after people go to heaven, they will become stars. Daddy, if Pretty Zhizhi isnt around anymore, she will definitely become the brightest star, so that I can see her straight away. Xiaojies voice was slightly low. He looked like he was about to cry, though he was suppressing it with all he could. But I looked at the skies for a very long time, I still wasnt able to spot the brightest star.

Xiaojie sniffled, pouting slightly. You adults must have made a mistake. Pretty Zhizhi is still alive! Its just that shes hiding from anger and does not want us to find her.

Hearing Xiaojies words, Mu Sihans eyes turned red.

Reaching out to hug Xiaojies small shoulders. Shes still alive in our hearts.

He was not willing to tell Xiaojie about Nan Zhis accident because he was afraid that he would not be able to take it.

He had been birthed and raised by Nan Zhi.

Their relationship and bond was so strong, which was why even though he may be still a child, his feelings for his Mommy would not be less than anyone else.

Mu Sihan hugged Xiaojie, resting his sharp chin on Xiaojies head. Brat, you have to be strong, got it?

Xiaojie buried his pretty face into Mu Sihans firm and broad arms, his voice slightly choked with tears. Daddy, Pretty Zhizhi wont die. I dont want Pretty Zhizhi to die. Go and look for her and bring her back

Mu Sihan felt like something had tugged a nerve in his mind ruthlessly, that numbing pain swarming him once more.

He raised his hands to cup Xiaojies tears-laden face, pressing his forehead against his. He said hoarsely, Daddy will be with you in the future. Your Pretty Zhizhi always hoped for you to be happy as well, no matter where she is.

Xiaojie wiped his tears, looking at Mu Sihan obediently.

Daddy seemed to have lost quite a bit of weight, it must have been because he missed Pretty Zhizhi too much!

He didnt believe that Pretty Zhizhi had become a star. Pretty Zhizhi would definitely return if he was obedient!

Daddy, is Grandma very sad as well? I want to go and visit Grandma tonight.

The person that Pretty Zhizhi thought about the most usually was Grandma.

Now that Pretty Zhizhi isnt with Grandma, he had to accompany Grandma more in Pretty Zhizhis place.

Staring at the obedient child, Mu Sihan felt a pang in his heart.

If Nan Zhi did not meet him, would her life be much quieter and nicer?

After Mu Sihan spoke to the instructor, he left the campsite with Xiaojie.

It was already late at night, but An Feng was not asleep yet.

Like Mu Sihan, she could not fall asleep everyday.

Since she could not fall asleep, she would pray for Nan Zhi every night.

Seeing Mu Sihan bring Xiaojie over, comfort appeared in An Fengs eyes.

Xiaojie looked like Nan Zhi, which was why An Feng kept feeling like Nan Zhi was still with her whenever she looked at Xiaojie.

After Mu Sihan left, Xiaojie dragged An Feng to bed, his small hands holding tightly onto An Fengs hand. Grandma, Pretty Zhizhi only went to a very far place, and we can still see her in the future, dont we?

An Feng caressed Xiaojies pretty face, nodding. Yes, but that will be a very long time later.

Xiaojie leaned into An Fengs embrace, giving her warmth. Grandma, if you miss Pretty Zhizhi in the future, Xiaojie can come back to accompany you, alright?

An Fengs eyes welled up, her tears almost falling again.

Throughout all these years, the best thing Nan Zhi had done was to have such a good son.

She nodded, her heart still sad, though she was comforted as well. My baby Grandson, youre Grandmas little angel.

With the boy accompanying her, the long nights did not feel that miserable and hard anymore.

At one in the morning, a loud engine rang outside of the Qiao family castle.

Qiao Yanze got out of his car in a drunken stupor.

He had placed all of his attention on his work in the past month, but the result was that there were drinking sessions from time to time. After every drinking session, he would drink until he was completely smashed.

Someone else who had not slept yet was Xiao Ying.

Qiao Yanze was in a bad mood, his body and heart exhausted from what had happened, but Xiao Ying would take care of him with all of her heart everyday.

Madam Qiao did not like this Xiao Ying at first, because she was soft and looked too pretty, like a vixen. She was worried that Xiao Ying would seduce Qiao Yanze.

However, she seemed to have thought too much into it. Xiao Ying had handled and taken cared of Qiao Yanzes daily matters flawlessly. She was detailed as well, and did not seem to do anything out of line.

After Xiao Ying heard the sound of the engine, she ran out.

Seeing the drunken Qiao Yanze, she hurriedly supported him. Young Master, I know that youre sad, but its not good for you if you continue to drink like this!

Qiao Yanze glanced at Xiao Ying, a lazy smirk on his lips, though he did not say anything.

After helping Qiao Yanze to his bed, Xiao Ying ran downstairs to make a cup of sober-up tea. When she returned to Qiao Yanzes room, he had fallen asleep on his bed.

He was not rowdy and did not act up when he got drunk. Instead, he became very quiet.

Xiao Ying sat by the bed, calling softly, Young Master, wake up to drink the sober-up tea. If not, youll get a headache tomorrow.

Qiao Yanzes eyelids moved, but he did not open his eyes.

Xiao Ying put down the cup, before she reached out to push him slightly. However, she did not expect for her wrist to be grabbed by his scorching hot palm instead.

With a strong tug, he pulled her onto him.

Smelling her, his voice was slightly hoarse from the alcohol. What perfume did you spray on? Its calming and relaxing.

Xiao Ying was panicking a little. Young Master, I didnt spray on any perfume

Qiao Yanze stared at Xiao Yings watery, deer-like pitiful eyes, his eyes darkening as he hugged her. Suddenly, he flipped them around to press her under him.

In the morning, when the first hint of sunlight shone into the room, Qiao Yanze opened his eyes habitually.

Suddenly, he realized that something was wrong. There seemed to be a soft and petite body in his arms.

He looked down immediately at the woman in his arms who was still in deep sleep.

He immediately felt a strike of lightning in his brain!

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