Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 726

Chapter 726 Half A Year Later

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Qiao Yanzes head hurt badly.

He could not remember anything that happened the night before.

However, the bits of red on the womans exposed skin clearly told him what happened last night.

Sitting up slowly, the blanket fell from him, revealing his firm but toned muscles. The sunlight shining in seemed to cover him in a honey-colored layer, as he exuded a healthy and enticing glow, such that people could not look away.

Just as he was about to pull the blanket away and get off the bed, the woman beside him moved, opening her eyes slowly. She turned around and looked at Qiao Yanze.

Their eyes met.

One was extremely shy.

The others emotion was hard to read.

Xiao Ying sat up, her fingers gripping onto the blanket tightly over her body. She did not dare to look into Qiao Yanzes eyes for too long, her eyes covered with a thin layer of moisture, making her look slightly delicate.

Even though he could not remember what happened last night, but seeing her like this, Qiao Yanze felt a little guilty. He massaged his temples before he said, Im sorry.

Xiao Ying looked down, her hair slightly messy as she shook her head. Young Master, you are my benefactor, I wont blame you. Her white teeth bit down on her lips, her voice slightly hoarse. If it wasnt for Young Master, my virginity would have long been taken by others. Young Master doesnt have to be concerned with this, I wont ask Young Master to take responsibility.

Xiao Ying got off the bed in trepidation, picking up her clothes to put them back on in a hurry, her movements messy and anxious.

She did not look at Qiao Yanze again, her head bowed down as she ran out quickly.

Qiao Yanze saw the red spot on his messy blue bed sheet. That was a womans

He closed his eyes, massaging his temple.

After Xiao Ying ran out, she accidentally bumped into Madam Qiao who was about to return to her room after her morning exercise.

Seeing Xiao Ying walk out of Qiao Yanzes room dressed haphazardly, Madam Qiao immediately furrowed her eyebrows.

She had only just relaxed her guard around Xiao Ying, how did it

At the sight of Madam Qiaos sudden change of expression, Xiao Yings legs went weak from fear, falling down to kneel on the floor.

Madam, its all my fault, please dont blame Young Master


Madam Qiao slapped Xiao Ying angrily, shouting, Of course its you! I still thought that you were an honest one, I didnt think youd be a vixen with your appearance! I shouldnt have allowed Yanze to allow you to be his maid in the first place!

Madam Qiao had always placed importance on family backgrounds. Qiao Yanze was to inherit the title of Duke, while Xiao Ying was from a small family. Her father was even a gambler. How could someone like this be matched with her Qiao Yanze?

Ignoring the fiery pain on her cheek, Xiao Ying kept kowtowing to Madam Qiao. Madam, Im not being delusional. I really like Young Master, and I never thought to get an official title. If Madam doesnt want me here, I can leave now

Before Xiao Ying could finish speaking, Qiao Yanzes voice rang behind them. Youre not allowed to leave!

Although Qiao Yanze was a playboy in the past, that was because he had not met anyone that he was interested in, who he wanted to take responsibility over.

Xiao Yings appearance sparked the protectiveness he had within him.

She was such a gentle and soft girl, but her personality was so determined and strong.

Qiao Yanze walked towards Xiao Ying, pulling her up from the ground.

Seeing her swollen cheek and sparkling tears, he furrowed his eyebrows, turning towards Madam Qiao with a slightly dark expression. Mom, Im sure you know what Xiao Ying and I did last night. Im at fault for drinking too much. It has nothing to do with her. If you want to chase her away, then, please chase me away as well!

Madam Qiao widened her eyes, staring at Qiao Yanze in disbelief.

Ever since this Xiao Ying had appeared, the filial son that listened to her in the past had changed a little.

Recently, because she had been immersed in the pain and sorrow from Nan Zhis passing, she did not look into it too much.

But now that she thought about it in detail, Yanze had been going against her in everything ever since she had objected to Xiao Ying entering their family.

Was this gentle and weak girls charm so great he didnt even want his family anymore?

Young Master, please dont make Madam unhappy because of me. What happened last night was my fault Xiao Ying looked down, her tears falling heavily. Although Young Master straddled me from being too drunk, I should have pushed him away in time, but I didnt. Because I was also attracted by Young Masters charm like other women. Young Master doesnt have to take responsibility for what happened last night

Hearing Xiao Yings words, Madam Qiaos expression darkened even more.

The little vixens words were especially tactful, specializing in gaining mens adoration and pity. This woman was dangerous.

Yanze, did you hear that? This maid seduced you intentionally. Youre the Qiao family heir, you can have any woman you want. Are you really going to make me angry for this maid?

Young Master, dont be unhappy with Madam because of me. Its not worth it. Xiao Ying stood up, bowing two times to Madam Qiao and Qiao Yanze each, her face covered in tears. Im going to leave the castle now.

Seeing Xiao Ying walk downstairs, Qiao Yanze furrowed his eyebrows.

After Xiao Ying packed her luggage, she carried her bags to leave.

Qiao Yanze did not chase after he even after she left the castle.

She did not turn back either, the tears on her face long dried as a smirk appeared on her face.

The more Madam Qiao stopped them, the more her son wouldnt let go of her.

How was leaving not another new start?

All she had to do was wait.

When Mu Sihan came to fetch Xiaojie, he heard that Qiao Yanze had quarrelled with Madam Qiao.

After saying bye to the Qiao family, Xiaojie told Mu Sihan after they got on their car, Granduncle likes Sister Xiao Ying, but Great Grandma doesnt like it, so the two of them started to quarrel.

Mu Sihans black eyes glanced towards the castle in deep thought.

To be able to charm Qiao Yanze to the point that he wasnt even listening to Madam anymore, it was clear how formidable this Xiao Ying was!

Qiao Yanze could be considered as someone who had seen all types of women. Falling for a maid this time, no one knew if it was his fortune or misfortune!

However, how could anyone be especially clear when it came down to their feelings?

Mu Sihan looked away, leaning his tall figure against the chair.

Every time he came to the Qiao family castle, his heart would be filled with an empty but helpless suffocation.

Kitten would he really not see her again in this lifetime?

Time flashed by just like that, and in a blink of an eye, half a year had passed.

In the grand and authoritative meeting room, Mu Sihan, dressed in a tailored black suit, was sitting on the master seat. His perfect face exuding a dignified coldness. The strong yet natural aura he was exuding made every official present sweat cold perspiration.

The Crown Princes expression was too cold. Although they had gotten used to it in the past six months, everyone would still be careful and timid every time they had a meeting.

Halfway through the meeting, Yi Fan came in to report to Mu Sihan. Young Master, someone is here to see you. They are waiting in your office, Yi Fan whispered quietly by Mu Sihans ear. Mu Sihan stretched a hand out to stop the meeting, before he got up and left the meeting room with a cold expression.

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