Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 727

Chapter 727 Going For A Holiday

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The Crown Princes office was spacious, one of its walls covered entirely with floor-to-ceiling windows. The interior was designed according to his usual style, low-key but luxurious at the same time, cold but tasteful.

The woman sitting on the sofa could not help but stand up and walk towards the office table.

There were two photo frames placed on the office table.

One of them was of a young woman dressed in a professional suit and ponytail, looking clean and sharp. The other was of a family of three.

The pretty small boy was standing in the middle while the man behind was back-hugging the womans shoulders tightly. The woman and boy were smiling brightly, while the man who did not smile usually had a small smile as well.

It was a happy and warm smile.

She stared at the photo for a very long time, until some low but steady footsteps could be heard by the door.

She turned around, her eyes landing on the tall and black figure that had just appeared.

Her expression dazed out for a few seconds.

The man was wearing a black suit, with a perfectly white shirt inside. He had a hand in his pocket, while his other hand held onto a document file, looking cold and handsome.

His hair was cut really short, his hairline and sideburns clearly visible.

The distance between Xueer and him was not huge, as their eyes met.

Time seemed to favor him especially, as his exquisite and handsome facial features matched with the image she had in her memory. He was still that fierce, dignified and arrogant man.

He had merely become even harder to read and more mature!

Ah Han. Xueer smiled courteously. Its been a while.

Mu Sihan hummed coldly in response.

In the past six months, he rarely smiled anymore. He spent most of his time on work. He was like a robot that never smiled, cried or had any feelings.

Through his hard work, his position in the Royal family had only become more and more stable.

Ye Fengjun did not want to see him being immersed in the pain of losing Nan Zhi, and had arranged for him to go for match-making sessions a few times. However, when those young ladies saw his icy cold face, they were so afraid they did not dare to speak anymore.

As a result, there was a saying in the upper-class society in the Capital, that the Crown Prince was a cold-blooded Hades, contrasting terribly with the playboy Fifth Prince.

Mu Sihans eyes only landed on Xueer for two seconds, before he strode to sit on the leather chair behind the office table. His deep black eyes had no emotion in them, looking like a placid and chilling lake. When he passed by Xueer, he merely left her with the scent of his refreshing and cold masculinity.

Xueers head hung down slightly, disappointment apparent in her eyes. However, she controlled herself very quickly.

She glanced once more at the man who picked up his fountain pen and signed some documents. She walked in front of the office table, saying softly, Ah Han, you asked me to come look for you here when we met at the village last time. Are you blaming me for coming too late?

Mu Sihan narrowed his dark eyes slightly, putting down the fountain pen as he said hoarsely, Youre not late. Its just that whether or not you come now has no meaning to me anymore.

He asked Xueer to come over because he wanted to make his Ye Qing personality disappear and not hurt Nan Zhi anymore.

However, since Nan Zhi was no longer here, whether or not he was treated no longer had any meaning.

Xueer stared at Mu Sihan, who was extremely cold to her. She felt extremely sad, a thin layer of moisture covering her eyes. Ah Han, I heard that Miss Nan isnt around anymore

Before she could finish speaking, she was interrupted by Mu Sihan coldly. How do you know about this?

Fourth Brother, dont be angry. I was the one who told her. The culprit, Lan Yanzhi, walked in from outside. He glanced at the icy cold Mu Sihan, then at Xueer who looked like she was about to start crying. I met Xueer in the plane. We chatted a little and I accidentally told her.

Mu Sihan pressed his slender fingers in between his eyebrows, saying with exhaustion, Sister Xueer, Ill get Yi Fan to help you arrange a hotel for you to stay at tonight. You should return to Ning City tomorrow.

Xueer furrowed her eyebrows tightly.

Calling her over, then pushing her away when he wanted, what did he treat her as?

Seeing that Xueer was not replying, Mu Sihan raised an eyebrow. Why? You have something to say?

Xueer stared at the man who was treating her so coldly, her heart tightened into a twisted lump.

However, who could she blame?

She was the one who did it to herself, she was the one who had caused her relationship with him to become like this.

They could not even be family towards each other.

She shook her head. If you dont want to see me, then Ill buy a ticket to fly back later.

Turning around, Xueer walked out of the office. However, she could not help but turn around to look at him again. Ah Han, Im not the person I was in the past. I understand now that you cannot force feelings onto someone. She paused for a while, her voice slightly choked. Take care.

After Xueer left, Lan Yanzhi walked towards the office table, passing him a cigarette. Arent you a bit too harsh towards Sister Xueer?

Mu Sihan looked down to light the cigarette up, narrowing his dark eyes slightly. He exhaled a long breath of smoke before he spoke slowly, It would only be heartless for her if I gave her hope.

If youre not giving her hope, then why did you ask her to come over?

Mu Sihan pursed his lips tightly, not saying anything.

In the past six months, Lan Yanzhi realized that he became less interested in speaking, only replying after Lan Yanzhi spoke a few sentences to him.

Never mind, if you dont want to say it, I cant force it out of you either. Lan Yanzhi paused for a second before he changed the topic. Are you still not able to forget Nan Zhi?

Mu Sihan smoked continuously, before he hummed lowly. Even though it had been six months, he had never stopped thinking about her.

At night, he would even dream of her occasionally.

He dreamt that she was back and was standing in front of her. However, when he was about to hug her, she disappeared again.

When he woke up, his chest hurt even more. All he could feel was a waste, bleak sense of sorrow and emptiness.

Fourth Brother, apart from you not being able to forget Nan Zhi, its the same for Xiaojie as well. Hes still so young, havent you thought of spending more time with him?

Mu Sihan tapped the cigarette into the ashtray, his eyes darkening slightly. I did, but he said that he wanted to train and learn properly in the training camp.

Hes already been there for more than six months. Isnt it time to go out for a vacation? Lan Yanzhi took out his phone, finding a photo he had saved. Look at this sea! My assistants best friend found this place when she went on her vacation a while back. Its called Light Island, an island kingdom in the Pacific Ocean. Its not very big, and the population size is rather small as well. I heard that the scenery there is like a painting. As its spring all year round, its very beautiful there. I plan to go there for a vacation. Do you want to consider coming along with Xiaojie?

Mu Sihan was not in the mood for a vacation. No matter how beautiful a place was, to him, they were only a black and white photo.

Indeed, beautiful scenery needed to be admired with those who were important.

Seeing that Mu Sihan was not interested, Lan Yanzhi took back his phone. Alright, alright. You can continue working. Im going out to enjoy myself then.

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