Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 728

Chapter 728 The Father And Sons First Vacation

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The skies had just started to light up when Mu Sihan fetched Xiaojie away from the training camp site.

The father and son arrived at the cemetery early in the morning.

It was raining lightly, as Mu Sihan got the driver to stop at the bottom of the hill. Both Xiaojie and him were holding a bouquet each, walking up the steps one by one.

Seeing that the weather was not good, Mu Sihan wanted to carry Xiaojie on his shoulders, but the boy rejected him.

In the past six months, the boy had grown up a lot more.

There smell of moist dirt lingered in the air, as Mu Sihan and Xiaojie walked one after another dressed in black.

When they arrived at Nan Zhis tombstone, Xiaojie could no longer act strong and hold in the tears in his eyes when he saw the black and white photo on it. His tears immediately fell like it was raining.

He knelt on the floor, placing the white chrysanthemum bouquet on the tombstone. He said with a slightly choked voice, Pretty Zhizhi, Brother Jie came to see you.

His wet eyes stared straight at the woman in the photo, more tears swarming in his eyes. When I was at school, people asked me why I wanted to call you Pretty Zhizhi. Its because to me, youre the prettiest and the most irreplaceable. When we hadnt found Daddy yet, I kept wanting to grow up quick and become your umbrella to protect you, but I fell sick and kept pulling you down

Now that we have Daddys protection, why did you leave Brother Jie? Mommy, I really miss you.

Standing behind Xiaojie, Mu Sihans black eyes turned slightly red.

Xiaojie kowtowed three times, saying as he cried, Mommy, dont worry, I will listen to Daddy in the future. I wont be naughty and I wont fight. Ill treat Grandma well too. You have to take good care of yourself in heaven as well. Grandma said that we will meet again after a very very long time.

Mu Sihan stared at his obedient and mature son, his heart tightening in pain.

He bent down to put down the white chrysanthemum in his hands.

His slender fingers caressed the photo on the tombstone softly.

The girl in the photo was extremely pretty and charming, her features exquisite, her well-defined almond-shaped eyes curled up.

The image of him meeting her for the first time in Ning City flashed in his mind again.

She was carrying an umbrella, standing by his car. She was tall, fair and slender, looking especially pretty, like she would glow even if she was standing under dark clouds.

However, the image of her being burned completely appeared even more often when he closed his eyes.

Closing his red eyes, he looked down, pressing his forehead against the photo.

Kitten, dont worry. Ill take good care of Xiaojie, and your mother as well. I will never marry another woman in my life. His voice was dry, like ice that had just broken, full of sorrow and pain that was impossible to hide in his eyes.

The father and son sat in front of the tombstone, chatting with Nan Zhi for a very long time.

The two of them were slowly drenched by the rain, but neither of them cared.

Their eyes and heart was filled with the woman in the photo.

The skies slowly turned dark.

After Mu Sihan finished his work, he returned home to eat dinner with Xiaojie, who was on break.

After they were done, the father and son took a walk in the garden as they chatted with each other.

Apart from training usually, Xiaojie still had to learn about the countrys culture, the boy not letting himself relax even during his holiday.

It was only after Xiaojie returned to his room, that Mu Sihan habitually took out a bottle of alcohol to bring back to his room to down a few cups.

He could not fall asleep if he did not have alcohol and sleeping pills.

His heart felt like there was a gaping void inside, it would feel extremely empty and cold when the night fell.

He did not know how to fill that hole again.

After she left, he also understood that the heartlessness he had after undoing the parasitic poison did not need any antidote.

All it needed was for him to deeply understand his love for her in order to recover!

However, by the time he recovered, she had disappeared from his life again.

To be honest, he was not an alcoholic in the past, since alcohol would influence the way a brain worked and make the person lose his usual calmness and rationality.

But at the same time, it could help to numb ones pain.

Staring out of the window at the moonlight outside, Mu Sihan drank a few cups consecutively, one after another.

He did not notice a small figure opening his rooms door and walking in.


Not expecting Xiaojie to appear here, Mu Sihan did not pay attention and choked on the spicy alcohol. He started to cough uncontrollably.

With that, there was also a pain coming from his stomach.

He put down the alcohol bottle and glass, turning around to look at Xiaojie, a thin layer of cold sweat covering his forehead.

Noting Mu Sihans slightly pale expression, Xiaojie furrowed his eyebrows as he hurriedly took out the gastric medicine from the bedside table.

He then went downstairs to bring up a cup of warm water.

Mu Sihan could not help but watch in a daze as he observed Xiaojie.

The boy had really grown up.

Daddy, can you stop drinking in the future? I already lost my Mommy, I dont want to lose my Daddy as well.

Hearing Xiaojies words, Mu Sihan felt something blocking in his chest like a stuffy was of cotton. Reaching out, he pulled Xiaojie onto his lap.

Pressing his sharp chin against the top of Xiaojies head, he said hoarsely, Okay.

After he took the medicine, the father and son sat quietly for a while.

Thinking about what Lan Yanzhi told him the other day, Mu Sihan looked down at the child in his arms. Your Uncle Yanzhi said that theres an island kingdom that has pretty nice scenery. Do you want to go on a vacation?

Xiaojie looked up at Mu Sihan. Does Daddy have time to go?

Mu Sihan caressed Xiaojies small head, a hint of guilt appearing in his black eyes. If you want to go, Daddy will take time out to accompany you.

I want to go on a vacation with Daddy.

Mu Sihan curled his lips, his cold expression softening slightly. Sure, then lets go.

After finding out that Mu Sihan was bringing Xiaojie to Light Island for a vacation, Lan Yanzhi immediately agreed on the dates with Mu Sihan, before he booked first class air tickets for them to go there.

Since it was a private getaway, Mu Sihan did not want to be too high-profile, so taking a flight on the national airline was the best choice.

Very quickly, it was time for their trip to start.

Xiaojie had packed his luggage the night before. Having experienced life in the training camp, he folded his clothes neatly, his luggage packed perfectly.

He wore black pants that day with a small jacket. Together with a hat and sunglasses, he managed to charm the air stewardess right after he got on the plane.

Although he was not that old yet, his body proportions were really good, and he had pretty features as well. He would definitely charm many women after he grew up.

Lan Yanzhi and Mu Sihan were walking behind Xiaojie. Seeing Xiaojie so popular with the air stewardesses, Lan Yanzhi raised an eyebrow, smiling. See that? The young one is better than you. Hes only so young, but he had already stolen the attention from his father and uncle.

Mu Sihan smirked with his scarlet lips. It doesnt matter how charming he is, his Mommy has already betrothed him to someone.

Lan Yanzhi burst into laughter. Little Apple?

Mu Sihan hummed. Theyll be coming over on a later flight.

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