Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 729

Chapter 729 Brother Husband

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Lan Yanzhi looked at Xiaojie, who was surrounded by several air stewardesses and he sighed. Xiaojie baby is so pitiful. You got betrothed at such a young age, you can only hang from one tree in the future!

He had just finished speaking when Mu Sihan hit the back of his head. If Bo San heard this, he will kill you!

Lan Yanzhi laughed. But with Third Brother and Yan Huas looks, Little Apple will definitely be a beauty. But Xiaojie wont be able to be surrounded by flowers!

Mu Sihan glanced at Lan Yanzhi, his expression unfathomable. You say it like you are very experienced.

Fourth Brother, I have never been short of women!

Mu Sihan gave a faint smile. You think I dont know that you and those women only lie in bed and chat, right?

Lan Yanzhis expression darkened. F*ck! How did you know about my private matters?

When we were in Ning City, there was a woman you chased before. She came and complained to me, wanting to know if youre incapable in that area.

Lan Yanzhis expression turned dark immediately.

Mu Sihan went to his seat and turned back to look at Lan Yanzhi. You still cant forget about her?

Lan Yanzhi opened his mouth, wanting to say that it wasnt true, but when the words reached his mouth, he swallowed them down again.

Whats so good about a materialistic woman to make me feel sentimental and lovey dovey? Lan Yanzhis eyes turned red when mentioning the past.

Mu Sihan patted Lan Yanzhis shoulder. Okay, stop thinking about whats in the past.

Lan Yanzhi looked at the air stewardesses around Xiaojie and his handsome face regained its cynical smile. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Fourth Brother, the air stewardesses around Xiaojie each have their own merits, and all suit my taste.

Lan Yanzhi walked over with a smile, and took the initiative to talk to them.

He had a glib tongue, and the words he said were able to please women. Very soon, the air stewardesses were blushing in pleasure.

Xiaojie went to Mu Sihans side and sat down, his big, round black eyes looking at Mu Sihan, his lips in a pout. Daddy, I heard the conversation between you and Uncle Yanzhi.

Mu Sihan raised his eyebrows slightly. What conversation?

Little Apple.

Mu Sihan smiled and the fierce and hard lines of his face turned gentler. Did Daddy say something wrong?

Im still young, and I have no idea what I will do in the future. Besides, Little Apple is still a baby and cant even speak properly.

Mu Sihan touched Xiaojies head. When Little Apple grows up, Daddy wont force you if you still have this attitude. Mu Sihan paused slightly, his dark eyes narrowed slightly and said, Besides, your Uncle Bo cant stand you now. He thinks that you will steal his darling from him in the future. Its hard to say if you can fulfill your Mommys wish.

Xiaojie scoffed. Daddy, as long as I take the field, there wont be any girls who would not like me.

Mu Sihan did not know whether to laugh or cry. His son was even more narcissistic than he was!

He thought of how much energy and effort he had used to make his Mommy like him at that time!

Light Island was a flourishing island with a spring-like season all year round and a warm, sunny temperature. Along the road were pineapple trees and palm trees winding along the coast, their branches and leaves swaying in the breeze between the beautiful scenery.

Currently it was the off peak season for tourists, and there were not many people on the island.

After getting off the plane, Lan Yanzhi took Mu Sihan and Xiaojie to the villa hotel he had booked.

The villa was close to the sea and when the curtains were drawn apart, the endless sea and blue sky could be seen.

Mu Sihan stood in front of the french windows, looking at the picturesque scenery outside, and he could not help but think of Nan Zhi.

If she was still here, she would have loved this place!

For nearly half a year, Mu Sihan had been overly tensed, so he tried to let himself relax when he was here.

Lan Yanzhi took Xiaojie to swim and Mu Sihan slept in the room.

When he woke up, he changed into a leisure attire.

When he went downstairs, he heard Lan Yanzhi laughing loudly. Little Apple, hes not Brother, hes your future husband. Come on, call him husband.

When Mu Sihan heard this, his mouth twitched.

Little Apple was just over one year old. Although she could not speak clearly, she was smart and could basically say what she was taught.

Of course, she did not understand what husband meant and blinked her big bright eyes, looking at the cool and handsome Xiaojie and giggled. Brother Husband, hug, hug

Lan Yanzhi was in fits of laughter.

Xiaojie frowned as he looked at the fair, chubby and doll-like baby. Dont call me husband, call me brother.

Brother Husband Hug

Xiaojies handsome face was tense and he glanced at the laughing Lan Yanzhi, saying unhappily, Uncle Yanzhi, dont teach children the wrong thing.

Baby Jie, dont tense your face. Itll scare our Little Apple. Lan Yanzhi reached his hands out to Little Apple. Good girl, come and let Uncle carry you.

Little Apple looked at Lan Yanzhi, then her round eyes looked at Xiaojie again, saying. Want husband Brother, hug

Xiaojie looked at Little Apple who was walking towards him on her short legs and there was a moment of hesitation on his handsome face.

It was very normal for him to carry Little Apple, but this baby, after listening to Uncle Yanzhis words, kept on calling him Brother Husband

Little Apple had already hugged onto Xiaojies long leg while he was still hesitating.

Hug, hug.

Looking at Little Apples shining big eyes, Xiaojie carried the baby with a numb feeling in his scalp.

The baby laughed happily and kissed twice on Xiaojies tender face. Brother Husband.

Xiaojies face turned red. From when he could remember things, he had never let girls kiss him.

Lan Yanzhi was about to faint from laughing so hard.

Xiaojie opened his mouth, wanting to say something when a voice of indifference sounded, What Brother Husband?

After Bo Yan and Yan Hua came, Lan Yanzhi offered to help them look after Little Apple and the both of them went for a walk on the beach.

The wind was a little strong at the beach and Bo Yan came back to the villa to get Yan Hua a thin jacket. Who knew that when he came in, he heard Little Apple shouting Brother Husband.

His darling daughter was only over a year old, when did she have a husband?

Not only did she used such a sweet voice to say it, she even offered her first kiss. How could Bo Yan accept such a thing?

Xiaojie turned around and when he saw Bo Yan coming in with a dark expression, he quickly returned Little Apple to him. Uncle Bo, its Uncle Yanzhi who taught the wrong things to Little Apple.

Bo Yan wanted to take Little Apple over, but Little Apples fair and tender hands were wrapped around tightly around Xiaojie and she giggled. Brother Husband, hug, play

Bo Yan was speechless.

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