Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 730

Chapter 730 Nan Zhi Is That You? 1

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Bo Yan looked at Little Apple, who was holding on to Xiaojies neck so tight it was as if she was afraid that Bo Yan would carry her away, and was furious.

The little girl was only so young and she wanted Brother Husband and not him, her Daddy.

Lan Yanzhi, who was by the side, had tears coming out of his eyes from laughing too hard.

It was rare to see Bo San being humiliated and have on a look of rage and frustration.

In front of them, his good friends, Bo San was the most abstinent, calm, indifferent and had on a poker face no matter what.

Who would have thought he would fall because of Xiaojie!

Bo Yan cleared his throat with a sullen face and looked at Xiaojie. Before Little Apple was born, he thought that Xiaojie was a little angel. Now, in his eyes, Xiaojie was like a little devil.

He snatched his little darling away unknowingly.

Little Apple, Daddys going to leave if you dont want Daddy to carry you. Bo Yan tried to sound gentler when faced with the little girl.

But Little Apple only wanted to play with her Brother Husband. After saying okay, her attention went back to Xiaojie.

Bo Yans expression turned very dark.

He went upstairs with his face red with anger.

Yan Hua sat at the seaside, looking at the occasional group of friends passing by and could not help but think of Nan Zhi.

Although half a year had passed, it felt like Nan Zhi was by their side every time she thought of her.

In Yan Huas life, she was most grateful to Nan Zhi.

If it were not for her, she might still be that fat and unconfident Yan Hua.

Being discriminated against, ridiculed and could not get out of the feeling of being inferior.

What are you thinking? Why are your eyes red? A mans deep and clear voice sounded by her ears. Yan Hua looked up and saw the man who was putting a thin jacket over her, and she pursed her lips slightly. I thought of Zhizhi.

Bo Yan sat beside Yan Hua and pulled her into his arms.

Yan Hua found that he was not looking very good and she asked him, Whats wrong? You dont look happy.

Bo Yan told what he had seen in the villa.

When Yan Hua heard his words, she could not help laughing.

Lifting her slender hand, she poked the mans tensed face, saying gently, Are you even getting jealous of Xiaojie? Besides, our Little Apple is still so young, it will take another 20 years before she gets married!

Bo Yans handsome face was dark. The little girl hasnt even kissed me before, but she kissed Xiaojie twice.

Yan Huas eyes curved like crescents, her smile sweet and soft. Thats good. The two children liking each other means that the marriage we arranged for them makes sense!

Bo Yan looked down at the woman in his arms and his long fingers caressed her long and straight black hair. I cant even bear it now, let alone 20 years later.

Yan Hua pretended to be angry and let out a humph. Extricating herself from the mans arms, she went towards the sea.

Bo Yan chased after her. He walked behind her and seeing that she was ignoring him, he asked in a low voice, Whats the matter, Huahua?

Youre a daughter slave. In your heart now the little girls status is higher than me, right? Nevertheless, Yan Hua was still happy. Even if she was gone in a few years, he would love and dote on Little Apple.

Bo Yan did not know that Yan Hua had said it on purpose and thought she was angry. He quickly grabbed her shoulders and held her in his arms.

There were a lot of people around the beach and they all looked over at them.

Seeing the eyes on them, Yan Hua was a little shy.

Just as she was about to push him away, he suddenly lowered his head and place his forehead on hers.

She looked up at him.

His eyes were dark like the vast sea at night, wanting to devour her.

Huahua, no one can replace you in my heart.

Yan Huas heart jumped and before she could react, he approached her, his hot and soft lips pressing against hers.

The intimate and long kiss swept past like a storm.

Although many people around them gave them strange looks, Yan Hua did not push him away.

This feeling was intriguing. They were not together for a short time, they were no longer a young boy and girl, but the palpitations in her heart had not disappeared for so many years.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and responded to his kiss.

When Lan Yanzhi, who was carrying Little Apple in one arm and holding Xiaojies hand with his other hand, came to the beach, he saw Yan Hua and Bo Yans intimate scene.

These two people were usually more restrained and they actually started to kiss in public like that.

Lan Yanzhi felt that as a single man, he had been hit by 10,000 hits.

Mu Sihan also came to the beach and went for a walk alone along the beach when he saw Lan Yanzhi giving Little Apple back to Yan Hua and Bo Yan, and then taking Xiaojie to ride a motorboat.

He was wearing a solid colored polo shirt and casual shorts, with sunglasses on his well-defined nose. The cool sea breeze blew the strands of hair on his forehead and he attracted many peoples attention with his well-defined face and exquisite facial features.

Not far ahead, a couple was running by the sea. The boy was picking up seashells and the girl jumped over and threw herself on his back. Then the boy started to run with the girl on his back and the girls laughter was like a bell blown by wind, crisp and pleasant.

The dark eyes under Mu Sihans sunglasses narrowed and he was in a daze, regarding the boy and girl as Nan Zhi and him.

Kitten. He gave a low cry and went forward with big steps.

But as he approached the couple, he realized that the girl was not the woman he was thinking of.

He stopped and he looked decadent and lonely as if he had been hit by something.

Uncle, this is for you.

The girls voice sounded by his ear.

Mu Sihan looked down and saw a beautiful shell in the little girls hand. His cold and indifferent became gentler. Why are you giving me this?

Because Uncle looks a little sad and lonely. The girl looked up, her eyes full of innocence and kindness. Uncle, you are so handsome. Youre the most handsome uncle Ive ever seen on the island, apart from the island owner. You will surely find a beautiful woman like the fiance of the island owner!

Mu Sihan took the shell and a trace of sadness flashed past his eyes. Thank you.

The girl shook her head and skipped away.

From the corner of his eye, Mu Sihan suddenly saw the bracelet on the girls wrist and his pupils constricted. He strode forward and stopped the girl.

Squatting down, he took off his sunglasses, looking at the girl with as much gentleness his dark eyes could muster. Little girl, your bracelet is very beautiful.

This is my mothers. I secretly put it on. The girl said with a smile. Actually, the other time the Island Masters fiance went out, someone saw her wearing a rose-shaped bracelet on her hand and everyone thought it was beautiful. Later, it became popular on our island.

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