Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 731

Chapter 731 Nan Zhi Is That You? 2

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Mu Sihan stared at the bracelet on the girls wrist.

In fact, the rose bracelet was not so special, just that

The color and petals of every rose on it was all different.

There were Blue Enchantress, Princess Diana roses, Corolla roses

Uncle, whats wrong? Youre hurting me. The girl frowned, tears filling up her eyes.

Mu Sihan turned a deaf ear.

In his mind, it was full of the Island Masters fiance. Why was she wearing such a bracelet?

Little girl, can you describe to me the appearance of the Island Masters fiance?

The girl did not understand why Mu Sihan asked this question, but when she saw the pain in his eyes, the girl bit her lip and said, Ive never seen her but I heard that she is as beautiful as a fairy. Uncle, do you want to meet the Island Masters fiance?

Before Mu Sihan could say anything, a woman in her thirties suddenly walked over.

Seeing Mu Sihan grabbing tightly onto the girls wrist, the woman pulled the girl to her side, and looked at Mu Sihan with a guarded expression.

Mommy, Uncle is not a bad person.

He made your wrist red.

Hes just too sad.

Mu Sihan recovered from his complex and heavy thoughts. After he apologized to the girls mother and was forgiven, he turned and left.

The girl looked at Mu Sihans lonely back and she broke free from her mothers hold and ran towards Mu Sihan.


The girl took the bracelet off and put it in Mu Sihans hand. Uncle, Ill give this to you!

Before Mu Sihan could say anything, he heard the girl said, Uncle, if you want to see the Island Masters fiance, he will be moving with his fiance to the newly built castle tomorrow morning. They will pass through the agate street. If youre lucky, you might get to see them!

The girl waved to Mu Sihan and ran away with a smile.

Mu Sihan only lowered his head to look at the bracelet in his hand after the girl and her mother had disappeared from his sight.

Was it an illusion or was there a connection?

Mu Sihan closed his red eyes and went back with the bracelet clenched tightly in his hand.

That night, Mu Sihan tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep.

A trace of hope inexplicably appeared in his heart. Perhaps, she did not leave him and was still living well in this world!

Although he knew that this thought was ridiculous, he could not help but fantasize about it

When he woke up the next morning, there was a faint shadow under his eyes.

Yan Hua had already made breakfast.

She used to be a rich young lady, leading a pampered life, but since Yan Cheng was caught, she had learnt how to stand on her own feet. Now, she was adept at cooking, but compared to Nan Zhi, she was still a little inferior.

After breakfast, Lan Yanzhi and Bo Yan took the two children on a speedboat. Mu Sihan was supposed to go with them, but he did not go when he thought of the girls words yesterday.

After he was alone in the villa, he stood by the window and smoked two cigarettes.

In the end, he decided to have a look at the agate street.

He had already experienced the worst scenario, what else was unacceptable to him?

Over the past six months, he would rush towards women whose back looked like her on the street, thinking that it was her. But in the end it was not her, the number of disappointments was not small.

He knew clearly that she would not be back, but he still persistently feel that she was by his side!

On agate street, the police had already blocked the road. There were cordons on both sides of the street and the onlookers could only stand outside the cordon.

When Mu Sihan went over, there was already a hubbub of voices and there were crowds of people at the edge of the cordons.

Mu Sihan did not intend to squeeze in. He was tall and if he stood on a stone, he could see the situation in the street.

At about ten oclock, cheers came from the crowd.

Five to six black Rolls-Royce limousines slowly approached, one of which was a retro style convertible. Other than the chauffeur, there was a man and woman inside.

The man was wearing a formal military uniform, a military cap and white gloves. The face under the cap was young and handsome.

This must be the owner and master of Light Island.

The woman beside him was wearing a retro palace style long dress, her long hair covering her shoulders and a veil covered her face, showing only her clear and beautiful almond-shaped eyes.

Among the crowd, there were people jumping and cheering and the woman had a veil on her face, so Mu Sihan could not see her face clearly.

But, there was a strong and familiar feeling in his heart.

When the woman and the island owner waved at the crowd, he saw her eyes curving slightly.

She was smiling, and although he could not see her face, she gave the feeling of beauty that was beyond this realm.

The blood in Mu Sihans body surged up.

He got down from the stone, pushing people away to walk further in, wanting to see the woman in the car more clearly.

But there were too many people and he could not squeeze in at all.

He could only run on the path outside the crowd.

After running for a distance, he turned at a corner and there were more than a dozen guards with guns standing there. Not many people would watch there.

Mu Sihan saw the car coming slowly and he wanted to go near, but the guard pointed the gun at him. You cant watch from here. Please leave immediately.

Mu Sihan hands clenched into fists. He wanted to see if that woman was the one he was thinking about and lost his usual rationality. He wanted to barge through, but he had only taken two steps forward when his arm was grabbed.

Mu Sihan looked back and saw that it was Lan Yanzhi pulling him and his gaze turned cold. Let go!

The movements on this side caught the attention of several guards.

Lan Yanzhi used up a lot of strength before he could pull Mu Sihan away. Fourth Brother, are you crazy? Youre here on vacation and is just an ordinary person. Those guns have no eyes!

Mu Sihans expression was cold and his voice deep. That Island Masters fiance looks like Nan Zhi.

Feeling the tremor in Mu Sihans voice, Lan Yanzhi felt terrible. I know you miss Nan Zhi, but how many times have you mistaken people for her for the past six months? Besides, didnt you go to identify the body in the mortuary? She had a funeral and was cremated. Fourth Brother, shes no longer here. You have to accept reality!

Mu Sihans expression turned cold and he shook away Lan Yanzhis hand before going back to the corner.

But the cars had already left.

He could not see anything.

Fourth Brother, how could the Island Masters fiance be Nan Zhi? Would you stop being like this? Youre here on vacation with Xiaojie, but the past two days, you have been listless. Xiaojie is also upset to see you like this!

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