Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 732

Chapter 732 Nan Zhi Is That You? 3

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Mu Sihan punched Lan Yanzhis handsome face with his fist.

The sudden punch caught Lan Yanzhi off guard.

He held down the urge to hit him back.

Wiping the blood on the corner of his mouth, Lan Yanzhi frowned, looking at Mu Sihan with worry.

He had some doubts. Did Fourth Brother suffer from hypochondria?

To overly miss a person and as long as he saw a person who looked like her, he would mistake that person for her.

Lan Yanzhi understood his yearning for a person.

Back when that woman had left, he was also this pained and depressed.

Every day felt like a living hell. But time really did heal all.

When he thought of her now, he never had that gut wrenching feeling anymore.

But he knew Fourth Brothers situation was different from him.

His relationship with Nan Zhi was good, they both loved each other. Nan Zhis sudden accident, no one would be able to accept such a heavy blow!

Lan Yanzhi furrowed his eyebrows when he looked at Mu Sihan, who was holding his head in his hands and slowly crouching down to the ground.

No matter how mature and calm a man was in public, he would have his vulnerable side.

Lan Yanzhi knew that Fourth Brother really missed Nan Zhi.

What was more painful in this world than being separated from the person you loved!

Lan Yanzhi sighed and helped Mu Sihan up, taking him back to the villa.

Fourth Brother, try to start afresh! If Nan Zhi is here, she would not want to see you like this either!

Mu Sihan sat on the sofa, liked a fixed sculpture. Lan Yanzhi persuaded him for some time before he replied faintly, Im fine.

Lan Yanzhi was really afraid that if this went on, Fourth Brother would collapse!

Mu Sihan rose from the sofa and his tall body walked towards the bathroom.

Lan Yanzhi was afraid that something would happen to him and hurried after him.

Mu Sihan looked at Lan Yanzhi like he was a monster. Why are you following me?

Lan Yanzhi looked at him worriedly. Im afraid youll do something silly.

Mu Sihan frowned and he realized that for the past six months, he had been worrying his brothers.

Looking at Lan Yanzhis red and swollen mouth, he said apologetically, Go and apply some medicine. If I wanted to do something stupid, I wouldnt have waited until today.

Lan Yanzhi was upset to see Mu Sihan like this.

But fortunately, Nan Zhi had left Xiaojie for him.

At least he had his child by his side for the rest of his life.

After Mu Sihan came out of the bathroom, he followed Lan Yanzhi to sea in another speedboat.

Mu Sihans mood had calmed down and he had returned back to his usual cold and steady look. He looked at Lan Yanzhi, and asked, Why didnt you go to sea with them?

Lan Yanzhi lifted his eyebrows. I saw that you were looking listless during breakfast and was worried so I followed you to see what you wanted to do.

Thinking of how he lost his rationality and wanted to barge in, Lan Yanzhi was still feeling shocked.

Mu Sihan patted Lan Yanzhis shoulder, saying with a low and husky voice, Ive made you worry.

After a day out, it was already evening when they returned to the villa.

After Xiaojie fell asleep, Lan Yanzhi asked Mu Sihan and Bo Yan if they wanted to go to the bar, but Bo Yan had Yan Hua so he naturally would not want to go to those places where people indulged in debauchery.

Lan Yanzhi thought that Mu Sihan would not want to go, but he did not expect Mu Sihan to follow him.

When they reached the dark and luxurious bar, they did not sit in the lobby, but went into a private room instead.

The room was facing the dance floor downstairs and the men and women inside were dancing to the music.

Lan Yanzhi sat on the sofa, his shoulders moving to the rhythm.

He looked back at the man who was leaning against the sofa and smoking, and asked, Fourth Brother, do you want to go down and dance?

Mu Sihans lips moved. No, go down if you want to!

Lan Yanzhi sat down beside Mu Sihan and shrugged. Forget it, if Fourth Brother doesnt want to go, I wont. Ill drink with you tonight.

The waiter brought the drinks and Lan Yanzhi waved his hand, dismissing the waiter from the room.

When it was just the two of them in the room, Lan Yanzhi opened a bottle and poured wine for Mu Sihan and himself.

After a few drinks, cheers and shouts sounded from the lobby downstairs.

Just then, the door to the room was pushed open and the manager stood at the door with several beautiful young girls.

The manager was a shrewd person. When Lan Yanzhi and Mu Sihan came in, she could see that they were wealthy.

Distinguished guests, do you need any entertainment? We recently have a group of fresh and pretty girls, and all of them are still virgins. The manager looked at them with a pleasant face.

The girls behind looked at the handsome men in the room and were slightly restless.

Who would not want to wait on such young, handsome and rich men?

Mu Sihan drank his wine and did not even glance at the door.

Lan Yanzhi looked at the manager with his eyebrows slightly raised, and waved her in.

The girls behind the manager were happy and was about to come in when Lan Yanzhi reached out his hand to stop them. Only the manager can come in.

The managers expression changed, but then felt happy as she thought Lan Yanzhi was interested in her.

After waving the girls out, the manager walked up to Lan Yanzhi. Sir, I didnt expect you to have this type of hobby.

Lan Yanzhi did not reply to her, but pointed at the center of the stage. Whos the woman dancing with the mask?

The manager looked towards the stage and saw a woman who was wearing a short black dress and a black butterfly mask dancing around the pole.

I dont know who she is. She comes once every week to dance and every time she comes, she would bring the atmosphere to climatic finish.

Lan Yanzhi stared fixedly at the woman on the dance floor.

Her waist was slender, her legs slender and long, and her perky buttocks made her look like a like a rare beauty.

She was able to do all kinds of difficult movements, and each time, it would cause the men and women in the dance floor to scream loudly.

Lan Yanzhis expression changed.

Call her over.

Sir, thats not possible. Shes not our staff!

Lan Yanzhi pursed his lips and gave the manager a tip. Get out!

The woman came down from the stage after dancing for two songs.

Lan Yanzhi quickly rose from the sofa.

When Mu Sihan saw this, he left with Lan Yanzhi.

They go into a taxi and Lan Yanzhi instructed the driver. Follow that sports car in front.

Mu Sihan looked at Lan Yanzhis tensed expression and lifted his eyebrows. Didnt you say that you had forgotten about her?

Lan Yanzhi did not expect that he would meet that woman here.

Whats more, he could hardly believe that the pure and shy girl from before would become like this.

After the sports car had gone some distance, it stopped at a piano practice center.

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