Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 733

Chapter 733 Nan Zhi Is That You? 4

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Fourth Brother, Im getting off first.

Mu Sihan saw that Lan Yanzhi was not looking that good, so he got out of the taxi with him.

Yanzhi, didnt you just tell me you broke up with her for so many years already? What she does has nothing to do with you!

Lan Yanzhi clenched his jaw and he nodded. Im not here to meddle in her business. I just want to see how shes doing now. Ha, she ended up pole dancing in bars. She sure is capable!

Once upon a time, she was so pure, so noble and elegant. Every movement of hers was filled with the demeanor of a rich family.

But now, she was so coquettish, flirtatious and loose as she stood on the stage pole dancing. It was disgusting to see!

Actually, it was not disgusting. If it was another woman who was dancing, Lan Yanzhi would clap and cheer, but Zi Yan was different.

Although they had already broken up, Zi Yan had always retained the image of a fairy in his mind.

The slightest facial expression was that of a fairy.

Seeing her falling into the dust, he could not accept it at this moment.

No, it was not that he could not accept it, he was here to laugh at her.

When they broke up, didnt she have a better man? Why, that person did not give her a good life and depended on her to dance to support him?

Lan Yanzhi could not help but feel the delight of having revenge when he thought of this.

Pushing open the door of the training center, Lan Yanzhi strode in.

The woman, who was wearing a short black dress and a butterfly mask, had changed into a shirt and pants.

Hearing sounds at the door, she thought that it was a customer who was here to consult about the training and she said enthusiastically, Welcome, may I

Her unfinished words were stuck in her throat when she saw the tall figure walking in.

Lan Yanzhi stared at the makeup-free face. It was pure and charming, her skin was as fair as before, just like a piece of flawless jade.

Zi Yan was stunned for a few seconds before she recovered, a professional smile on her face. Hello, how may I assist you?

A cold and mocking smile appeared on Lan Yanzhis lips.

Mu Sihan was worried about Lan Yanzhi and he followed him in.

Seeing Mu Sihan, Zi Yan greeted him with the same enthusiasm, but unlike with Lan Yanzhi, she used the tone of seeing an old acquaintance. Brother Sihan, its been awhile.

Mu Sihan nodded, a faint smile on his lips. Its been awhile, Xiaoyan. How have you been all these years?

Zi Yan shrugged, and said openly and generously, Not bad.

Lan Yanzhi looked at Zi Yans back and his handsome face was tensed, his gaze sharp, as if he wanted to bore two holes into her.

After greeting Mu Sihan, Zi Yan looked back at Lan Yanzhi. She came up to him and smiled. Brother Yanzhi, why are you looking at me like Im your enemy? We havent seen each other for so many years, cant you look at least a little happier? Come and sit over here with Brother Sihan!

Lan Yanzhi looked at Zi Yan like she was a stranger, then turned and left without a word.

Zi Yan was stunned.

After Lan Yanzhi left, Mu Sihan did not leave immediately. He followed Zi Yan and sat on the sofa, and Zi Yan prepared some tea for him.

Mu Sihan took a sip of the tea and Zi Yan looked at him with a charming smile. Brother Sihan, youre here on a vacation, right?

Mu Sihan looked at Zi Yan, who had changed compared to before and he hummed lowly.

The two chatted for a while and after learning that Zi Yan had lived on the island for more than two years, Mu Sihan changed the topic and could not help asking, Do you know about the Island Masters fiance?

Yes, I heard that she is like a fairy.

Mu Sihan put down the cup of tea and his eyes darkened. When did he have a fiance?

Zi Yan thought for a while. It seemed like it was not long ago. Zi Yan looked at Mu Sihan with doubts. Brother Sihan, why are you asking me this? Dont tell me you want to see the face of the Island Masters fiance like the other men on the island?

Mu Sihan did not reply.

Zi Yan did not know what Mu Sihan was thinking and she smiled. Two days later, the Island Master will be having a birthday party. As a pianist, I will be going into the castle with the band to perform. I should be able to see the Island Masters fiance, and Ill let you know how beautiful she is when Im back!

Hearing Zi Yans words, Mu Sihans heart jumped.

If he could go in and see the face of the Island Masters fiance, he would not have any regrets if it was not Nan Zhi.

Although he knew that there was little hope it was Nan Zhi. After all, if she was alive and well, why didnt she go back? Why didnt she contact him?

Xiaoyan, can you do me a favor?

When Zi Yan saw Mu Sihans serious expression, she blinked. Okay, tell me what it is.

When Mu Sihan came out of the training center, Lan Yanzhi had already smoked several cigarettes outside.

Seeing that Mu Sihan had finally came out, he said angrily, Fourth Brother, what is there to talk to her about? You took so long.

Thinking of how they had not seen each other for so long but she called him Sir like he was a stranger, Lan Yanzhi was furious.

But he did not understand why he was so angry. He had already removed her from his heart.

Mu Sihan saw Lan Yanzhis dark expression and he smirked. Youre jealous of me?

Lan Yanzhis eyes flashed. Fourth Brother, what are you saying? Shes nobody to me, why would I be jealous?

Mu Sihan patted Lan Yanzhis shoulder. If you cant forget about her then go in and have a good talk with her.

Lan Yanzhi seemed to have heard something amusing and he laughed, his body moving back several steps, and he said loudly on purpose, Who cant forget about her? I have many women around me who are better than her

Mu Sihan shot Lan Yanzhi a look, indicating that he should stop, but Lan Yanzhi did not notice and continued, Look at how she is now, shes not worthy to even carry my shoes!

Mu Sihan walked up to Lan Yanzhi and whispered in his ear, Xiaoyan came out.

Lan Yanzhi looked back and saw Zi Yan, who was standing at the door looking at Mu Sihan and him, and the strength in his body seemed to be sucked away, his legs turning weak.

Zi Yan drew her gaze away from Lan Yanzhi and she jogged over, handing Mu Sihan a small bag. Brother Sihan, I saw shadows under your eyes so Im guessing you havent been sleeping well. This sachet has a calming effect and will be able to aid your sleep. It may be helpful if you put it under your pillow.

Perhaps it was because Zi Yan gave Mu Sihan the sachet, the man who said he did not care, ignored Mu Sihan for several days.

Mu Sihan found it hilarious, but he did not take it to heart.

Two days later, he handed Xiaojie over to Bo Yan and went to the castle with Zi Yan.

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