Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 734

Chapter 734 Banquet

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The castle was majestic, solemn and mysterious. There were dense forests on both sides of the road, and in front of it was a vast expanse of grassland, full of flowers like it was a wondrous fairyland.

It seemed like the castle was given by the Island Master to his fiance.

The security was tight he and every 50 steps, there were guards with guns standing at attention.

Mu Sihan followed Zi Yan and the band and entered the castle.

The castle was magnificent. It had a high open hall, gold plated roof and huge chandeliers. It was luxurious and sparkling.

But for Mu Sihan, it was nothing too opulent.

As the Crown Prince of Country S, he had seen all sorts of luxurious and noble scenes.

All his thoughts were on the Island Masters fiance, who was yet to make an appearance.

Brother Sihan, you know all the songs, right? You cant make any mistakes later! Zi Yan whispered to Mu Sihan. She did not know the true identity of Mu Sihan as Mu Sihan had not returned to the royal family when she broke up with Lan Yanzhi. You cant be rash even if you see the person you want to see, otherwise the whole band will

Zi Yan did not finish her words, but Mu Sihan was smart and understood her meaning. He nodded with a calm expression and hummed lowly.

The banquet had not started, but the guests dressed in all kinds of gorgeous attire were starting to come in one after another.

Mu Sihan sat in the corner of the stage with the band. He wore the same black tuxedo as them with his hair combed back. Zi Yan was afraid that he would be too eye-catching and arranged for him to sit in the corner.

The hall was becoming lively, men and women were engaged elegantly in conversations while holding glasses of red wine in their hands, and it was a scene that was prevalent in high-class society.

In the glittering banquet hall, there was no shortage of beautiful women. Noble ladies, international movie stars, socialites and rich young ladies were all dressed up, competing with one another for beauty and trying to pressure one another.

Several socialites stood in the corner chatting, and when they spoke of the Island Masters fiance, their tone was full of disdain and contempt.

That woman has never shown herself before, but it is rumored that she is as beautiful as a fairy, who knows how she really looks like? Is it worth the Island Master spending so much money to build her this castle?

I heard that there are hundreds of servants in the castle just to wait on her. Im so envious!

Shes just a wild brat from nowhere, but she was so lucky to have the Island Master take a liking to her.

Actually, we are better than that woman in looks, figure, family and educational background. I dont know what the Island Master likes about her.

Maybe shes more open and daring in private, and is able to satisfy the Island Master in bed!

A few socialites covered their mouths and tittered.

Sitting in the corner with a flute, Mu Sihans expression turned dark and cold.

One of the socialites saw Mu Sihan in the corner and she pushed her sisters around her shyly. Look, the man with the flute is so handsome and masculine!

Although Mu Sihan wore the same clothes as the other band members, his well-defined face, deep-set facial features, cold and calm temperament, made him look like a luminous god from the heavens, attracting peoples attention wherever he was.

Zi Yan saw the socialites peeping at Mu Sihan from time to time and she frowned, standing up and came up to him, pretending to be intimate.

The socialites thought that Zi Yan was Mu Sihans girlfriend and left sadly.

Zi Yan crouched in front of Mu Sihan and whispered, Brother Sihan, your face is too outstanding, you must be low-key!

Mu Sihan understood Zi Yans worry and nodded. Dont worry, I wont let anything happen to your band.

About twenty minutes later, the banquet officially began.

Todays protagonist, the Island Master, finally appeared.

Mu Sihan look at the owner of Light Island.

He was a young and handsome man, wearing a black suit, looking dignified and stylish. Since his entrance, many socialites cast their eyes on him.

After giving his thank-you speech on stage, it was time to dance.

Several brave socialites asked him for the first dance, but he rejected them politely.

The first dance of the Island Master is reserved for the dance with your fiance, right?

The man smiled slightly and clapped his hands. The bright hall suddenly turned dark.

Then, a white light shone on the stairs of the second floor.

The crowd looked towards the stairs.

What they saw was a slender figure in a white half shoulder fishtail dress and under the light, her skin was fair and flawless.

Hardly any female guests were wearing fishtail dresses at the banquet because there were high requirements of the tailored material to the buttock lines, thighs, bust, waist and arms. If there were any flaws, it would look like a joke when worn.

But the woman under the light was slender and tall. She was fleshy, perky and slender in the areas that were supposed to be fleshy, perky and slender, and her proportions were excellent. At one glance, she was shockingly beautiful, but also extremely sexy.

The skirt hem was made from organza and cascaded down in soft waves with her every step, giving people the impression of a growing as she moved.

Her long and slightly curled hair hung around one shoulder, with soft bangs covering her forehead. There was still a veil covering her face and only her clear and beautiful eyes could be seen.

Although it was impossible to see her face clearly, the elegant aura exuding out from her made one feel that she was beautiful.

The band started to play some soft music, and Zi Yan looked at Mu Sihan, who was in the corner, while playing the piano.

She was relieved to find that he was playing the flute seriously and was not distracted.

From what she knew, the Island Master was unpredictable, especially when it came to matters regarding his fiance. If anyone dared to covet his woman, he would kill that person.

Zi Yan did not know why Mu Sihan had ventured in to see the Island Masters fiance, but she did not want anything to happen to him.

The woman on the stairs stepped out elegantly and came down slowly, making an entrance without even trying to.

There was no uneasiness or panic. It was as if she was accustomed to such magnificent scenes.

The Island Master went to the stairway and reached out his slender and long hand towards her. Her eyes curved and she placed her hand that was in a white lace glove onto his palm.

The man took her to the center of the hall.

The conductor of the band received instructions and raised his baton high, and a cheerful and melodious dance song sounding almost immediately.

In the hall, the protagonist tonight started to lead the dance, and the other guests were also leading their female companions and dancing around the protagonist.

Mu Sihan sat in the corner, playing the flute with the band and staring intently at the couple who looked extremely compatible.

She was wearing a veil so he could not see her face clearly, but the blood in his body was surging.

The feeling of an inexplicable familiarity was surging within him like a tidal wave!

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