Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 735

Chapter 735 Meeting 1

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The slender and tall woman was in the arms of the tall Island Master like a tamed kitten. They danced well together and even if there were other guests dancing around them, they only served as a contrast.

Mu Sihan, who was in the corner, looked at the couples dancing in the hall and his gaze was transfixed on the Island Master and his fiance.

Although the woman was slender and tall, she looked slightly petite standing with the man. They were a perfect match regardless of their figure, dance steps or temperament.

There were too many people around and Mu Sihan could not see the womans face clearly, but the gaze the woman had on the man did not seem like there were no feelings.

At that moment, Mu Sihans heart felt like it had fallen from heaven to hell.

The boundless loss spread to every corner of his body.

Perhaps it was really his fantasy.

To think he had thought that the Island Masters fiance was his Kitten!

His Kitten loved him so much, how could she be so intimate with another man?


It was just his illusion.

Mu Sihans mind was confused.

After the dance, Mu Sihan saw a socialite, who was jealous of the Island Masters fiance, spilled wine on her on purpose. She did not get angry, her eyes still curved in a smile. Mu Sihan was some distance away so he could not hear what she said, he only saw her carrying her skirt hem and moving gracefully to the second floor.

In the large cloakroom connected to the bedroom upstairs.

The slender woman took off the dress stained with red wine and went to the wardrobe, her slender fingertips brushing past rows of exquisite dresses. There were all kinds of styles and colors in them.

Her fingers stopped on a light pink dress.

Just as she was about to take it down, light footsteps suddenly sounded behind.

She thought it was her maid and she said in a gentle voice, Lisa, do you think I look better in this or the white one?

After waiting for a few seconds, she did not hear a response and she chose the pink dress.

Wearing the dress, she said, Lisa, help me pull down the zipper on my back.

The footsteps sounded again.

But this time, she felt that something was wrong.

The sound of Lisas footsteps was not so stable and elegant.

She turned around and her pupils constricted when she saw a man had come in.

But her good upbringing kept her from screaming.

She stepped back a few steps and pressed her exposed back that was as white as snow against the wardrobe.

She looked at the man approaching her step by step with guarded eyes.

He was wearing a plain band costume, and was tall with excellent proportions.

Under his short black hair, was a deep-set and handsome face. His eyes were like the sea at night, dark and deep.

Lan Xiaozhi frowned and met with his eyes.

The man was giving out an air that made it difficult for people to approach and be daunted at the sight of him.

The security was tight here and they were surrounded by Lan Yes informers, even a fly could not fly in. She was curious, how did he come in without alerting Lan Ye?

Youve got good skills. She smiled, and there was no fear or emotions in her eyes.

When Mu Sihan was a few steps away from her, he stopped.

Her face was still covered by the veil, but this was the closest to her out of the three times he had seen her.

The facial features under the veil could be vaguely seen.

Clear and exquisite, tall and elegant nose and her face shape was beautiful.

It was so similar to his Kitten.

But her voice was more gentler than his Kitten, and she liked to smile more.

Kittens temperament was more cold and calm, but the woman in front gave out a kind of tenderness that needed to be protected.

Like a person with a sheltered life, she was somewhat innocent, playful and lovely.

Mu Sihan frowned and the hands that were hanging by his sides clenched into fists.

Was he really mistaken?

Lan Xiaozhi saw that the man was silent and that his dark eyes were getting redder and bloodshot, and she was getting more doubtful.

Why was he looking at her with such a pained look?

In her memory, they had never met before!

She was well protected by Lan Ye and as long as a strange man approach her, he would drive him away.

Although she did not like Lan Yes methods. She felt that he was too possessive.

But she had to admit, the man in front of her was the most attractive one she had ever seen, besides Lan Ye.

Was he not afraid he would be killed, barging into her cloakroom?

Raising her exquisite chin slightly, Lan Xiaozhi looked at the man with her eyebrows furrowed slightly. If I shout, the guards will rush in and you wont be able to escape. Tell me, whats the reason for you to risk your life and sneak in?

Mu Sihan approached the woman again.

She did not shy away from him and looked at him with her clear and beautiful eyes.

There was no fluctuation of emotions.

Mu Sihans Adams apple bobbed and he reached out his long fingers towards the veil on her face.

The woman dodged back.

But his fingertip touched her cheek lightly.

It was a warm touch.

And it tingled slightly.

Her eyelashes fluttered and she found it strange that she would feel this way with a stranger.

She would not have such a feeling even when Lan Ye touched her face.

Ill give you three seconds to tell me why I shouldnt scream out. She stared at him, a trace of coldness and warning in her eyes. Three, two

Mu Sihan said with a deep and hoarse voice, You look like the woman I love.

When Lan Xiaozhi heard his words, she was slightly stunned.

But then she nodded with satisfaction. From the expression on your face, I can see that youre not lying.

The gaze of a person deeply in love would not be fake. This mans face was cold but he gave out an air of bleakness and did not look happy.

Its a pity Im not the woman youre looking for.

Mu Sihans cold, thin lips were drawn into a straight line. He looked at the woman in front of him and swallowed, his deep voice seemed to be coming from deep within his chest. Would you take off your veil and let me have a look?

If it was other men who made such unreasonable demands, Lan Xiaozhi would not let him off.

After all, Lan Ye had taught her the way to deal with lecherous men.

But she was slightly moved seeing the deep longing and pain in the mans eyes. If Lan Ye finds out that youve looked at my face, he will not let you off. You must consider things carefully!

Mu Sihan was not afraid of that Lan Ye. What he was afraid of was that if the face under the veil would really look like his Kitten


Since Im already here, Im not afraid of death.

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