Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 736

Chapter 736 Meeting 2

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Mu Sihan had never been the type of person who indulged in empty talk and took no action.

He had a strong aura, and he was really not afraid of death!

Or, for the woman in his heart, he was not afraid of anything!

Lan Xiaozhi looked at the mans firm gaze and cold expression, and her heart was inexplicably moved.

This person was even more aggressive than Lan Ye!

Although Lan Xiaozhi was well protected by Lan Ye, she was not a bashful person. She kept her promise and lifted her slender fingers to slowly remove the veil on her face.

At this moment, Lan Yes voice sounded in the cloakroom. Xiaozhi, have you finished changing?

Hearing his voice, Lan Xiaozhi thought of Lan Yes temper. If he found a strange man standing in her cloakroom, he would definitely kill him without even blinking an eye.

Lan Xiaozhi did not like to see bloodshed and she replied, Im not done yet. Ill go down when Im finished.

Are you feeling unwell? Ill wait at the door and well go down together.

When Lan Xiaozhi heard this, she could not say anything else.

Lan Ye was easily suspicious. If she talked too much, it would only arouse his suspicion.

She replied with a light okay.

As she stood upright in front of the wardrobe, wanting to go out, there was a sudden numbness in her calf and she fell forward uncontrollably.

Just as she was about to fall, a slender and long arm reached out suddenly and held her firmly.

The man did not help her up immediately and her body was still suspended in air. The man bent slightly and looked down at her.

He was about the same height as Lan Ye, and there was a sense of oppression coming from him.

She was not short but she had tripped and so she was shorter than him.

His cool breath spilled onto her face, making her heart beat faster. This feeling was not about like or dislike, but a temptation.

She had to admit, this man was charming and dangerous.

Lan Xiaozhi straightened up from his arms and wanted to step back to keep an appropriate distance between a man and a woman, but the man grabbed her around the waist tightly, not letting her move.

The other hand was boldly pressing on to her buttocks, directly pushing her to him.

The strong manly scent overwhelmed Lan Xiaozhi and she felt affronted.

Even her fianc, Lan Ye, had never done such a thing to her.

How dare you! She slapped his hand away, her gentle voice turning sharp.

Mu Sihan ignored her anger and the hand around her waist reached for the veil on her face.

Lan Ye, who was outside and had heard sounds, knocked on the door. Xiaozhi, whats wrong? Im coming in!

Mu Sihan had removed the veil of Lan Xiaozhi, but she had her back towards him and he could not see her. He would be able to look at her carefully if he took a few more steps forward and turned her around

But the door to the cloakroom was pushed open immediately by the man outside.

The moment Lan Ye opened the door, he saw a dark silhouette jumping down from the cloakroom window.

His expression changed. Who is it?!

He went to the window in several big steps and looked down, but the figure was gone.

He turned and walked up to Lan Xiaozhi, his hand holding her slender arm and asked with a cold and sharp gaze, Who was that?

Lan Xiaozhis tender and fair arm was hurt by his grip. She frowned and winced in pain. Youre hurting me!

Im sorry.

Lan Xiaozhi rubbed her red arm and before she could say anything, she heard Lan Ye asking angrily, Wheres your veil?

I just took it off when I changed. Although that lecherous man was annoying, he did not deserve to die. If Lan Ye knew, he would definitely kill him.

Lan Ye stared at Lan Xiaozhi for a few seconds and instructed her in a deep voice, Wear your dress and put on your veil, then come downstairs. Ill go and find that person right now!

Lan Ye was about to turn and leave when Lan Xiaozhi grabbed his firm and strong arm, smiling at him. Tonights your birthday, lets not make a big fuss of it. Ill go down with you, I know what the fellow looks like!

Lan Ye glanced at Lan Xiaozhi and nodded.

The banquet was still going strong and the band took a break in the middle.

Zi Yan thought that Mu Sihan went to the washroom but he did not come back for a long time.

The next round of performance was about to begin and if the flute player was not back, it would be terrible if the Island Master got suspicious.

Zi Yan was worried when a black and tall figure flashed past the corner of her eye.

Brother Sihan was back.

Zi Yan shot a questioning look at him.

After he had sat down, he kept his head lowered, and looked a little distracted.

Zi Yan wanted to get up and ask him what was wrong, but the conductor shot her a look, indicating that she look at the stairway.

The Island Master and his fiance had come down.

The music started up again.

But the Island Master did not look that good. After he and his fiance had came down, he swept his eyes around the banquet.

There was a hint of coldness and sharpness in his gaze.

He lifted his hand, signalling the music to stop.

Zi Yan saw that something was wrong and there was a bad feeling in her heart.

Lan Ye lowered his head, looking at Lan Xiaozhis bright eyes. Xiaozhi, look carefully, where is the pervert.

Lan Xiaozhi looked around.

When her gaze swept to the band, she saw Mu Sihan who was in the corner.

Mu Sihan had his head down and was blocked by others. It was not easy to notice him, but Lan Xiaozhi did not know why she was able to notice him at one glance.

It was really strange.

Lan Ye saw that Lan Xiaozhi was looking in the direction of the band and his eyes narrowed. Is it one of them?

Lan Xiaozhi did not answer.

Lan Ye was about to go forward when Lan Xiaozhi stopped him and smiled. Let me bring him over!

The guests in the banquet hall felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere.

Everyone stopped talking.

They all looked towards Lan Xiaozhi.

Zi Yan looked at the Island Masters fiance walking towards them and the bad feeling in her heart grew stronger.

Did Brother Sihan do something to the Island Masters fiance during the break?

With the character of the Island Master, it might be difficult for their band to escape after this.

Zi Yan looked at Mu Sihan who was in the corner. He still had his head lowered with an expression like he was separated from the outside world.

Lan Xiaozhi stopped in front of the band for a few seconds, then went forward gracefully.

When Zi Yan saw this, her heart was in her mouth.

When Lan Xiaozhi was approaching Mu Sihan, Mu Sihan raised his head and he met her eyes.

His jaw was clenched tight and he tightened the grip on the flute.

What had he not experienced before?

There was nothing to be afraid of.

It was just that the eyes of the woman coming towards him, looked exactly like his Kitten.

But her personality, temperament and speech were completely different.

Most importantly, if she was his kitten, she would not come and throw him out to the wolves!

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