Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 737

Chapter 737 Dna Testing

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Lan Ye, who was standing in the banquet hall, had on a dark expression.

There was a murderous look in his eyes.

Lan Xiaozhi stood in front of Mu Sihan.

Lan Ye said sharply, Is it him?

The atmosphere around was so stiff that no one dared to breathe.

Even Mu Sihan, who was holding on to the flute, gripped it very hard.

He was here on vacation and did not bring any bodyguards, only his friends and children. If she were to accuse him, not only would he be unable to leave, Xiaojie and the others would also be implicated.

But, he still wanted to try his luck.

Lan Xiaozhi looked at Mu Sihans deep dark eyes and he stared at her with no fear in his eyes, and there was a trace of determination in it.

Admiring his courage, Lan Xiaozhis lips under the veil could not help but lift up into a smile.

Ive found it. Her voice was gentle and elegant, like a touch of spring breeze, gentle and harmless.

Lan Yes face was tensed and his gaze icy cold. Guards, take him down.

Zi Yan who was sitting in front of the piano stood up quickly despite her fear. Island Master, this must be a misunderstanding

Before Zi Yan could finish, Lan Xiaozhi suddenly let out a slight laugh. Misunderstanding? Of course it is. She moved a few steps towards Mu Sihan and then picked up a black and chubby little thing from the corner.

Lan Xiaozhi came up to Lan Ye with a black cat in her arms, saying with her eyes bright, You misunderstood. Actually nobody broke into the cloakroom, its Blacky!

Blackys round head leaned against Lan Xiaozhis fair arms and meowed at Lan Ye.

Lan Xiaozhi saw that Lan Ye was silent and she continued, The castle is guarded and monitored, who can be good enough to avoid your sight and come into my cloakroom?

Lan Yes eyes that were full of murderous intent eased slightly.

Alright, there are a lot of distinguished guests here tonight, lets not make a fool out of ourselves.

Seeing sense in her words, Lan Ye took the fat black cat over from Lan Xiaozhis arms. It looked at you change, so Ill punish it and make it sleep outside tonight.

Lan Xiaozhi was speechless.

Zi Yans heart was still pounding after leaving the castle and being safe and sound in the car.

But because there were other members of the band too, Zi Yan did not ask Mu Sihan anything.

When they reached Zi Yans training center, the two of them got out of the car.

Fourth Brother!

Lan Yanzhi leaned against the door of the training center and he came up to Mu Sihan when he saw the two of them.

Mu Sihan looked at Lan Yanzhi. I thought you werent going to speak to me again.

Lan Yanzhi touched his nose and pursed his lips, slightly embarrassed. Im not that petty.

When Zi Yan saw Lan Yanzhi, she smiled and greeted him, Brother Yanzhi.

Lan Yanzhis smile disappeared immediately and his eyes were full of distance and indifference. Miss Zi.

Zi Yan saw his indifferent attitude and she did not want to get snubbed. Pushing open the door of the training center, she went in alone.

Lan Yanzhi and Mu Sihan stood outside.

Fourth Brother, did you go to the castle with Zi Yan because you feel that the Island Masters fiance is Nan Zhi?

Mu Sihan took out a small white bag from the pocket of his band costume. Later go and take Xiaojies hair and go back to the country overnight. Get a DNA test done.

Lan Yanzhi took the white bag and found a long strand of hair in it.

Lan Yanzhi was somewhat surprised.

The past two days he had asked around and the Island Master was very possessive of his fiance, and did not allow any man to approach her.

Fourth Brother only went into the castle and he was able to get this mysterious fiances hair. He was really amazing!

Fourth Brother, since you got her hair, that means you had approached her. But when she saw you, did she not recognize you? Lan Yanzhi looked at the man whose outline under the dim street lights looked lonely and dark, and felt his heart ache for him. Or, has she forgotten about you?

Mu Sihan raised his head slightly, looking at the dark night sky, his eyes deep and dark. Im not sure at the moment. You have to test the DNA first.

If it was really her, he could still accept if she had only forgotten about him.

For him, it was fine as long as she was still alive. Only with her alive could he chase her back.

If it was not her, he would treat this vacation as a dream!

Brother Sihan, Brother Yanzhi, come in and have some tea!

Lan Yanzhi knew that Mu Sihan was anxious and he was in no mood to drink tea prepared by Zi Yan. Fourth Brother, Ill go and get it done.

Mu Sihan nodded. Let me know the moment the result comes out.


Lan Yanzhi went to the roadside, hailed a taxi and left without looking back.

Zi Yan stood at the door, her gaze following Lan Yanzhis back and gradually, her eyes turned blurry from the tears.

You still care about each other. You should arrange for a time and have a good talk with him.

Zi Yan blinked as Mu Sihans deep and cold voice was heard from behind. She recollected herself quickly and smiled as she shook her head. Brother Sihan, its impossible for me and Brother Yanzhi to get back together. Theres no misunderstanding, were just not compatible.

I remembered the two of you were deeply in love and even had tattoos for each other. This time, you still have eyes for each other, how are you not compatible?

Zi Yans eyes flashed and she laughed bitterly. Because, Im married.

After Lan Xiaozhis bath, she came out from the bathroom in her nightgown.

Sitting in front of the dressing table, she raised her hands and patted her fair, delicate and flawless small face.

She could not help thinking about the man with the outstanding appearance and the cold aura.

He was so bold. If she had pointed him out, he would never escape the castle alive!

At that time, he looked at her as if he was sure that she would not point him out.

Was a person like him really an ordinary person who played the flute?

Her slender shoulders were suddenly pressed by a pair of large hands while she was distracted.

Lan Ye had came into the room and he lowered his head, looking at the woman in the mirror. Her skin was fair with a tinge of red, her lips pink and she was beautiful no matter from which angle he looked at her.

He picked up the hair dryer and dried her long wet hair. You look like you have something on your mind tonight.

She looked at the man behind through the mirror and touched her own face. I was wondering to myself, why do you want me to put a veil on my face when Im outside?

Three days later.

Lan Yanzhi, who had returned to the Capital, received a call from the paternity testing center and when he learned that the results were out, he quickly drove there.

Fourth Brother had asked him not to tell anyone about the DNA testing, including An Feng.

If the results showed that the Island Masters fiance was not Nan Zhi, it would only disappoint them.

Lan Yanzhi did not hold much hope for the results.

It was not that he did not want Nan Zhi to be alive, he just felt that it was unrealistic.

When he arrived at the paternity testing center, Lan Yanzhi took the document bag from the staff.

He stepped aside, opened the bag and took out the testing results.

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