Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 738

Chapter 738 Thank Goodness Shes Still Alive

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The sea breeze in the morning of Light Island was gentle.

The morning light made the surface of the sea shine brightly like small bits of gold was sprinkled on it, sparkling and beautiful.

Mu Sihan and the rest had gotten up early and came to the beach. Bo Yan and Yan Hua were holding Little Apples tiny hands and walking in front, with Xiaojie picking up shells behind them, while Mu Sihan walked right behind.

There were not many tourists at the beach. They were in twos and threes, and some of the girls, aged eighteen or nineteen, were playing nearby.

When several girls saw Mu Sihan, who was wearing white leisure attire and walking alone, they stared fixedly at him.

Wow, so handsome!

Is he a star? I dont know which country hes from, but oh my god, his looks and figure is also outstanding among stars!

I want to take a picture with him and get his autograph!

Mu Sihan did not hear the girls discussion and he had both hands in his pants pocket, walking with a steady pace, cold and noble, with a sense of loneliness.

When the girls saw that he was going away, they pushed and shoved, and a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes was pushed in front of him.

Hi, Ive had my eye on you for a long time. Can I take a picture with you?

Mu Sihan was thinking about the DNA testing. Lan Yanzhi should be getting the result soon.

These three days, he pretended that nothing was wrong, but the anxiety and nervousness in his heart was only known to him.

His thoughts were interrupted suddenly and Mu Sihans expression did not look that good. He looked at the young girl in front of him coldly, and was about to say something when Xiaojie ran over, saying, Daddy, are you hitting on pretty girls again?

The girl with blonde hair and blue eyes heard Xiaojie call Mu Sihan Daddy and she was stunned for a moment before she reacted and said, embarrassed, Im sorry, I didnt know you had a son Lowering her head, she looked at Xiaojie by Mu Sihan legs. With his delicate features, glass-like black eyes and small pink lips, the young boy was so cute he could make ones heart thump.

If I were ten years younger, I would definitely chase after you. The young girl looked smitten.

Xiaojie looked at the young girl flirting with him and he smiled brightly. Its no use even if youre ten years younger. My Mommy has already arranged a marriage for me. Xiaojie pointed at Yan Huas family in front. Its that baby.

The blonde haired young girl looked at Yan Huas family and sighed when she saw Little Apple. Even if she were younger, she probably had no chance.

That baby who was over a year old, was adorable and cute. Her parents looked outstanding and she would definitely be extremely beautiful when she grew up.

Sorry to have disturbed you The blonde girl ran away with a blush on her face.

Mu Sihan did not know what she had told the other girls, but they were all looking at Mu Sihan and the others with envy.

Mu Sihan did not care about this. He was about to call Lan Yanzhi when his phone vibrated.

Seeing that it was Lan Yanzhi, Mu Sihan stopped, and his lips pursed unconsciously.

Taking in a breath, he pressed the answer button.

Lan Yanzhis voice sounded from the other end of the line. Fourth Brother, the results are out!

Mu Sihan swallowed and the hand holding the phone tightened. What is it?

The results show that the two are mother and child.

The phone in Mu Sihans hand fell on the beach.

He was like a sculpture, frozen in place.

The blood in his body all rushed up towards his head.

There was some burning pain in his eyes.

Lan Yanzhi did not know what had happened and when he heard that Mu Sihan had fallen completely silent, he could only keep saying, Hello? Hello?

Half a year ago, from when he knew she had an accident to seeing her burned up body in the mortuary, Mu Sihan had been living in the pain of losing her.

Every time he dreamed at night, he would dream that she was alive and well.

But when he wanted to hold her, she would disappear from his arms.

Some people said that time would heal all wounds, but he could not. The longer the time, the deeper his longing for her was.

Xiaojie saw that his Daddy was suddenly motionless like he had suffered a blow, he was shocked and cried out in a hurry, Auntie Huahua, Uncle Bo!

Bo Yan looked back and saw that Mu Sihan was acting strange and hurried over.

Bo Yan saw that Mu Sihans eyes were red and his handsome face was tensed, and he frowned. Sihan, whats wrong?

The man who was usually powerful, capable and able to make resolute decisions, looked like a timid child. He was afraid that he was having hallucinations and misheard Lan Yanzhis words.

His eyes moved and he looked at Bo Yan, who had a worried expression, and said in a hoarse voice, Ask Yanzhi to send the document to my mailbox.

Bo Yan did not know what had happened to Mu Sihan, but he still followed his instructions, picking up his phone from the beach.

What did you say to him, he looks like he suffered a great shock. Bo Yan asked Lan Yanzhi in a low voice.

Lan Yanzhi told Bo Yan the news that Nan Zhi was still alive.

Even Bo Yan, who was usually calm, got shocked and the phone fell to the ground again.

Yan Hua saw that the two men were acting strange and she picked up the phone, following Mu Sihans instructions. He asked you to send some document to his mailbox.

A minute later, the notification for Mu Sihans mail sounded.

Mu Sihan opened his mailbox and clicked on the DNA report from Lan Yanzhi.

And saw the final results.

He suddenly burst into laughter like he was mad.

When his usually cold, abstinent and unapproachable face, laughed suddenly like that, the young girls who were still standing not far away were slightly frightened.

Was this person mentally unstable?

Not only were the girls frightened, Xiaojie was also frightened by Mu Sihan.

He looked at Bo Yan. Uncle Bo, is my Daddy all right?

Bo Yan knew what Mu Sihan had seen and he shook his head. Its a good thing.

Yan Hua pulled Bo Yan aside and asked, What is it? Yan Hua was very curious what could make the Crown Prince who was high up in the air be so excited.

Bo Yan lowered his head, his lips close to Yan Huas ear and told her in a low voice.

Yan Hua was stunned at first. Then she responded by screaming, her hands grabbing excitedly at the collar of Bo Yans shirt. Really? Is it true?

Bo Yan was strangled by her and he coughed. Huahua, you have your best friend and dont want your husband any more?

Yan Hua released Bo Yan, jumping into his arms with tears rolling down her face and hugging him tightly. Thank goodness.

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