Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 739

Chapter 739 Meeting 1

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The back garden of the castle.

Lan Xiaozhi was having a morning swim in the pool. She was wearing a blue swimsuit, her skin was smooth and delicate with an attractive luster.

After her swim, the maid helped her into her bathrobe.

Miss, the Island Master is waiting for you to have breakfast in the dining room, Lisa, her maid reminded her.

Lan Xiaozhi acted as if she had not heard her and sat on the swing, looking at the garden full of flowers and plants.

A gust of wind blew and she shivered.

She did not know why but there was a feeling of emptiness in her heart.

Lan Ye said that she had suffered brain injury and lost some memories, but she had also retained some.

For example, where she grew up, when her mother died, how she was saved by Lan Ye and became his fiance.

She didnt feel that there was anything strange before, but after meeting that flute player from the band, she felt like there was something missing from her heart, and that she was not her complete self now.

What was this strange feeling?

Perhaps it was part of the memories she was missing.

But what was the connection with that mysterious man?

Miss, the Island Master will be angry if you dont go in for breakfast.

Lan Xiaozhi hummed thoughtfully.

Since meeting Lan Ye, he had been unexpectedly good to her.

Every day, he let her soak in a rose milk bath, gave her the best skin care products, let her eat all kinds of nourishing tonics and asked the beautician to massage her. He did not let her do anything, pampering her as much as he could.

Apart from keeping her away from other men, he agreed with her in everything else.

Although she was his fiance, he never did anything shameless and dirty, and respected her very much.

Lan Xiaozhi felt that he had no love for her, only a strange possessiveness that she could not describe.

Standing up from the swing, Lan Xiaozhi returned to the castle.

After changing her clothes, she went to the dining room and seeing Lan Ye who was sitting there and reading the newspaper, she sat opposite him.

The maid brought her breakfast and milk over.

Lan Ye put down the newspaper, looking at the woman who looked younger and more beautiful, and smiled. Why, are you in a bad mood?

Lan Xiaozhis hands were supporting her chin and a trace of sadness appeared in her beautiful eyes. I feel a little bored, staying in the castle everyday. I want to go back to the fishing village to pay respects to my mother.

She grew up in a single parent family and half a year ago, her mother passed away from an illness. She was almost sold into prostitution by hooligans and it was Lan Ye who had saved her.

Her head got injured at that time, so she had forgotten some things.

Ill be busy with work on the island these next few days, so Im afraid I dont have time to go with you.

Lan Xiaozhi took a sip of milk, the corner of her lips were stained with milk and she licked it with her tongue. When Lan Ye saw her unconscious movement, his eyes turned dark.

She had her eyes lowered at this moment, and from his point of view, her long and thick eyelashes were like two small fans casting a shadow over her face, which was very attractive.

If you want to go, Ill send more people to protect you.

A brilliant smile appeared on Lan Xiaozhis exquisite and beautiful face.

After making arrangements, Lan Ye sent more than a dozen bodyguards to escort Lan Xiaozhi to the fishing village.

The first thing she did when she arrived was to go and pay respects to her mother.

There was no photo on her mothers tombstone, only her name was carved. Lan Xiaozhis expression was slightly dazed.

Perhaps her memory was incomplete, she could not remember what had happened when she was a child. Even when she was kneeling in front of the tombstone, there was no fluctuation in her emotions.

After paying her respects, she went back to the house where she had lived.

It was a single storey house. There were two bedrooms, a hallway and a kitchen.

After she had woken up from a nap, she brought gifts to give to her neighbors.

The neighbors had all watched her grow up and were very warm towards her.

Lan Ye had let more than a dozen bodyguards follow her, so wherever she went, she attracted a lot of attention. She also did not like being stared at by so many pairs of eyes.

She found the captain of the bodyguards. I want to take Lisa to the beach. You can just send two or three bodyguards to follow us.

The captain of the bodyguards nodded. Please dont go too far, Miss. If something goes wrong, the Island Master will kill us.

This was what Lan Xiaozhi hated most about Lan Ye. He was moody and regarded lives as worthless.

She remembered one time when she snuck out of the castle, Lisa had been punished and was almost beaten half to death.

I know, I wont make things difficult for you.

Lan Xiaozhi took off her shoes and walked barefoot on the beach. Lisa followed behind and reminded her, Miss, its improper.

Lan Xiaozhi smiled and ignored her.

An egret saw Lan Xiaozhi coming over and it flew away. As Lan Xiaozhi looked at the egret flying high in the sky, she suddenly felt slightly envious.

It felt good to be free.

After walking for some distance, she suddenly saw a little boy sitting on the beach. He was sitting with his arms around himself, his shoulders shaking and looked like he was crying.

Lan Xiaozhi furrowed her eyebrows and was about to go forward when the captain of the bodyguards came over. Miss, Ill drive the child away.

Lan Xiaozhi stopped him. Its just a child, are you afraid that I will approach him?


Then its fine. Lan Xiaozhi lifted her skirt hem and went forward. The captain of the bodyguards wanted to follow, but Lisa stopped him. Its just a child, its fine for Miss to go alone. If we go, it will frighten the child.

Lan Xiaozhi went up to the child and crouched down, reaching out a slender finger to touch his arm. Whats wrong with you, little boy? Wheres your daddy and mommy?

The child did not look up, but continued to sob silently.

A trace of hesitation flashed past Lan Xiaozhis beautiful almond-shaped eyes.

Which parents were so careless to leave their child by the sea?

Little boy, tell Auntie your parents number and Auntie will help you call them, okay? Her voice became gentler.

The child seemed to pause and lifted his head from his arms.

A delicate face with big round eyes, tall nose, pink lips and a beautiful face shape emerged.

Why did this child seem so familiar to her?

She seemed to have seen him somewhere before.

She tried searching through her mind, but could not remember where she had met him.

Xiaojie looked at the woman crouching in front of him. She was wearing a veil, and showing only her bright eyes looking at him. Her gaze was very gentle, just like how Pretty Zhizhi looked at him before

Daddy had asked him to sit here and cry. If he was sad, he might be able to see Pretty Zhizhi and it seemed like Daddy had not lied to him.

Lan Xiaozhi looked at the child who was blinking his wet eyes and looking at her.

Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something and all her movements stopped.

Time seemed to have stopped in this moment.

No wonder why this boy felt so familiar to her.

It was because he looked like her

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