Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 740

Chapter 740 Meeting 2

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Xiaojie saw the pupils of the woman with the veil constrict and he narrowed his bright black eyes, imitating the look of an adult. I only have Daddy, my Mommy doesnt want me anymore.

Lan Xiaozhi looked at the little boy with wet eyes and she felt a pain in her chest.

His small face showed a sad expression and his small mouth pouted.

Lan Xiaozhi lifted her hand unconsciously to wipe the tears from the corner of his eye. Youre so cute, how can your mother bear to give you up?

Xiaojies black eyes turned bright and he held Lan Xiaozhis hand, smiling brightly at her. Really?

His smile was like a warm sun in the winter, shining into the hearts of everyone he encountered.

Lan Xiaozhi looked down at the fingers held by the little boy.

His small hand was soft and delicate and her skin was faintly hot from his touch.

Unknowingly, her heartbeat accelerated and her breathing became quicker too.

For some reason, she inexplicably wanted to be close to him, hold him in her arms and protect him.

What was this strange feeling?

Who was this boy?

Instead, she pushed down the thoughts and nodded at him. Of course, dont cry little one. You must have misunderstood your mother. She cant possibly not want a cute darling like you.

Xiaojie looked at Lan Xiaozhi pitifully and said with some chagrin, I havent seen her for half a year already.

Lan Xiaozhi looked at the tears in the little boys eyes, and her heart clenched. Your mother will regret it. Her eyes reddened unconsciously.

When the little boy saw it, he looked at her with doubt. Auntie, why are your eyes so red?

Lan Xiaozhi bit her lips and said gently, Some sand got into them.

The little boy came a step closer to her and put his two tender and fair hands on her shoulders. Then Ill help you blow it out!

Without waiting for Lan Xiaozhis response, he came close to her and his small mouth blew at her bright and moist eyes.

Puff, puff

His delicate face was very serious, as if she was a rare treasure.

The air blowing out of the small lips was gentle and warm, like a feather moving around her heart.

She felt that her heart had been touched by something.

Her eyes turned even redder.

Is the sand not out yet? He frowned, looking at her in worry.

Lan Xiaozhi shook her head, looking at the little boy, her fingertips touching his smooth face. Youre so young but you already know how to care about people? Who knows how many hearts of girls are you going to capture when you grow up?

Xiaojie smiled shyly. Then do you want to be my girlfriend?

Before Lan Xiaozhi could say anything, the little boy held her hand again, smiling brightly at her before he turned and ran away.

Lan Xiaozhi was still frozen on the spot after his figure had disappeared.

Miss, the wind had gotten stronger, lets go back to the house! The captain of the bodyguards came over and reminded Lan Xiaozhi.

Back at the house, Lan Xiaozhi went into the bedroom and released her clenched right fist.

There was a slip of paper inside.

Looking at the contents on it, Lan Xiaozhi was shocked.

In the evening.

After dinner, Lan Xiaozhi called Lisa over.

Lisa, Ill be going out later. Disguise yourself as me and cover me.

Lisa was shocked and she knelt on the ground. No, please, Miss. Im afraid.

Lan Xiaozhi pulled Lisa up and looked into her eyes. Lisa, did I treat you badly for the past six months? I just need an hour, and Ill be back by then.

But Miss

Its okay. After I go out, just lie in bed and sleep. No one will dare to come in.

Lisa nodded.

Lan Xiaozhi took off her clothes, let Lisa change into them and got Lisa to wear her veil. She herself wore Lisas clothes.

She called the captain of the bodyguards over and told him through the closed door, Im not feeling that well. Ive told Lisa go out to buy something for me. Dont make things difficult for her.

After finished speaking, she opened the door and went out.

When Lisa saw that Lan Xiaozhi had walked away, she went back to the room with her head lowered, her palms full of cold sweat.

Lan Xiaozhi followed the address on the note and came to the end of the fishing village.

There was only an old house that was full of overgrown grass at the end of the fishing village. Lan Xiaozhi went in carefully and pushed open the door, shining her flashlight. Little Cutie? Are you here?

There was no reply.

Lan Xiaozhi frowned and called out again, Little Cutie?

The little boy had asked her over, saying that he had something important to tell her, but where was he?

She did not know why she was drawn to the little boy from the moment she saw him, she really liked him. When he asked her to come here, she had not hesitated at all and even ran out at risk of being discovered by Lan Ye.

But she really wanted to see that little cutie again!

Lan Xiaozhi went outside again when she got no response after calling out a few times.

At this moment, the courtyard door was opened and a tall and dark figure walked in. The light was too dark and Lan Xiaozhi did not dare to shine the flashlight, so she could not see his face.

Her heart was beating faster.

She trusted the little boy so easily, he asked her to come and she came.

She had never thought that there would be any danger. Although this trust also made her feel puzzled.

The man who came in was about 1.9 meters tall and had a strong sense of oppression coming off him.

Lan Xiaozhi felt danger. She dared not go to the door and ran hurriedly towards the back door.

Mu Sihan arrived at the time stated on the note. He was still worrying about whether she would come and did not expect that she would come earlier.

He was slightly stunned, and at the moment, she suddenly turned around and ran, treating him like a beast.

When he reacted, he shouted, Stop!

He strode towards her.

When Lan Xiaozhi heard that deep and cold voice, she was frightened and thought that she had met with a bad person. She did not dare to stop and ran.

But the man behind pursued her relentlessly. Her body had not been that good the past half a year, and had been living comfortably. Stumbling around in the darkness, she tripped and fell to the ground.

By the time she got up, the mans footsteps were already very close to her.

He was so close that if he reached out, he would be able to grab her collar.

Why did you run? Am I a vicious beast? Seeming to have sensed her fear, the mans deep voice seemed to have a trace of laughter and a hint of something unreadable.

Lan Xiaozhis heart was thumping hard.

She was familiar with this voice.

Where had she heard it before?

With her eyebrows furrowed, a light bulb seemed to go off in her mind and suddenly her eyes opened wide.

It was that audacious man who had barged into her cloakroom during Lan Yes birthday party!

W-Why would he appear here? What was going on?

Nan Zhi, turn around, the man said as he saw her fall silent.

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