Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 741

Chapter 741 Hugging Her Tightly From Behind

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Nan Zhi?

Lan Xiaozhi frowned and she mumbled these two words to herself.

Mu Sihan looked at the woman in front and he wanted press on her shoulders to turn her around, but he drew back his hands before he had touched her.

He was afraid he would scare her.

Did you forget your own name? His voice was tense and hoarse.

Lan Xiaozhis heart trembled and she took a few steps forward. The man behind wanted to catch up, but she said quickly, Dont be so close to me.

She turned around slowly and looked at the man who was standing not far away.

In the dim light, the mans handsome face was covered with a shadow, and his deep dark eyes stared fixedly at her.

She knew from the moment she looked at him, that he was sizing her up.

She was not wearing her veil tonight.

Her small face was clear and beautiful, her delicate skin so fair it was reflecting light, and under her tall nose, her soft lips were red and moist. It was an exquisite and beautiful face that would make any man feel moved.

Her facial features were still like before, and the shape of her face too.

But compared to half a year ago, she was even more exquisite and beautiful like an angel who had fallen to earth from the heavens.

People might look similar, but the DNA test could not be wrong.

His Kitten looked even younger and prettier compared to before, but she was still her.

She did not die, and was not separated from him.

She was still alive.

He stared at her, his eyes dark like a bottomless pool. Nan Zhi.

He called her again.

Lan Xiaozhi frowned even deeper and she bit her lip, saying in a gentle voice, Sir, are you mistaken? Im not Nan Zhi, my name is Lan Xiaozhi.

Lan Xiaozhi? Mu Sihans lips moved, and his sharp features turned even colder.

He strode forward and approached her, and stopped only when he was one to two steps away from her.

Being closer, he was able to look at her even more clearly.

She did not shrink away, her chin slightly lifted and her eyes meeting his dark eyes.

Her eyes were as clear as water. There was no fluctuation of emotions, only doubts.

Sir, did you get the wrong person? I have never interacted with you before, and besides, I have been called Lan Xiaozhi since I was young.

Mu Sihan heard her words and he frowned.

What did that Island Master do to her, to even alter her memories!

Thinking of how her heart must have been seized by the Island Master as she had stayed with him under the identity of Lan Xiaozhi for the past half a year, Mu Sihan had an urge to kill!

But reason told him that she was unwilling.

Even if she and the Island Master really had something between them, he would not blame her.

Lan Xiaozhi saw that there seemed to be a layer of frost covering the mans handsome face, and that his eyes were turning menacing and cold. Her pupils constricted and fear grew in her heart.

Why did he look like he was going to kill somebody?

She remembered on the night of Lan Yes birthday party, he told her that she looked like the woman he loved.

Something might have happened to the woman he loved and he missed her terribly, mistaking Lan Xiaozhi for her.

Lan Xiaozhi looked at his deep and dark gaze that looked as if it was going to swallow her. She suppressed the nervousness in her heart and used a calm tone to speak to him, Sir, I know you lost the woman you loved and missed her a lot, but Im really not her. Im Lan Xiaozhi, and lived in this fishing village since I was young. I have a fianc, his name is Lan Ye and he is the owner of this island

Before she could finish, she heard his deep and husky voice say, Nan Zhi, Ive been in a living hell for the past six months since your car accident.

Lan Xiaozhi saw the pain in his eyes and her heart ached. She frowned and could not believe that she would suffer because of the mans pain.

She pursed her lips and said nothing.

Do you know whats called a living hell? Its when I close my eyes, your figure appears in front of my eyes. Youre so close. I want to touch you, but I cant. How many times have I jolted awake from having these dreams at night?

Do you know how painful every day has been for me? Pretending to be fine and doing my work in the day, but feeling like a piece of my heart was cut away Im living the life of the walking dead everyday.

Now that I know you are still alive, you asked me to call you Lan Xiaozhi. I know you cant remember some things, but Im standing right in front of you now. You loved me. Look me in the eye and do you dare say you dont feel anything for me?

His deep voice was getting more hoarse and there was a trace of nasality.

Lan Xiaozhis long and thick eyelashes fluttered and the fingers by her side tightened and loosened a few times before she found her voice. I dont know, I dont know

In her memory, there was only Lan Ye, and not him.

If what he said was true, then had Lan Ye been lying to her all along?

Her mind was so confused.

She had only seen this man twice, but she was with Lan Ye for half a year.

Although Lan Ye was possessive, he was good to her

Looking at her tightly knitted eyebrows, confused and pained expression, Mu Sihan came up to her, his hands grabbing her shoulders. If you dont believe me, Ill show you something.

Mu Sihan took out his phone from his pants pocket and before he could open his mailbox, she swung at his phone.

The phone fell to the ground.

She looked at him with red eyes. You think Im the woman you love and the evidence will naturally be advantageous to you. I dont want to see it.

The words he had said tonight had made her confused. Her mind was a mess.

She needed to go back to calm down and think.

But in front of this man, she was unable to calm down, she couldnt think.

When Mu Sihan bent over to pick up the phone, Lan Xiaozhi had turned and was preparing to leave.

When Mu Sihan saw this, he did not pick up his phone and ran towards her.

She did not walk very fast and he caught up to her in a few big steps, his long arms hugging her tightly from behind.

She struggled a few times but could not break free.

The mans unfamiliar fresh scent entered Lan Xiaozhis nose, which made her feel uncomfortable.

To her, he was just a stranger who she had met twice. Other than Lan Ye, she had never been intimate with any man.

There was the faint scent of cologne on Lan Yes body, but this man had none. The fresh scent mixed with the faint smell of tobacco smelled of cold and arrogant indifference.

She was a little out of breath from his tight hug.

Although she could not see his expression, she could feel that his heartbeat was fast and erratic.

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