Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 742

Chapter 742 Truth

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Mu Sihan lowered his head, looked at the womans fair and slender neck and could not help wrapping his lips around it, sucking at it gently.

Lan Xiaozhi was completely stunned by the warm touch on her neck.

This This pervert!

Hugging her, and even kissing her there

The skin he had sucked tingled like insects and ants had crawled all over her and she shivered.

If Lan Ye finds out what youve done, he will kill you! She struggled violently against his arms.

The arms around her hugged her even tighter when she said Lan Yes name, as though he couldnt bear for her to utter the name of another man.

Let go of me! She was almost moved by his true feelings, thinking that he was a gentleman. But now, what was the difference between him and a gangster?

Why would Mu Sihan let her go? His heart was like it had been suffering in purgatory in those days he had lost her, and he had not feel good for a moment.

He thought he would only see her in their next life.

But he did not expect that she was standing in front of him, alive and well.

How could he calm down and let her go?

He was strong and she was not his match at all.

She was somewhat embarrassed and furious. In her hurry, she lowered her head and bit hard on his arm.

He had to let her go because of the pain.

But very soon, he grabbed her wrist.

He then pulled her into his arms.

Her nose hit his firm chest and she hissed in pain, her tears almost rolling out of her eyes.

Her fingertips touched the mans white shirt and under the shirt was the mans firm and tight chest. Lan Xiaozhi drew back her hand as if she had been electrocuted, and she rubbed her nose, saying unhappily, What do you really want to do? I have a headache now. Can you let me go back to calm myself down and think about it?

Mu Sihan knew that he was just a stranger in front of her now.

She had lived with Lan Ye for half a year and it was reasonable for her to subconsciously believe Lan Ye and not him.

But, was he letting her go just like that?

Mu Sihan frowned and looked down at the woman in his arms. Have you fallen for Lan Ye?

When he asked this, his voice was tense.

An air of hostility appeared unconsciously from the bottom of his heart. If she replied yes, he did not know if he would go kill that man!

Lan Xiaozhi met the mans deep dark eyes and she shook her head without any hesitation. No.

If she replied yes, the consequence would be serious!

When he heard her reply, the nervousness and murderous intent in his eyes slowly faded away.

Fortunately, she had not liked another man even though she had forgotten about him!

Seeing that his expression had eased, Lan Xiaozhi tried to pry away his hands that were around her waist. They were pressed close together, her soft chest was pressed against his hard chest, making her feel ashamed and uncomfortable.

Can you let me go?

He was tall, and although she was not short, she did not wear her heels when she had changed her clothes with Lisa and had to look up at him.

But his gaze was burning and she did not dare to look at him for long.

He lowered his head and the scent of tobacco and aftershave that belonged exclusively to the man wrapped around her, and her long eyelashes fluttered.


You used to call me Mu Sihan.

Mr Mu Before she could finish, her delicate chin was suddenly pinched by him and he lifted her face.

He stared at her with a deep look.

A few seconds later, he lowered his head suddenly and sucked at the pink lips he had missed for a long time.

Lan Xiaozhis eyes widened in shock and she seemed to have been fixed in place, stunned and unable to move, standing there in a daze and letting the man kiss her.

Her long eyelashes fluttered and brushed over the skin on the mans face, tickling his nerves.

Once he kissed those lips of hers, he did not want to separate again.

His hand clasped the back of her head, his hot tongue delving into her mouth, entangling her tongue in a fierce dance.

Lan Xiaozhi felt like she was about to explode when he touched the tip of her tongue.

In her memory, she had never been kissed so deeply before, but she was not averse to his kisses.

He hooked onto the tip of her tongue, entangling with it madly.

Lan Xiaozhi felt like her soul was drawn out by him, her body turned weak, her bright almond-shaped eyes were wet, and her beautiful cheeks were covered with a red flush, which was charming and pure.

The intense kiss only stopped when she was almost out of breath.

He was still looking at her with his head lowered, his warm breath spilling on her skin.

She seemed a little helpless, trying to break away but unable to. Her mind was blank and she stammered out, Youre too shameless!

There was a deep attachment and affection in Mu Sihans eyes and he pinched her flaming cheek. Do you feel it?

She blinked her beautiful eyes, looking angry. Feel what? Who let you touch me?

He chuckled. No feeling? Then lets do it again.

Without waiting for her response, he grabbed her slender waist, moving back a few steps with her in his arms and put her against the tree, kissing her deeply once again.

Lan Xiaozhis mind was so confused that she did not know how to respond. She could not push him away or respond to him.

He kissed naturally, like he was treating her as his most treasured lover. Their bodies were close to each other, so close and she could clearly feel the change in his body.

There was something hot and hard against her lower abdomen.

When she realized what it was, the blush on her face crept to her ears and neck

Lan Ye had never kissed her like that. Although they were engaged, he respected her and other than hugging her sometimes, he never kissed her.

Realizing that she was distracted, his eyes turned dark and his kisses became more intense and domineering. She was unable to resist and could only immerse herself in his deep kisses.

His hot lips slowly moved from her red lips to her ears and his hot breath spilled in, like an invisible hand caressing her heart, the numbness of his touch made her body weak.

Do you know who that little boy you saw at the beach today was? Hes our son.

His deep and husky voice entered her ear and it made her tremble.

She pushed him away and look at him incredulously. What did you say?

That boy who looked like her and had given her the note was their son?

She had given birth to a child before?

How was it possible?

How could she have forgotten something this important?

Mu Sihan looked at her disbelieving gaze and turned around, picking up his phone. He opened the DNA test report and flipped to the last page with the result. That night at the birthday party of the Island Master, I broke into your room and took a strand of your hair. I had someone go back to do a DNA test and the result proves that you and Xiaojie have a mother and child relationship. You are not Lan Xiaozhi, your name is Nan Zhi. Also, your mother isnt dead, shes still alive.

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