Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 743

Chapter 743 Goodbye Mr Mu

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Lan Xiaozhis mind was a complete mess after hearing Mu Sihans words.

Did she really have a child with him?

But, she could not remember anything at all.

The majority of the memories in her mind were related to Lan Ye.

Lan Ye saving her, treating her well and the two of them getting engaged.

In her memory, apart from being too possessive, Lan Ye would never hurt her

However, the mans eyes were so dark and deep. He did not seem like he was lying either.

The image of that boy appeared in her mind unconsciously.

If she was his Mommy, then it would be normal for him to look like her.


She had received too much information in such a short time, and she could not digest it straight away.

Seeing her furrow her eyebrows and biting her lips, Mu Sihan could understand her feelings right now.

He grabbed her slender shoulders, his eyes dark. Nan Zhi, you have to believe me.

Lan Xiaozhi took his hand away from her shoulder, not answering him immediately, as if she was deep in thought.

Mu Sihan stared at her pretty face. She had the appearance of how he remembered her deep in his heart, but she felt slightly unfamiliar at the same time right now.

His heart hurt a little in trepidation.

Nan Zhi, can you believe me? Leave this place with me, to return to the place where you belong and Ill help you find your memory back slowly.

Lan Xiaozhis heart started to thump crazily from his deep gaze. She opened her mouth, wanting to say something, when the sounds of helicopters suddenly rang from the skies.

She glanced at the sky.

Her eyes constricted a little. Lan Ye is coming, I have to leave.

Hearing that she was leaving, Mu Sihans heart tightened. He did not even hesitate, grabbing her slender wrist immediately.

Seeing the darkness in the mans eyes, Lan Xiaozhi felt her heart twist in pain.

Why was she feeling this way?

Closing her eyes, she said calmly, Mr Mu, Ill go back to think about what you told me just now. You asked if I believed you, but Im sorry, I cant believe you right away. No matter what happened between us in the past, youre a stranger to me right now.

I wont speak a word of what happened tonight to Lan Ye, but I hope you can give me time as well. Ill think about it and will make my own choice about the situation.

Mu Sihans Adams apple bobbed, his voice turning hoarser. Youre an intelligent woman. I believe that you will make the right choice if I give you time.

Staring at his trusting eyes, Lan Xiaozhi felt a small flutter in her heart.

She pointed to the helicopter in the sky, saying calmly, Light Island does not allow private planes to enter and leave the island. Even if I leave with you, Lan Ye will catch up to us very quickly, and we will only implicate more innocent people.

Besides, your son is still here, isnt he? If we dont leave, we will implicate your son as well. She pursed her lips slightly. Three days later, at Shenan Hotel, Ill tell you my answer.

She had already made things clear to this point, so Mu Sihan could not say anything else.

She was right, the timing was too rushed. He was only focused on following her, and did not make the proper preparations to take her away!

Staring at her bright and clear eyes, her pretty face, he could not help but smirk slightly.

The her now was the Kitten that he was familiar with!

Staring at the mans scorching hot gaze that felt like he was going to swallow her, a layer of goosebumps popped out on Lan Xiaozhis skin. She rubbed her arms as she said, Mr Mu, goodbye.

Mu Sihan was still immersed in that familiarity, though he felt like he fell back into the abyss after hearing her say goodbye in that distant manner.

He chased after her, hands grabbing her wrist, scaring her with his action. Before she could react, he suddenly tugged her shirt apart, exposing her flesh wrapped under her bra.

Before she could react, he looked down and bit her ruthlessly.


She screamed in pain.

Pushing him away with all of his strength, she took a few steps back.

Youre too much! Dont think that I will tolerate you if you do that again She buttoned her shirt with trembling fingers.

She looked down at the red bite mark on her flesh, the redness on it making her skin look even fairer and more seductive.

She was furious and embarrassed at the same time.

In contrast, he was extremely pleased.

It was as if placing his mark on her would make this woman only his from now on!

Noting that the helicopter was about to land, Lan Xiaozhi did not have the time to continue arguing with this shameless man. She wiped her lips, gesturing her anger for him before she ran away in a hurry.

Mu Sihan leaned his tall figure against the tree, his dark eyes staring straight at the direction she had left. At the thought of her actions before she left, his lips curved into a silent smirk.

Although Lan Ye was doing his best to change her, some of her small habits were embedded into her very being. They could not be changed no matter what.

When Lisa heard the sound of the helicopter landing, she curled up on the bed in fear. She used the blanket to cover her face tightly, her back and hands covered in cold sweat.

Why was the Young Miss not back yet?

If the Island Master found out that she was acting as Young Miss, and that Young Miss was not in the house, she would definitely be beaten to death!

The leader of the bodyguards knocked on the door from outside. Young Miss, Master is here, please come out to welcome him!

Lisa, who was in the room, did not dare answer.

The bodyguard stood there for a while. After noting that Lan Xiaozhi did not come out, he had no choice but to welcome the Master with his team of bodyguards.

Lan Ye got off from the helicopter, eyeing the captain of the bodyguards with sharp eyes. Is she alright?

Miss isnt feeling too well, so she went to rest early.

Lan Ye furrowed his eyebrows. Shes not feeling well? With that said, he walked towards the house with large strides.

He knocked on the door. Xiaozhi?

He waited for a few seconds, before he lifted both hands, ready to push the door open after seeing that no one answered him.

Just then, the door was pulled open by someone from inside. Lan Xiaozhi stood by the door, a layer of thin organza covering her face, sleepiness present in her eyes. Lan Ye, why are you here?

I came to fetch you back. Lan Ye touched Lan Xiaozhis forehead. Where do you feel ill?

I might have caught a small flu from the coastal breeze. I feel a lot better after sleeping.

In that case, lets go back!

Xiaojie, who had been waiting by the harbor in anticipation, saw a tall black figure walking over from afar. He was able to recognize the figure immediately.

Before Bo Yan could stop him, he ran over hurriedly. Daddy, did you bring Pretty Zhizhi back? With that said, he looked behind Mu Sihan, disappointment flashing in his bright eyes when he did not see Nan Zhi.

Mu Sihan squatted down, matching Xiaojies level. His large hand caressed his messy short hair. Brat, your Mommy forgot about us, so she needs some time to digest all the information. Weve been waiting for half a year, so we can wait a few more days, right?

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