Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 744

Chapter 744 A Secret 1

No matter how obedient and mature Xiaojie was, he was still a child who was only a few years old.

Hearing that he needed to wait a few more days to be able to see Pretty Zhizhi, his lips pouted, and sparkling tears flowing out of his eyes immediately.

Seeing that he was like this, Mu Sihan comforted Xiaojie gently. Daddy promised that Ill bring Pretty Zhizhi back to you, but you have to go back first, okay?

Hearing this, Xiaojie immediately shook his head. I dont want to go back, I want to go back with Pretty Zhizhi!

Mu Sihans expression darkened slightly, his large hand wrapping Xiaojies soft ones. Listen to me, I will definitely fulfill what I promise you.

Xiaojie drooped his long lashes, teardrops falling from his eyes one by one.

He was not a child that liked to cry. Even when he was going through the pain of leukemia treatment, when that pain so bad that even adults could not withstand it, he was able to hold it in and not shed a tear.

However, now, he was crying.

He retracted his small hand from Mu Sihans large one, staring at Mu Sihan with red eyes, saying slightly emotionally, You say this every time, but ever since Pretty Zhizhi got together with you, she keeps getting injured.

His face was covered in more tears. When we still didnt have Daddy, Pretty Zhizhi never left me. But ever since we had Daddy, I havent been able to be with Pretty Zhizhi properly!

It was Xiaojies first time being angry at Mu Sihan ever since they found each other.

It was also the first fight between the father and son.

Mu Sihans expression darkened, pursing his lips tightly and not speaking.

Xiaojie was totally hysterical, his slightly red nose trembling nonstop. If Daddy cannot protect Pretty Zhizhi, then Id rather not have Daddy!

Xiaojie lifted his hands, wiping his red eyes as he turned around to run away.

Bo Yan, who had been waiting by the harbor, felt something was wrong as he hurriedly walked over.

He happened to hear Xiaojies last sentence.

He hurriedly pulled Xiaojies hands, though Xiaojie struggled out of his hold and ran up the speedboat.

Yanzhi, look after Xiaojie.

Once Bo Yan was done instructing Lan Yanzhi, he went up to Mu Sihan, who looked extremely lonely and cold standing alone in the dark.

Hearing footsteps, Mu Sihan knew that Bo Yan had come over. He did not turn his head, saying hoarsely, Do you have a cigarette?

Bo Yan took out a box of cigarettes from his pocket, passing Mu Sihan a cigarette.

After Mu Sihan lit it up, he inhaled a breath of smoke before he said hoarsely, To be honest, the brat is right. Ever since she got together with me, shes always gotten into trouble.

Bo Yan stared at Mu Sihans well-defined and sharp features. He looked down to stare at the sea in front of them. If you have this kind of thinking, how are you going to continue with her in the future? Your status and identity will never let you have the life of a normal person.

At the thought of Xiaojies tearstained face, Mu Sihan felt a sharp pang in his heart.

He was thinking, thinking whether the mother and son would be able to leave a safe and normal life if he let go of them.

Could Could he let go?

Could he set them free?

Could he bear to?

Bo Yan could read through Mu Sihans thoughts, feeling slightly shocked.

Sihans personality was overbearing and stubborn, any decision he made for something or someone would be for forever.

He would not choose to let go easily, but now, he actually had the thought to let go in order to let Nan Zhi have a calm and normal life in the future.

This was something that was extremely hard for him.

It was enough proof of how much he loved that woman!

His love was so strong that he was willing to let go for her safety!

Although he had a high status, he was not a god. There would still be malevolent people in the shadows, wanting to trick him no matter how strong he was.

He may be able to protect his woman one or two times, but was he able to protect her forever?

Mu Sihan stared at the ocean that seemed to blend together with the dark sky, his handsome appearance becoming blurry under the smoke from the cigarette.

I used to think that I would be able to protect her completely if I became the Crown Prince. But I ignored the fact that there would never be a peaceful day when Im in the middle of all the power.

Bo Yan patted Mu Sihans shoulder. Dont take Xiaojies words to heart too much. Hes still a kid, and hes bound to be slightly emotional. How things between Nan Zhi and you will go will still depend on her thoughts after she returns to the country and regains her memories!

Mu Sihan nodded. Naturally.

On the speedboat.

Lan Yanzhi carried Xiaojie, whose face was covered in tears.

He wiped his tears away with his fingers. Uncle Yanzhi knows that you miss Pretty Zhizhi, but your Daddy definitely misses her as much as you do. In fact, hes in more pain because he blames himself and feel guilty for what has happened. But Baby Jie, youve been in the Royal family for almost two years now, you should know that there are many things that are not up to us when were in the Royal family.

Its not that your Daddy cannot protect your Mommy, its just that the bad guys are too bad. Their plans are always enough to take all of us without warning. Your Daddy is the Crown Prince, your Mommy is the Dukes granddaughter, their relationship will never be ordinary. Baby Jie, when you grow up in the future, you will go through many things as well, so you need to be mentally prepared for it!

Xiaojie stopped crying, looking down at his toes as he said softly, I shouldnt have said those mean things to Daddy.

It was just that he had missed Pretty Zhizhi too much, saying those things in anger and sadness after he saw that Daddy didnt bring Pretty Zhizhi over!

Actually, he knew that his Daddy was the one in most pain ever since Pretty Zhizhi left their side!

After Lan Xiaozhi returned to the castle with Lan Ye in the helicopter, she went to take a shower in the bathroom.

Standing under the shower, she stared at the red bite mark on her chest, her fingers caressing it unconsciously.

He had done something so perverted to her, but she did not say anything to Lan Ye on their way back.

If Lan Ye and her were really engaged to each other, was tonight considered as her betraying him? That she was cheating on him?

She moved her eyes away from her chest, before she closed her eyes. She wiped the water beads on her face, her fingers finding her lips once more.

The scorching hot and intimate feeling of when the man was kissing her roughly still lingered on her lips.

She was clearly unfamiliar with him, feeling embarrassed and angry at him, though she could not deny the fluttering and tingling feeling in her heart.

She did not think that she was a promiscuous woman. Even when faced with the handsome and mature Lan Ye, she had never felt anything for him.

Walking out from the bathroom, Lan Xiaozhi stared at Lisa who had brought in her supper. She sat by the bed, her slender and fair legs swinging. Lisa, if you like a person, would you desire him?

Lisa did not know why Lan Xiaozhi asked this, but she nodded. I think so!

Lan Xiaozhi cupped her cheeks with her hands, furrowing her exquisite eyebrows. But, Lan Ye doesnt seem to desire me.

Miss, Master is so good to you, please dont think about such nonsensical things.

Lan Xiaozhi smiled brightly. He is indeed very nice to me, but Lan Xiaozhis expression changed suddenly, her eyes turning cold. Did he love a woman deeply before me?

Miss, Master has never been nice to any woman except you, apart from




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