Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 745

Chapter 745 A Secret 2

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Lan Xiaozhi caught the main point, narrowing her pretty almond-shaped eyes. Apart from?

Lisa shook her head, not daring to look into Lan Xiaozhis eyes. N-Nothing, please dont ask me anymore, Miss.

Lan Xiaozhi stood up on the edges of the bed, looking down at Lisa. If you dont tell me, I will tell Lan Ye about the two of us exchanging our identities tonight.

M-Miss, you were the one who told me to do it!

Lan Xiaozhi did not say anything, walking out of the room instead.

Lisa hurriedly pulled Lan Xiaozhi to stop her, looking down as she said helplessly, Alright, Ill tell you.

Lan Xiaozhi wrapped her hands around her, staring at Lisa.

Before Miss appeared, Master would give everyone a day off on the 15th of every month. To be honest, we all dont know what Master does on that day, but theres a rumor spreading amongst the maids that the 15th is the day that Master meets his lover.

Lan Xiaozhi furrowed her eyebrows. Lan Ye is the Master, he probably doesnt have to hide around if hes meeting his lover, does he?

Thats something were not clear about. Lisa stared at Lan Xiaozhi in panic. Miss, ever since you came, Master cut ties with that person, and placed his full attention on you. Please dont tell Master that I told you this, if not

Lan Xiaozhi grabbed Lisas hand, gentleness exuding from her eyes. I was scaring you. I will not tell anything you told me to Lan Ye.

After Lisa left, Lan Xiaozhi lay on the bed.

She was thinking about what Lisa had said. Lan Ye would give all of the maids a day off on the 15th of every month?

Although, after she came, Lan Ye stopped doing that. But thinking back, he wasnt with her on the 15th either.

Did that mean that he was still in contact with that lover he used to meet secretly?

Lan Xiaozhi seemed to have thought about something, as she hurriedly took out the watch on her bed stand.

Tomorrow was the 15th!

Lan Xiaozhi could not fall asleep for the entire night.

Ever since that man, Mu Sihan, appeared, she started to lose her ability to sleep.

It was really not a good sign.

After she woke up and washed up, Lisa came in to help her change and tie her hair.

After dressing herself up for the day, Lan Xiaozhi went to the dining room.

Lan Ye glanced at her. Youre up, are you still feeling unwell?

Lan Xiaozhi shook her head, walking in front of Lan Ye to shake his arms. Its been a while since I went to the mall. Can you go with me today?

Lan Yes eyes glanced at Lan Xiaozhis eyes, which were full of anticipation, and he pulled her hand away, patting the back of her hands as he said hoarsely, Another day. Im a little busy with work today.

Lan Xiaozhi immediately showed a sad and disappointed expression, pouting slightly, But I really want to go shopping today.

As if afraid of making her disappointed once more, he patted her head. Alright, Ill get someone to clear the mall and Ill bring you over later.

Lan Xiaozhi smiled happily. Really?

Lan Ye nodded. Yes.

After breakfast, and after Lan Ye finished his work in his study, he brought Lan Xiaozhi to the biggest mall on Light Island.

Lan Ye had already got his staff to clear the mall, forbidding other customers from entering the mall apart from the staff working there.

Lan Xiaozhi recalled Lisas words from last night, furrowing her eyebrows slightly.

Did Lan Ye really cut all contact with that person he met every month on the 15th after having her?

After taking Lan Xiaozhi to the flagship store of an international brand, he said, All of the clothes inside are from their newest collection. Lets go in to take a look.

Lan Xiaozhi chose a black evening gown, getting out from the fitting room. Staring at her slender legs, Lan Ye narrowed his eyes.

Lan Xiaozhis proportions were extremely good, while her bones were slender as well, making her a natural clothes hanger that looked good in everything. Together with her fair skin, her wearing black gave a huge visual impact.

The skirt is too short.

Lan Xiaozhi picked another outfit and went back into the fitting room. Lan Yes phone rang as she was going in.

When Lan Xiaozhi was done, she asked the staff when she did not see Lan Ye, Wheres the Master?

Master went to take a call.

Then Ill wear it out to show him.

The staff nodded. Alright.

Lan Xiaozhi did not see Lan Ye outside of the flagship store. She looked around for him, suddenly seeing a couple pulling and pushing each other by the escape stairs when she is about to return to the flagship store.

Lan Xiaozhi recognized one of the figures immediately, it was Lan Ye.

Lan Ye was the master of the island, there was probably not anyone who dared to do this to him on Light Island, right?

Lan Xiaozhi took off her high heels and followed after them secretly, her mind confused.

She had not even approached the couple when she heard an intimate sound trailing over from the safety exit.

The loud smacking sounded like it was from strong kissing and sucking.

Lan Xiaozhi pushed the safety exit door carefully, glancing inside the stairs area through the small gap.

Lan Ye was pushed against the wall by someone, a tall figure standing in front of him as the two of them kissed each other crazily.

A layer of goosebumps immediately surfaced on Lan Xiaozhis arms.

The person standing in front of Lan Ye did not look like a woman, no matter how much Lan Xiaozhi stared at them.

That person was very tall, about the same height as Lan Ye. He was wearing black clothes, his hair short and just looking at the back of that person, his aura was not ordinary and she could easily tell that he was not an ordinary person.

After the couple finished kissing, Lan Yes voice rang. How much longer do you want her to stay by my side?

Only for a little longer. Her influence on Ye Sihan is a lot stronger than I thought. Although Ye Sihans position in the Royal family has been stabilized now, he still missed her terribly. He will become the living dead soon, then we can

The man started laughing before he finished speaking.

That laughter made Lan Xiaozhi shiver slightly in fear.

What was the relationship between their Ye Sihan and that Mu Sihan?

Were they the same person?

Was that her referring to Lan Xiaozhi?

Did he mean that Ye Sihan missed her terribly?

Lan Xiaozhis chest immediately heaved up and down drastically, a shiver running down her spine at the same time.

Alright, lets stop talking about all this. To punish you for looking so much at that woman, you have to help me

Lan Xiaozhi saw the man pull Lan Yes hand to undo his belt.

Lan Xiaozhi did not dare watch any further, holding in her breath as she left with a numb scalp.

Half an hour later, Lan Ye returned to the flagship store and saw Lan Xiaozhi sitting on the sofa, dazing out. Are you done?

Lan Xiaozhi nodded, not daring to show her emotions. Yes.

After returning to the castle, Lan Xiaozhi lay on her bed, falling into deep contemplation as she stared at the exquisite crystal chandelier above her bed.

Looking at everything now, Mr Mu was probably the one that was not lying to her.

She was not called Lan Xiaozhi, but Nan Zhi.

She also did not grow up in the fishing village on Light Island. She had her beloved, an adorable son and a mother who was alive

What was Lan Ye and that man planning?

Why did they separate Mu Sihan and her? Why did they do everything to keep her on this island and make her Lan Yes fiance?

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