Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 746

Chapter 746 Hes Here

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On the day she had promised to meet Mu Sihan, Lan Xiaozhi got up early in the morning.

After washing up, she sat in front of her makeup table.

Staring at the pretty woman in the mirror reflection, her expression was slightly dazed.

For the past few days, she acted like nothing had happened in front of people, but she often zoned out when she was alone.

She used to think that Lan Ye was the person who treated her the best in this world, she didnt think that it was all just an exquisitely carried out lie.

A lie.

All of her memories of the past were gone, all that was left were memories that he had implanted and did not belong to her.

She did her best to recall her memories, but her head split with pain every time and she could not remember anything!

If Mr Mu didnt come for a vacation and happen to recognize her, would she never return to the place that belonged to her?

At this thought, she hated Lan Ye to the core!

Also, what was Lan Ye and that man planning?

She had to warn Mr Mu when she met him!

When they were eating breakfast, Lan Ye glanced at Lan Xiaozhi, who was not in good condition and had lost a bit of weight in the past few days, asking in concern, Where are you feeling unwell recently? How about I call the doctor over to take a look at you later?

Lan Xiaozhi had her hands placed on the marble stone table, looking bored. Its nothing, I just feel slightly bored being in the castle the whole day. Lan Ye, can you bring me to Shengan Hotel for dinner tonight? I want to eat the cake there.

If you like it, Ill get the hotel staff to bring it over

A layer of bright moisture covered Lan Xiaozhis pretty eyes, as she whined pitifully, It feels different eating it at the hotel and eating it at home! Lan Ye, wont you take me there?

Didnt you just go shopping at the mall a few days ago? Why do you want to go out again so soon?

Lan Xiaozhi pouted prettily. Im a living person, not a canary. Its natural for me to want to go look at the world outside! I only want to go out for a meal, wont you let me do it?

Lan Ye stared at her thin face, nodding at the thought that she had not been eating the food that the castles chef had been making. After going out this time, itll be awhile before you can go out again. Im busy with work recently as well, and dont have much free time to spend it with you.

Lan Xiaozhi smiled, replying simply, Alright.

After Lan Ye went to his office, Lan Xiaozhi called Lisa to her bedroom.

She passed Lisa a box of jewelry. Youve waited on me for six months, and I dont have anything to give you, so take this!

Lisa jumped in surprise. Miss, these were given to you by Master, I-I cant take it.

Seeing that Lisa did not dare take it, Lan Xiaozhi did not force her either.

If Lan Ye found out that Lisa had taken her jewelry after she left, he might punish Lisa instead.

Give me your homes address. Ill send you something then.

Miss, its my job to wait on you, you dont have to give me anything.

Lan Xiaozhi was a sentimental person, and the thing or person she would miss the most after leaving here would be Lisa.

Give me your address!

With Lan Xiaozhis insistence, Lisa had no choice but to write her homes address for her.

On Mu Sihans side.

Under his request, Yan Hua brought Xiaojie and Little Apple back to the Capital first.

He told Bo Yan to bring a team of elite special forces over.

Although Light Island was not a large island, it was still a country and Mu Sihan could not openly start a war for his private affairs.

He could only bring Nan Zhi back secretly before he investigated about this in detail!

Fourth Brother, its already six in the evening, will Nan Zhi arrive at Shengan Hotel as promised? Lan Yanzhi was holding onto a pair of binoculars, standing in the house opposite the Shengan Hotel.

Mu Sihan had a hand in his pockets, while his other hand held onto a cigarette, exhaling smoke nonstop.

He had been standing here for nearly a day.

If it was Nan Zhi in the past, he was completely sure that she would come.

But now, she was Lan Xiaozhi. She only had Lan Ye in her memories and not him!

He was not confident that she would come!

Maybe, she had merely made this promise in order to satisfy him that night so that he would leave.

Or maybe, she had told Lan Ye everything and Lan Ye would arrest him the moment he appeared!

Mu Sihans thoughts went a mess, though he still chose to believe her.

Wait a while longer, he said to Lan Yanzhi hoarsely.

After nearly half an hour, Lan Yanzhi saw about eight luxurious vehicles stopping in front of Shengan Hotels entrance.

Fourth Brother, Nan Zhi is here.

Mu Sihan took the binoculars from Lan Yanzhi, looking at the hotel on the opposite end of the road.

He happened to see Nan Zhi get out of the car.

Fourth Brother, she came with Lan Ye. Will she leave with you later?

Mu Sihan smirked, replying simply, Yes.

Lan Yanzhi was confused. Fourth Brother, why are you so sure?

Mu Sihan threw the binoculars back at Lan Yanzhi, turning around as he walked out with large strides. She wore pants today.

Lan Yanzhi was speechless.

Lan Xiaozhi had her arm wrapped around Lan Ye as they walked into the hotel.

She looked around her with the corner of her eyes.

But she did not see Mr Mu.

The two of them took the elevator to the restaurant on the top floor of the hotel to dine.

Before they came, Lan Ye had reserved the entire restaurant.

There were only Lan Ye and her in the large restaurant, apart from the waiters, waitresses and the bodyguards standing guard by the doors.

After ordering, Lan Xiaozhi looked out of the glass window.

In her heart, she was a little panicked.

She did not see Mr Mu, did he not come as they had promised?

Or did he lose patience with her and did not want to bring her away anymore?

It was indeed troublesome now that she was being watched by Lan Ye like a hawk.

It was extremely dangerous if Mr Mu wanted to bring her away. If Lan Ye found out about them, Mr Mu might only have a path left in his way. Death.

Although Mr Mu looked wealthy and dignified, but this was Lan Yes territory after all. It was not an easy feat to bring someone away under his watch!

After they were done eating, Lan Xiaozhi stood up. I need to go to the washroom.

Lan Ye got up. Ill walk you over.

In the past, Lan Xiaozhi would think that Lan Ye was being nice to her by doing this. But now, she knew that he was merely monitoring her.

It was not because he cared for her at all.

A pretty and pure smile appeared on Lan Xiaozhis face. Thank you.

After entering the female washroom, Lan Xiaozhi closed the door.

She stood in front of the washroom, turning on the tap to wash her hands.

Suddenly, someone came out of one of the cubicles. Lan Xiaozhi did not think too much about it, merely taking a tissue from her bag to wipe her hands dry after washing them.

When she looked up, she realized there was something different.

When she saw the tall figure, who had appeared unknowingly, through the reflection of the mirror, Lan Xiaozhi immediately turned around.

Under the faint white light, the man was wearing a black outfit, staring at her fixedly as he was merely a few steps away from her.

His black eyes were dark and deep, causing flutters in her heart.

His facial features were handsome and perfect.

Lan Xiaozhi almost thought she was seeing wrongly. She cupped her mouth, her eyes widened, almost letting out a scream.

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