Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 747

Chapter 747 Im Willing To Do Anything For You

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Lan Xiaozhi stared at the handsome man in front of her, blinking as she finally managed to speak after a long silence. How did you get in?

There were countless bodyguards outside the restaurant, while Lan Ye was still standing in front of the washroom. How did no one see such a large figure like him walking around? How did he even manage to enter the female washroom?

Mu Sihan did not reply.

He closed the distance between them, not saying anything before he immediately leaned down to kiss her.

Oh Lan Xiaozhi pressed her hands against his muscular and firm chest, his refreshing and charming scent filling her senses. Her heart started to thump harder.

However, her rationality was still there as she turned away to avoid his heated kiss.

Lan Ye is still outside.

Mu Sihans eyes on her darkened slightly. You chose to leave with me, didnt you?

Although he was very sure when he told Lan Yanzhi that she would leave with him, he was still slightly nervous about it before he could hear her reply to him in person.

Lan Xiaozhi looked into his dark, deep eyes, her heart fluttering a little as she nodded. Yes, I want to leave this place.


She looked around, completely clueless about how he was going to take her away.

Hearing her definite answer, Mu Sihan could not help but lift his scarlet lips into a smirk.

Although he did not know what kind of mental conflict she had been through in the past few days, she still chose to believe him in the end. This was a good start.

He held onto her slender waist, bringing her back to the cubicle.

Right at this moment, the washroom door was knocked from the outside, Lan Yes voice trailing inside. Xiaozhi, are you done?

Lan Xiaozhi pushed down the nervousness within her, forcing herself to answer Lan Ye calmly. Not yet.

Xiaozhi, its been a while since you went in, are you feeling unwell anywhere?

My stomach hurts a little, give me a while longer. Lan Xiaozhi said as she glanced at the man in front of her nervously, a layer of cold sweat appearing on her forehead. How are we going to leave? If Lan Ye caught them, the two of them might lose their lives.

Mu Sihan looked down, tapping his watch.

Very quickly, the ceiling board above the cubicle was moved away, a small piece of the sky entered Lan Xiaozhis sight.

Lan Yanzhi was squatting on top, reaching a hand out to them. Come up quick.

Mu Sihan got Lan Xiaozhi to go up first.

Lan Ye had lost his patience from waiting outside, or maybe it was due to his sharp senses that he felt that something was wrong, as he lifted his leg to kick the door open with a loud bang.

When Lan Xiaozhi heard the sound of the door being kicked open, a cold shiver ran up her spine.

After she did her best to cooperate with Lan Yanzhi to climb up, she reached her hand out to Mu Sihan together with Lan Yanzhi.

Lan Ye had already walked to the cubicles door.

He knocked on the door. Xiaozhi?

No response.

He furrowed his eyebrows, reaching out to pull the door open.

The moment the door was pulled open, he saw a pair of legs about to leave the room and he hurriedly reached out to pull that persons legs.

However, that person reacted very quickly, kicking at his face ruthlessly and with agility.

Lan Ye took out his guard, pulling the safety pin hurriedly. He was about to shoot at that person when the ceiling board was put back in place suddenly.

Lan Yes expression darkened as he cursed in anger, Sh*t!

After Mu Sihan went up, he held onto Lan Xiaozhis hands, clammy from the cold sweat on it. He hurriedly walked to the edge of the roof.

Lan Xiaozhi looked down, feeling her heart almost jumping out from her throat.

This was a tall building, wouldnt they fall into pieces if they jumped down?

We have to jump down immediately, are you scared?

Hearing the mans low and cool voice, Lan Xiaozhi swallowed her saliva in fear. Will we die?

The man chuckled softly. Hug me tightly.

At this point, Lan Xiaozhi knew clearly that she had no other choice.

She closed her eyes, hugging the mans neck tightly.

Staring at her fluttering lashes, Mu Sihan said softly by her ear, Dont be afraid, we wont die. With that said, he tapped his watch and an invisible zip line flew out of it.

Picking her up, he jumped down.

The wind blew crazily, as if it was able to blow a whole person away.

Lan Xiaozhi kept tightening her grip around the mans neck, treating him as her only savior.

Feeling herself falling nonstop, her heart leapt up to her throat.

She wanted to scream, but the sharp and crazy wind blew against her face, making her unable to open her mouth at all.

Her heart was all over the place, her legs weak from fear.

Mu Sihan stared at the terrified woman, pressing his face against hers tightly, using his warm breath to spray against her smooth skin.

She seemed to not be able to feel his closeness and warmth.

She was so scared that even her lips were shivering.

It was until a warm and soft feeling came from her lips that she slowly opened her eyes.

The mans face was right in front of her. His black eyes that were as deep as a frozen lake, his well-defined nose, his thin lips and well-defined features When all of those were combined together, they form his soul-catching handsome face.

Her lips moved. Who are you exactly?

Your lover. He replied her simply, his tongue started to trace her cold and shivering lips, as if wanting to pass to her all of his warmth and energy.

To Lan Xiaozhi, he was completely unfamiliar.

But in this moment, she felt a lot more at ease because of his presence.

Everything around her seemed to stop in that moment.

The two of them were the only ones left.

When they fell onto the floor, the man carried her as they rolled a few rounds on the floor. He protected her head from the beginning to the end, preventing her from getting injured.

A black SUV stopped in front of them.

Lan Yanzhi, who had come down a little earlier than them, had already gotten in the car. Fourth Brother, get Nan Zhi into the car. Quick!

Mu Sihan retracted the zip line, carrying a pale Lan Xiaozhi onto the car.

When Lan Ye chased out of the hotel with his men, he happened to see the black SUV driving away speedily.

Master, do we give chase?

Lan Yes eyes were completely cold. He never expected that someone would be able to bring Lan Xiaozhi away under his watch.

Of course, he also understood that no one would be able to bring Lan Xiaozhi away without her cooperation.

It seemed like the black shadow he saw in Lan Xiaozhis closet that night of the birthday celebration was not just a black cat. So Lan Xiaozhi had lied to him!

Lan Ye smirked coldly, a dangerous glint in his eyes.

Without his permission, who would be able to bring Lan Xiaozhi away successfully?

On the car, Lan Yanzhi took out some high-tech equipment from his bag. Fourth Brother, hurry and check if Nan Zhi has any tracking devices on her.

Mu Sihan took the equipment and scanned it all over Lan Xiaozhi. The equipment did not alert them to any tracking devices.

To stay safe, lets stick to our original plan. Mu Sihan said lowly.

Lan Xiaozhi stared at the silent man who had a cold, arrogant and dignified aura on him. She furrowed her eyebrows. Mr Mu, you havent answered me. Who are you exactly? If Lan Ye manages to catch up to us, he may take your life. Are you not afraid at all?

Mu Sihan looked down, a hand caressing Lan Xiaozhis face as his eyes darkened with heartfelt emotions.

For you, I will do anything.

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