Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 750

Chapter 750 Returning To The Capital

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Lan Ye, who had a gun pointing at his temple by Mu Sihan, furrowed his eyebrows tightly. Although he could not see Mu Sihans expression, he could feel the murderous intent on him.

If he dared moved casually, Mu Sihan would really shoot him!

He kept pulling Lan Ye backwards.

The night breeze was freezing as the tension was thick and foreboding.

After Lan Yes men got his order, they all put down their guns, not daring to take another step forward.

Mu Sihan brought Lan Ye to the edge of the cliff.

Lan Yes eyes were red as he asked, I clearly saw her shoot your chest, why are you completely unscathed?

Even if he had worn a bulletproof vest, he would still be injured with such a short distance between the gun and him.

Mu Sihan glanced towards Lan Xiaozhi standing beside him, his eyes glinting in the darkness. Her shot was empty.

Hearing Mu Sihans words, Lan Xiaozhi looked down at the gun in her hands.

She had forgotten everything and is Lan Xiaozhi now. Shes not Nan Zhi from the past, she would never ask me to hug her.

Lan Xiaozhi was slightly surprised, though bitterness spread within her as well. You took out the bullet before I lost control of myself and took your gun?

Mu Sihan pursed his lips tightly, his voice low and hoarse. Im sorry.

Lan Xiaozhi shook her head, helplessness swarming her. You dont have to apologize. After all, Im not the complete me anymore, its right to be guarded against me as well.

Lan Ye finally understood what was going on.

Mu Sihan had calculated accurately that he would go up to check on him, so that Mu Sihan could take the chance and hold him captive.

He was definitely not as easy to take down as he seemed!

Even if youre holding me captive, you cant leave either Before Lan Ye could finish speaking, he was pushed intently by Mu Sihan, and he fell down the cliff uncontrollably.

After Lan Ye was pushed down the cliff, Mu Sihan hugged Nan Zhi agilely, jumping down the cliff before Lan Yes men could raise their guns once more.

After Lan Ye fell down, he fell into the ocean.

Bo Yan and Lan Yanzhi had long set up a large net there, moving to bring Lan Ye onto their speedboat after he fell into the net.

By the time Mu Sihan and Lan Xiaozhi had came down, the speed boat was already moving.

Lan Ye struggled out of the net, having been drenched by the seawater completely, looking extremely haggard.

This my territory, my men will surround you very quickly and you will never win this war!

Lan Ye shouted, as a ruthless punch landed on his face the moment he was done speaking.

After Mu Sihan moved forward to punch him, he kicked his chest.

His eyes were as cold and dark as the Grim Reaper, a chilly murderous intent surrounding him. Say, what did you use to control Nan Zhi?

Lan Ye, who had received a punch and a kick, suddenly burst out in laughter.

His shirt was gripped tightly by Mu Sihan. He did not resist his hold, but his laughter was slightly alarming and chilling. Theres a laboratory on our island that specializes in research on human brains. I got the researcher to put a chip into her brain. She will listen to me obediently whenever I turn it on. If you let me go, I might undo my control over her. If not, she will only die if this drags on


Lan Yes other cheek received another ruthless blow.

His tall figure collapsed on the speedboat.

Countless balls of fire were burning within Mu Sihan. He grabbed onto Lan Yes shirt with a tensed expression, hauling him up. Say, what do you want to achieve by controlling Nan Zhi?

Lan Ye merely smiled mysteriously, not saying anything.

Seeing this, Lan Xiaozhi recounted the conversation she heard that day between Lan Ye and that man.

Lan Ye smirked coldly. I see, so youd heard my conversation with him.

Who is that man? Mu Sihan asked coldly.

Lan Yes lips moved, his eyes staring at Mu Sihan sharply as his voice suddenly changed. Why arent you asking who I am?

Mu Sihans eyes constricted, his tall figure immediately taking a few steps back.

Lan Yanzhi realized that something was wrong, moving forward to take a closer look at Lan Ye. Seeing his skin split open slightly, he shouted, Youve disguised yourself? Hes not Lan Ye!

Lan Yanzhi and Bo Yan worked together, one of them subduing the man while the other tore away the layer of man-made skin on his face.

A handsome, well-defined and perfect face slowly revealed itself.

The people on the speedboat all froze when they saw the face.

Even Lan Xiaozhi had a hand over her mouth in disbelief, muttering softly, H-How can it be?

Using the chance when everyone was still shocked, the man smirked coldly, before he turned around and jumped into the sea.

At the Capital.

In the Royal Hospital.

Nan Zhi was lying on the bed quietly, her petite face slightly pale. Like a newborn baby, she looked extremely weak and helpless.

Her hands were placed by her side, her skin so fair that one could vaguely see the veins on the back of her hands. A transparent liquid dripped drop by drop from the tube and into her veins.

Everyone from the Qiao family had came over after getting the news that she was still alive.

However, everyone remained silent, afraid that they would disturb her, as she was still unconscious.

It was around evening when Nan Zhi finally woke up again.

Opening her eyes, she remained dazed out for a few seconds as she stared at the white ceiling above her.

Her memories stopped at her falling unconscious from a splitting headache after Lan Ye took off the man-made skin on his face and jumped into the sea.

Her long lashes fluttered, as she slowly looked around.

Seeing several people standing around her bed, she widened her eyes slowly.

Who Who were all these people? She did not know anyone in the room!

Seeing the confusion in Nan Zhis almond-shaped eyes, An Feng wiped her tears silently.

Qiao Yanze was the first to react, walking forward to the bed.

He had known from Mu Sihan that Nan Zhi had forgotten everything in the past, that they were all strangers to her.

Qiao Yanze smiled brightly, raising his finger as he flicked Nan Zhis forehead familiarly and lightly. You heartless girl, Im your Uncle. Qiao Yanze introduced everyone else to Nan Zhi one by one. Thats your biological Mom, beside her is your Grandma, while the other two are your good friends, Gu Sheng and Ling Er.

Nan Zhi sat up, nodding at Gu Sheng and Ling Er before her eyes landed on An Feng and Madam Qiao.

Mom, Grandma.

Although she could not remember them, that feeling when one saw their family was still present.

She did not understand in the past why she felt really unfamiliar when she paid respects to her mother back in the fishing village, but now she knew that it was because they were not related at all.

After Nan Zhi greeted everyone in the room, she realized that there was still someone Qiao Yanze had not introduced to her. It was a young girl who looked weak and gentle, but was really pretty.

Noting that Nan Zhi was looking at Xiao Ying, Qiao Yanze smiled as he said, Thats your Aunt.

Xiao Yings fair face immediately flushed with pleasure.

Madam Qiaos expression changed as well.

Nan Zhi could tell that her Grandma did not really seem to like her Aunt.


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