Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 754

Chapter 754 Hes Crazy The Crown Prince Is Crazy

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Hearing Ye Qings words, Mu Sihan felt his body turn colder by the second.

The person that he placed in his heart, one that he regarded as his most important family member, saw him like this?

There were twin brothers that had the same blood flowing in them!

He could disregard his parents views of him, and could put aside their lack of concern and disregard towards him.

But he could not accept Ye Qing talking to him like this!

No, this was not the older brother he knew who had always done everything for him!

Staring at Mu Sihans pale face, Ye Qing walked around the table, approaching him as he continued speaking. When we were twelve, you didnt like the deception and power-play of politics, so I stepped forward to take everything away for you, to let you free. Did you think I really did it for you? I was merely thinking to remove a competitor!

With every word he said, Mu Sihans eyes turned redder, his body becoming stiffer.

Did you think I married the Princess for you when we were eighteen? Ha, I can stabilize my position and power after marrying the Princess. I didnt like her anyway, I merely treated her as a decorating piece after marrying her. There were only benefits from marrying her!

Mu Sihans hands clenched into tight fists, muttering softly, Its not like that, its not like that.

Ever since we were born, you had been deemed as the jinx and no one liked you. Although your destiny is bad, youve always been smart. Your intelligence was always so much higher than mine, but everyone thought that I was the genius even though you were the genius in the shadows!

I did everything I could to make you leave the Royal family and to go to Z Countrys Ning City. But its a pity that I thought too highly of myself. Without your ideas, I had no way to stand out in the Royal family, which was why I started to use you again when you came to S Country for your business. I got you to help me secretly, while I got the praise and the credit from everyone after doing all the important matters the Queen entrusted to me! Even though it was you all along!

Even though I hate you, I have to admit that youre smarter than me. Business, politics, as long as you are willing, you would be able to make others surprised at your ability!

However, as you got more capable, I hated you even more. Xueers appearance allowed me to find my chance to seek revenge on you. That year on our birthday, I used the chance of you drinking too much and took a drug to rape her.

Indeed, you were slightly sad and disappointed. We even had a cold fight for a while because of this.

However, its a pity that good things dont last and my plane got into an accident. If not, the person sitting in the Crown Princes position today would be me!

Hearing Ye Qings words, Mu Sihans eyes filled with blood.

It was as if someone had swung a rod at his head ruthlessly.

His tall figure shook uncontrollably.

If all of this was real, him acquiring a Ye Qing split personality after he passed away and read his diary was a complete joke!

You probably dont know yet that I was the one who got Mu Xueer into the mental hospital! That woman thought too highly of herself, always giving me that attitude of hers. Does she really think I really like her? At that time, I kept her by my side merely to make the Royal family not suspect my sexual orientation. Once she lost her value, it was natural for her to go where she had to go!

Mu Sihan clenched his fists tightly, his knuckles cracking.

He was shivering from head to toe, as he did everything he could to suppress his emotions. Even breathing was painful for him right now!

The more sad and miserable he was, the more excited and agitated Ye Qing became. At first, I didnt want to reveal all of this so soon. You were the one who forced me, so Ill take everything that belongs to me!

Mu Sihan gritted out, Stop dreaming!

Ha, Ye Qings handsome face leaned into Mu Sihans, as he smirked coldly. Its not up to you to say if Im dreaming. Oh thats right, I still have to tell you something. After your beloved woman, Nan Zhi, became my fiance, I took a drug and slept with her countless of times.

Tsk tsk, although shes no longer a virgin, she is indeed very good. Its no wonder why you wanted to save her even at the expense of your own life!


Mu Sihan swung his tight fist at Ye Qings handsome face ruthlessly.

Ye Qing took a few steps back, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. He did not seem to feel pain, as his fingers wiped the blood away. Her skin is really tender. I even planned to get a few people to share her after I got tired of her

There was another loud bam!

Mu Sihan punched Ye Qings other cheek with red eyes.

He hit Ye Qing to the floor, kneeling by him as he punched him again and again.

His emotions were completely out of control.

His mental had a total breakdown.

His eyes were red as he glared at Ye Qing murderously.

Staring at his handsome face, Mu Sihan felt a splitting headache, a sudden ringing appearing in his ears.

He felt so miserable!

It was so painful!

So torturous.

Who could save him?

Nan Zhi was his, who was Ye Qing to humiliate her? Who was he?

He was not allowed to say anything bad about her anymore!

Why? Why did Ye Qing become like this?

He started to hallucinate, looking as if countless Ye Qings were standing in front of him, telling him all of those things that agitated him!

Shut up.

Shut up!

Shut the f*ck up!

Youre not allowed to touch her. Shes mine, no one can touch her!

When the Queen came to Mu Sihans office with her secretary, she saw Mu Sihan punching Ye Qing to death!

Ye Qing had been punched to the point that his face was covered in blood.

He was curled up on the floor, motionless.

His eyes were the only one that shone coldly when the Queen entered the office.

When the Queen saw Mu Sihan who was acting like he had gone crazy, her expression changed immediately. Someone come quick, pull the Crown Prince away!

The secretary moved forward, wanting to pull Mu Sihan away, though she got punched ruthlessly by him as well.

Hes crazy! The Crown Prince is crazy!

Mu Sihan was pulled away from Ye Qing forcefully by the combined force of several guards.

The blow he had received was too strong, and he stood still for a few seconds before he fell to the floor heavily.

After returning to the Qiao family castle, Nan Zhi ate with her family.

An Feng and Madam Qiao brought her on a tour around the castle, before Nan Zhi and An Feng sat in the garden to get some sunlight.

Although she could not remember what happened in the past, she felt extremely peaceful and comfortable by being with her mother and family.

As for Mu Sihan that a**hole

If he didnt contact her, she would not contact him either!

From what she heard from her Mom, he was the Crown Prince of this country, and was above everyone else.

He had stayed at Light Island for her for so long, so he must have a lot of work to do after returning!

Mom, did I love Mu Sihan a lot in the past?

An Feng stared at her daughter. It had been six months since she last saw her, but the girl had become even prettier. She lifted a finger to poke her forehead. It took so much for you to come back. Youre not allowed to go out for now, you have to accompany me at home for the next few days.

Nan Zhis cheeks were slightly flushed. Mom, Im not that type of daughter that would ignore you because of a relationship!

The moment she finished speaking, a maid ran over. Miss Zhi, theres a call for you. It sounded like Butler Yi.

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