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  • Awake On His Bed

  • Genres : Romantic
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • Views : 778.7 K
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Awake On His Bed summary:

When she wakes up, she felt that something is off. Her surrounding is unfamiliar and she felt a heavy object on her waist. She tried to move but she cant, it seems that it hugged her tightly. So she turn around to see what's that object was, but to her surprise she saw a handsome man that she doesn't know in her entire life! Then, she felt her body become sore especially down there. What the fudge...

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Awake On His Bed Chapters

Time uploaded
140 Prank Call3 days ago
111 Angry Bird3 days ago
108 The Letter3 days ago
101 Mary3 days ago
96 His Pride3 days ago
94 Was No3 days ago
91 The Resul3 days ago
87 Dna Tes3 days ago
85 The Burden3 days ago
84 Best Friend3 days ago
81 Young Love3 days ago
79 His Beloved3 days ago
74 Hated Place3 days ago
73 Love My Gif3 days ago
72 Spit Fire3 days ago
62 My Family3 days ago
58 Hanging3 days ago
56 Pity Pal3 days ago
55 His Reward3 days ago
37 Husbandwife3 days ago
35 Kidnapped3 days ago
32 Broken Vow3 days ago
9 Lets Try3 days ago
6 Go To Hell3 days ago
3 Prologue 33 days ago
2 Prologue 23 days ago
1 Prologue3 days ago
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