Back Then I Adored You Chapter 270

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Hearing him call her “baby” so many times, she felt so shy that her neck turned pink. She raised her head and stared at Gu Yusheng angrily, then she shook off his hand, turned around, and grabbed the railing to rush upstairs.

In Gu Yusheng’s memory, she was either gentle and quiet or careful and timid in front of him. He had never seen her stare at him with such angry expressions as she had just done.

He was pleased with her innocent eyes. Staring at her back when she went upstairs, he couldn’t help smiling.

After hearing Qin Zhi’ai slam the door to the bedroom, Gu Yusheng shouted at the kitchen, “Housekeeper.” When the housekeeper popped up her head, Gu Yusheng said, “Prepare some food and give it to her.”

The housekeeper answered affirmatively and returned to the kitchen to get a bowl of steamed egg custard, then went upstairs.

When the housekeeper disappeared at the corner of the stairs, Gu Yusheng turned around and slowly walked to the sofa. Without any remorse, he said to the director of the marketing department sitting on the sofa, “Sorry to have kept you waiting.” Then he sat down leisurely.

Gu Yusheng picked up the documents that he had just placed on the coffee table. Before he opened it, the director of the marketing department asked him, “Was that Mrs. Gu?”

Xiaowang, who stood next to Gu Yusheng, felt nervous for the director.

Mr. Gu has never allowed anyone to call Miss Liang Mrs. Gu

Holding his breath instinctively, he thought that Gu Yusheng would get angry. Shocking him, Gu Yusheng answered yes coldly as he flipped through the documents.

Is something wrong? It’s unbelievable that Mr. Gu didn’t get angry. Xiaowang felt shocked.

Seeing that Gu Yusheng was in a good mood, the director of the marketing department added, “Mrs. Gu is quite cute.”

Gu Yusheng politely answered, “Thank you.”

Standing next to Gu Yusheng, Xiaowang was totally shocked.

Though the compliment wasn’t for Mr. Gu, why does Mr. Gu himself seem like he was complimented?

Before Xiaowang recovered from the astonishment, Gu Yusheng, who hadn’t even finished a page of the document, said suddenly, “She is cute, indeed.”

“She is cute indeed? Is he referring to Miss Liang?

Xiaowang felt it so incredible.

Ten minutes later, Gu Yusheng finished talking with the director of the marketing department.

After sending the director away, Xiaowang came back and handed over the documents, pages of bank statements, and an envelope to Gu Yusheng.

“Mr. Gu, these documents are for tomorrow’s meeting. The bills were sent by the bank, showing all the expense details of the your cards. And here’s a letter.”

Gu Yusheng glanced first at the envelope. It was a letter forwarded from the army he used to stay. He immediately knew that it was a reply from Xiao A.

He took the letter first and put it in the folder, then took the bank’s bills. Sitting on the sofa, he glanced over them.

He didn’t care much about the bills, but when he saw the penultimate bill, he saw that the expenditure was zero.

Zero? How could I have a card with zero expenses?

Feeling surprised, Gu Yusheng paid attention to the card number, then belatedly, he realized that it was the debit card he had given to the little troublemaker!

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