Black Tech Internet Cafe System Chapter 824

Chapter 824 As The Shop Owner I Can Only Give You This Advice

Countless people who were online in the game had seen the beauty of this place and experienced lots of leisure and fun times here.

They also witnessed its destruction.

Of course, not everyone died in the catastrophe. In the horrifying energy explosion, time and space started to distort.

Some of them snapped back to their senses and found that they were on another continent.

There were many familiar faces, but many things were different.

For example, the place where they were standing was Underfoot Town instead of Hendon Myre.

Yes, it was the Underfoot Town where the headless knight guarded the gate.

They even saw the male slayer trainer, the blind old man named G.S.D, but this was the place where they had fought countless monsters.

What was more? Everything was in the opposite position. Storm Pass had been to the west of Underfoot Town, but now it was located to the east and had turned into a desolate ice cliff.

The Sky Rift to the north of Underfoot Town was now to the south of this world. In the ruined Sky Rift, a waterfall appeared, and it flowed upward instead of downward.

They seemed to be in another world in which everything was the mirror image of the original world. It was an astonishing change.

Some people called this the ‘Great Transfer’, after which time and space were distorted while the events in the past and in the future were turned upside-down.

Some people survived the huge catastrophe and were transferred by the distorted time-space continuum into another continent which was similar to but different from the previous one; some people were turned into dust with the old continent.

At this moment, everyone’s minds turned blank in disbelief.

With vague speculations, many people began to accept the fact after some time.

In the Canglan City Shop, Sala and other elves were talking…

“I heard that the so-called Dungeon Fighter Online released a new expansion. Should we go and check it out?”

“Why?” Rowling asked in bafflement on the side.

“I heard that it has awesome scenery!” Sala said happily, “Many people recommended it to us. Now that the new expansion is out, should we take this opportunity and check it out?”

“Scenery?!” Elder Sewell looked over in surprise.

“Yeah,” Sala said, “People say that there’s a Sky Tower which looks like a miraculous piece of architecture. Should we go and check it out?”

“Okay! Okay!” Hearing that there was good scenery, the elves were motivated. “Dungeon Fighter Online seems to be a game that is free of charge. We can just enter and play!”

“Let’s go and try it…” one elf said cheerfully.

It was wonderful that they could view the scenery without paying for it!

Then, they all entered the game.

– One hour later –

With great efforts, they came into the new city. Like those warriors before them, they looked around curiously and felt like everything was new.

“Sala, where’s Sky Tower that you mentioned…” Rowling squatted down on the roadside in a huff. “We’ve looked for it for so long and still can’t find it…”

“Um… They told me that it’s to the west of Hendon Myre.” Sala looked at the city in bafflement.

“Maybe that person was exaggerating about the magnificence of the Sky Tower?” Rowling said in displeasure.

“Let’s ask someone about it.” At this moment, Elder Sewell said this.

“Okay.” Sala nodded and said, “Let’s ask a veteran player.”

“Look at that guy… he looks awesome with those great items! He must be a veteran player!”

Luo Piaoling, who was doing quests to level up, saw a group of players walking toward him.

“Hello. How come we can’t find Sky Tower?”

“…” He was silent for a long time. Seeing their sincere and expectant faces, he had a complicated expression on his face.

He seemed to have lots to say, but whenever he opened his mouth, he was at a loss for words.

With deep regret, he said after a long pause, “Sorry, we failed to protect Arad.”

Perhaps the stories of these adventures had ended here with that world.

– In Yuanyang City –


At this moment, Mr. Fang was listening to songs while playing League of Legends. Suddenly, a voice message popped out from QQ. He clicked on it and was almost deafened by the yell from the message.

“Who is it…” Mr. Fang looked at it in a bad mood. “Sia?”

When did I add her as a friend…?

After some thinking, he remembered that she was the first customer who had deposited millions of crystals in her membership card as soon as she bought the card. It was normal for her to be on his friend list.

“What’s wrong…” Mr. Fang said sulkily.

In the Yuanyang City Shop, a blonde woman cried her heart out with her head resting on the computer desk. “Our Arad Continent… exploded! Wu–!”

She gestured at the screen to Mr. Fang and cried, “We were playing the game and doing window shopping… then, it exploded!”

“You see… everything was fine a moment ago!”

Dungeon Fighter Online was the favorite game of the people from the Ultimate West Realm.

Of course, some other veteran players were also playing the game. They all looked at the shop owner with anger and bafflement. “Sir, this… what’s happening?!”

Mr. Fang was confused, thinking, Hiss-? It’s fine that you come to me when you don’t understand the games or can’t clear some stages. How come you are coming to me to protest the explosion of the Arad Continent?

“As the shop owner, I can only give you this advice…”

“Um… Ignore those things.” Mr. Fang clicked open the official website and said, “Look, the new expansion is about to be released. There’s Aton Dungeon, the biggest dungeon in the history of Dungeon Fighter Online. There is also the Second Awakening.”

Sia looked toward the spot where Mr. Fang pointed.

“Look,” Mr. Fang continued, “On May 1st, we’ll release the Labor Day’s Gift Bag and new Labor Day fashion outfits with gift box. There is a high chance that you might get a Pure Golden Amplification Grimoire and Amplification Protection Vouchers. It’s not May 1st yet, but they are on pre-sale now.”

Amplify was an enhancement method stronger than Reinforcement. As everyone knew, when the equipment reached level 10 reinforcement, any more reinforcement that ended in failure would break the equipment, and all the previous efforts would be wasted.

Meanwhile, it was extremely difficult to acquire superior equipment in Dungeon Fighter Online, so…

“Amplification Protection Vouchers?!” Sia looked at Mr. Fang’s screen and saw not only Amplification Protection Vouchers but items such as the Abyss Orb as well. They were all good items that were rarely seen. The most important was that there were no trash items in the gift bags, and the buyers were guaranteed to have rare items when they opened them!

If it was true, then…

Sia began to imagine herself equipped with sets of equipment amplified to level 14 or 15. In the past, she didn’t even dare to think of it since any failure in reinforcement would destroy the equipment. The situation changed!

“Is this gift bag really so good?” Sia looked at Mr. Fang with excitement and asked.

“Huh?!” Her gaze moved down and saw the promotion which offered more bonus rewards when buying more things with the upper limit set at ten sets of gift bags. For example, if she bought three sets, she would get a level 80 superior chest of her own choice; if she bought eight sets, she would get a random level 85 superior weapon chest which is the current highest level; and if she bought ten sets, she would get a unique title.

“Are these… really free?!” With glinting eyes, she looked at Mr. Fang in amazement.

Then, she got confused. “These precious things sell for only about 200 crystals each? Aren’t you going to lose money by giving out all these bonus rewards?!”

“Of course they are free. This is a special promotion to help adventurers challenge the more powerful monster – Apostle Anton.”

“Apostle Anton?!”

It must be noted that it was the previous forms of these apostles who had battled with Carloso, the god of creation. Although the game didn’t elaborate on this part of the story, many details showed that the wills of those 12 gods drifting into the depths of the universe were related to the apostles who were now on the top of the world.

Would the god of creation who had destroyed Arad Continent also enter a dungeon one day?!

“I must work hard to get stronger!” She had never looked so determined before. “I have seven characters. Each account can buy one set… which means that I need three more sets to get the most rewards. Maybe I shouldn’t buy so many?”

“No… I can’t miss this opportunity to grow stronger! If I get stronger, one day, I will be able to battle Carloso!”

Instantly, she had a determined look on her face. “I’ll buy ten sets!”

“I’ll take six sets!”

“I’ll buy eight sets!”

“I want to grow stronger. I’ll buy ten sets too! Carloso, you shall die!”

Instantly, the whole shop turned boisterous!

Mr. Fang glanced at the System Interface which showed, [Creation of Journey to the West is speeding up…]

[The System Upgrade is speeding up…]

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