Black Tech Internet Cafe System Chapter 825

Chapter 825 Monkey?

Chapter 825 Monkey?!

– Meanwhile, in the Canglan City Shop –

“A monkey!?” The elves had entered Dungeon Fighter Online to see the scenery but saw none. Then, they each bought two to three gift bags. While feeling like they might not be able to guard the Arad Continent without money, they were listening to Mr. Fang as he revealed the information about the new TV Series.

The saint-level masters such as Gulth were among the people standing around Mr. Fang.

They had heard that it was about a stone, and now it changed to a monkey?!

The problem was…

What is there to see about a monkey…?

“Not interested!” With a wave of his claws, Gulth went back to play World of Warcraft.

Right now, he was raiding an old instance, Blackwing Lair. He murmured to himself in a muffled deep voice, “The dragon in this instance is very powerful, even though it’s a bit outdated now. But I heard that its father, called something like ‘Deathwing’, is even more powerful. I think I might discuss what a catastrophe is with it.”

“Aiya… monkeys are not interesting!” The elves also complained. “We don’t want to watch this kind of TV Series!”

As art-loving elves, they were fans of beauty to some degree. If the main character was good looking, they would still watch despite the boring content.

But… monkeys?!

Then, they went back to play Dungeon Fighter Online, After all, as fans of scenery, if they didn’t care about equipment, they could play any game including World of Warcraft and Dungeon Fighter Online. “There’s an elf class in this game too!”

“We can enjoy the scenery in this game too! What are you playing?”

“I’m playing as a rogue. It’s said that this is a new class in this expansion.”

“I’m playing as an elven knight which seems to be a new class too.”

“I’m playing as this Lightbringer… Huh? How come you can change into an elf, but I can’t?”

“Let’s go and check out some good scenery.” Although they didn’t have money and thus couldn’t protect the Arad Continent, they still could dress beautifully and go out to enjoy the scenery that this world offered.

With the expansion of Mr. Fang’s shops, the games and TV Series in the shop could be divided into two big categories and some smaller divisions due to the differences of the cultivation systems of the players.

The two big categories were naturally divided according to the oriental and occidental systems in the games.

For players from the East Continent and the Continent of Immortal Relics, TV Series such as the Turbulent Homeland as well as games such as the Legend of Sword and Fairy and even Dungeon Fighter Online and the Legend of Mir 2 were more to their liking.

It was why these games had more players from these continents. Of course, when these games were popular, there had been many players and viewers coming from the West Continent too.

Likewise, the games such as Dark Souls, Assassin’s Creed, and the old game Diablo 2 which had recently become popular in the West Continent always had many fans in the Canglan City Shop.

Even when the new expansion of World of Warcraft continued to gain popularity in different shops, many players such as those in the Continent of Immortal Relics still continued with their explorations in the world of Legend of Sword and Fairy, Dungeon Fighter Online, and the Legend of Mir 2.

Likewise, when the viewers in the shops were stunned by the appearance of Qi Tiandi in the Turbulent Homeland, many players in Canglan City were quietly playing World of Warcraft or challenging the horrifying monsters in Dark Souls.

Of course, some were limited by their own talents. For example, some people with good talent could obtain inspirations from the ultimate godly techniques that were casually used by Qi Tiandi in the Turbulent Homeland. But others… emmm would be better off trying other stuff.

Some excelled in heavy weapons, some in magic spells, some in sword control technique, and some in the study of spiritual artifacts and machinery…

Despite all this, some saint-level masters and many other players in the West Continent were engrossed in the study of item combination in Diablo 2, trying to find the method to fight the last three Uber Demon Lords. Also, they searched for the countless secrets hidden in the world of Dark Souls. Lastly, with great efforts, they fought Illidan, the powerful demon coming from over 10,000 years ago in World of Warcraft while understanding these great figures’ stories in Warcraft.

We all have our own favorite games and stories. In these touching stories, we have different beliefs and perspectives. Then, why should we play and watch the games and TV Series which have different structures and power systems?

Furthermore, the people of West Continent didn’t even have enough time to play all the games and watch all the movies such as World of Warcraft, Dark Souls, StarCraft, Diablo, Final Fantasy, and Resident Evil after everything was released.

They only had a vague idea about Xianxia and Wuxia, and few of them would spend much time to study them.

It was so with average people and more so with higher-level existences.

“Such insignificant… and lowly creatures…” Standing on the top of the endless godly mountains, the palace-like fortress had a layer of light snow on the walls.

With golden pupils and a silver godly crown that was hovering above her head as if it was supported by a godly force, this woman’s face looked like a statue made of white jade and oozed a casual and natural nobleness.

Standing next to her was a man wearing five-colored godly armor and looking as dazzling as the sun.

“Radiant Light… tsk, tsk,” the woman said mildly, “I heard… the mortal nation under your control is in trouble again?

“The Godly Court has entrusted the whole issue to the Innumerable Immortal Sea.” The woman sneered and said, “The God of Radiant Light Judgment is nothing in their eyes.”

This man’s face didn’t show any emotion. In fact, it seemed like he had the urge to smirk. “You underestimate me.”

“Oh?” The woman waited for him to continue.

“In my eyes, they are like a group of monkeys.” The man wearing five-colored godly armor had extremely handsome immortal features and an extremely dignified presence. “Do we need to dirty our hands to deal with a group of monkeys living in the most primitive wasteland and playing the lowliest tricks?”

He looked cold, showing no emotion on his face as if he didn’t feel any anger when he heard the woman’s rude words. He didn’t seem angry from the very beginning with the fact that he wasn’t entrusted with the task to deal with a group of ridiculous monkeys.


“Are they…” The woman thought for a moment and seemed to remember the records about this kind of creature in the mortal world. “Are they the animals in the mortal world that will do funny tricks for bananas?”

The woman on the side couldn’t help but stifle a giggle. “Hehehehe…”

Yes, for these lofty existences, humans were just a group of monkeys in a cage. How much turbulence could the monkeys create anyway?

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