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  • Blood Juniper A Vampire Tale

  • Genres : Vampires -  Gore -  Vampire -  violence -  werewolves -  death -  blood -  unconditional love
  • Status : Ongoing
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Blood Juniper A Vampire Tale summary:

A young girl chooses the wrong night to walk home alone and things go completely awry when she falls a prey to supernatural forces. The event entwines the fate of an unlikely group of individuals. All victims by circ.u.mstance, vampirism, demonic and beast-like qualities threaten to take the humanity, purpose and sanity from each unfortunate member. With the promise of immortality and power comes it's curses. Is the cost worth the rewards of ascending human abilities? Note:Tags & Content warning: Vampires, werewolves, multiple perspectives, blood, gore, violence, action, romance, language & some s.e.x.u.a.lty.Long chapters released weekly. I'll leave updates and authors notes if I can't make the weekly post. Thanks for the support!

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Blood Juniper A Vampire Tale Chapters

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