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Blue Star Cultivator summary:

An orphan from a big clan was maligned to live destitute in the outskirts of a mountain, but discovered a miracle that would change his life forever more. Follow our gravity controlling mc as he evolves from a weak individual to a powerhouse of the Aldora continent. ....................................................................................................I have been recen...

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Blue Star Cultivator Chapters

Time uploaded
139 Return.2 months ago
118 The 9th Layer2 months ago
117 Luck2 months ago
115 Intrusion2 months ago
114 Grand Wedding2 months ago
113 Feud2 months ago
110 Return2 months ago
109 Reward2 months ago
107 Showdown2 months ago
104 Carnage2 months ago
103 Tivoli2 months ago
102 Setting Sail2 months ago
101 Negotiations2 months ago
100 Spell Weaving2 months ago
99 Spatial Cracks2 months ago
98 8th Layer2 months ago
95 Shameless2 months ago
94 Banque2 months ago
93 Politics2 months ago
78 Meeting Kang2 months ago
77 Fate2 months ago
76 A Saint?2 months ago
75 A Warm Welcome2 months ago
73 Breakthrough2 months ago
66 Confrontation2 months ago
65 Spring2 months ago
63 Viscount Sanzu2 months ago
62 Cheating2 months ago
59 Crime Guild2 months ago
58 Evil?2 months ago
53 Top 6002 months ago
48 The Outcome2 months ago
43 Surname Huang2 months ago
40 Preparations2 months ago
38 Headed Back2 months ago
37 Teamwork2 months ago
36 Exodus2 months ago
33 Assault 22 months ago
32 Assaul2 months ago
31 The Meeting2 months ago
29 Bandit Hunting2 months ago
28 4th Layer2 months ago
27 Origins2 months ago
26 A Western Name2 months ago
25 Patriarch2 months ago
23 Seven Days2 months ago
22 A New Pleasure2 months ago
21 ruo Im Sorry2 months ago
20 Baptized2 months ago
18 First Date2 months ago
16 Aidonia2 months ago
15 Settling In2 months ago
14 Entering2 months ago
13 The Lou Clan2 months ago
12 Lou Chingham2 months ago
11 Gravity Steps2 months ago
10 cut The Crap2 months ago
9 Petty2 months ago
7 state Of Focus2 months ago
6 A Thin Line2 months ago
5 Am I Rich?2 months ago
4 Back To Town2 months ago
2 Revenge?2 months ago
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