Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Convince

How skilled was Fang Yuan?

Notwithstanding his cultivation as a dream master, just by his Wu Zong status, he was able to start a sect on his own!

Needless to say, he did the unthinkable and broke through the 13th Gate using the Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique, and fused the various heart techniques into it.

Xuan Yin Heart Technique was just one of it!

By releasing his energy, how could the two lowly disciples of the Five Ghosts Sect take it? Their legs went numb and both of them collapsed. They were shocked out of their wits.

"Great one, where do you come from?"

There was chaos in the martial arts centre. After a short while, numerous Five Ghosts Sect disciples escorted an old man with white hair out, as though they were meeting a strong enemy.

He stared at Fang Yuan, full of curiosity.

"I shall not mention my name. I am here to request a favour!"

Fang Yuan exclaimed.


Although the old man had a good temper, after hearing what Fang Yuan said, he almost broke out. "Who asks for favours like this? I have yet to see everything in this world!"

He looked at the mysterious Fang Yuan but did not act rashly. "May I know what favour is that?"

"Very simple!"

Fang Yuan continued. "I want the secret records of your sect and the diary of your grandmaster. Of course and the last secret mystery of the Xuan Yin Heart Technique!"


The old man changed his expression.

Although the secret records of the sect and the diary of the grandmaster were not martial arts, they still involved the privacy of the sect. How could they easily give it to a stranger?

Furthermore, he still asked for the secret mystery of the Xuan Yin Heart Technique!

To a sect, this action was akin to pulling out its roots!

"Are you intending to force me to fight you?"

The old man took two steps forward and looked extremely stern.

"Grandfather Wuhun, no..."

Behind him, a small girl appeared and shouted, but was held back by the other female disciples.

"Oh, so you're the last surviving Five Ghosts Sect Death Gate Elder!"

Fang Yuan continued mocking him. "So? Do you want to fight me?"

"I have no intention to bully anyone, I am only retaliating in self-defence..."

Gui Wuhun looked at the increasing number of martial artists surrounding and sighed.

"Keke... Are you seeing this? My brother's robbery is so stylish!"

Among the crowd, Wang Fugui patted his chest honourably.

"It seems that those people are not admiring us, but looking down on us..."

As he scanned the crowd, his eyes glittered. "I think I spotted a few enemies of ours!"

"Mm? Where?"

Wang Fugui swung his axe. "Haha... My axe is thirsty. Don't run, have a taste of my axe!"


Gui Wuhun focused and seemed to be oblivious to the surroundings. He focused his strength in his arms and released it out, as though he had marked out territory, and engulfed the young man opposite him.

'The rebirth of the Five Ghosts Sect shall begin from this fight!'

The scene where all the disciples escaped after the sect was destroyed kept replaying in his mind.

This enraged him, making him push his strength to the limits. This nearly allowed him to break through to the 4 Heavenly Gates bottleneck!

Even though his opponent was an expert in inner force, he had the confidence to end this battle swiftly.

"Elder Wuhun is impressive!"

Many Five Ghosts Sect disciples bowed in respect as they witnessed this scene.

The anger and desolateness that all of them had experience were all let out; they needed a victory to rebuild their confidence in the sect.


Fang Yuan clapped his hands.

It was extremely favourable to the opponent. Even if Gui Wuhun was facing off a [Martial Artist (9th Gate)], he might be able to defeat him and claim victory.

But Fang Yuan was different!

He was never close to a [Martial Artist (9th Gate)], and would only disappoint Gui Wuhun.

"What's wrong?"

Gui Wuhun adopted his stance but realised that the young man did not move at all, which made him doubtful.

By allowing his opponent to focus his strength, Fang Yuan was either a fool or extremely confident!

Just this simple thought made Gui Wuhun feel uneasy.

Even a 4 Heavenly Gate martial artist would respond!


He had no means to escape!

As his energy was focused to the limits, he could feel his veins almost exploding with energy. Gui Wuhun struck out his palm, forming a ghastly shadow towards Fang Yuan!

"Five Yin Hand!"

Gui Wuhun pushed his Xuan Yin Heart Technique to its limits, stretched his arm out and struck his claw down, disrupting the Yin energy as a swirl appeared in the middle of his palm.

This claw focused all the strength he could have ever mustered in his entire life. The moment he struck out, he had the mentality of 'this would be the strongest claw I could have ever struck in my lifetime'.

Not just the Five Ghosts Sect disciples, but the surrounding martial artists were all in awe. Even Wang Fuhui slowed down and took a glance at the fight.


A shadow flashed by, bringing with it wind and sand.

As the fight was about to reach the climax, the layer of energy surrounding the both of them disappeared, revealing the normal ground.

Fang Yuan remained composed and stood still.

Gui Wuhun maintained his stance. He struck at a small pit on the ground, and his face went pale.

"Grandfather Wuhun!"

The small girl shrugged away and ran into the middle of the battlefield, with tears in her eyes. "Stop fighting!"


Seeing the small girl running towards him, Gui Wusheng spat out another mouth of blood.


The Five Ghosts Sect disciples rushed towards him.

How did the godly Gui Wusheng lose?

Not just by one move, but mysteriously as well, confusing them.

"No worries... Just some blood clots, I will be much better after spitting it out!"

Gui Wuhun pulled the little girl towards him and became serious. Suddenly, he greeted Fang Yuan and bowed. "Are you Sect Master Fang from Qinghe County, secluded valley?"

He could not think of another Wu Zong as young as him.

His heart was bitter.

If he knew who Fang Yuan was from the beginning, he would not have initiated the fight from the start.

"Fang Yuan?"

"Qinghe Doctor?"

"Sect Master of two sects?"

"Such a young man, making everybody else ashame of themselves!"


A person's name was like a tree's shadow.

Everyone knew of Fang Yuan's name in the entire Secluded Mountain Prefecture.

But not everyone saw him in person before, which led to this fight.

"That is me. Do you have anything else to say, Gui Wuhun?"

Fang Yuan nodded his head."


Among the crowd, Wang Fugui laughed hysterically, looked at Fang Yuan, and boasted quietly. "Did you see that... that is my brother! I've seen his potential the first time we met, and we have become sworn brothers since..."

"You are wise!"

Suddenly, they seemed to look up to Wang Fugui.


"Since sect master is here personally, what else can I say? The Five Ghost Sect is at your disposal!"

Gui Wuhun gave in and used his strict face to stop those disciples who were still angry.

He knew that if he did not make the correct decision, Fang Yuan could easily wipe out the entire Five Ghosts Sect.

This was all the sect had left, so how could he let everything here be wiped out?

"Very well!"

Fang Yuan approached the entrance of the martial arts centre. "Give me all your secret records. I will stay here for a few days!"

"We will accede to your request!"

Gui Wuhun bowed. "Let out the finest room in our centre for Sect Master Fang to rest... All our disciples will have to greet Sect Master Fang from now onwards, and are to be respectful towards him!"


There was silence among the Five Ghosts Sect disciples. A moment ago there were angry and were not willing to give in, and now there were expected to become obedient servants. It was really a test of their minds.

A few who adapted quickly already started to fawn upon Fang Yuan. "It is our Sect's honour for Sect Master Fang to see our secret collection. Please enter and enjoy some tea!"


Fang Yuan gave Wang Fugui a 'Do anything you please' look, and entered the martial arts centre.

Gui Wuhun followed him closely, carrying the little girl and looking troubled.

"This girl... What's her name?"

Fang Yuan asked as he continued walking.


Gui Wuhun hesitated for a moment, then replied. "He name is Little Xia, the daughter of my friend!"

"Indeed a friend!"

Fang Yuan turned around, looked at Gui Wuhun, and remained silent.

The energy of this little girl reminded him of the Five Ghosts Sect Sect Master.

Never would he have thought that such a rough brute could have such a cute and delicate daughter.

Furthermore, there seemed to be an unknown secret in the Five Ghosts Sect.

The other disciples seemed to be clueless about it.



Outside the martial arts centre, the other martial artists have dispersed, leaving Wang Fugui and company behind.

"Why did the sect master enter and leave us here?"

"Did we not come here to destroy their place? Why did it become like this?"

They were all clueless and looked at one another. They all had the same thought. "Did master anger Fang Yuan?"

Wang Fugui was sorrowful, and his heart was pounding.

He forced himself to look composed. "Brother... He has his own ways of doing things, what do you guys know about? Hurry up and follow me to destroy the Big River Faction!"

His confusing words indeed confused them, as though he meant that 'there is someone above us'. All of them straightened their backs and followed Wang Fugui with much pride, as they made their way to destroy the Big River Faction.

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