Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 495

Chapter 495: Black Dragon

Chapter 495: Black Dragon
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"Elemental force is the foundation of everything!"

In the isolation room, Fang Yuan sat on the ground with his legs crossed. The streak of silvery dream elemental force squirmed in his hands like a small silver snake.

"The natural form of energy in Da Qian is the natural elemental force! On the other hand, the basic form of energy in the Demonic Heart Realm is dream elemental force! After the collision of the two realms, the environment of Da Qian will undergo certain changes and the surroundings are already filled with this evolved form of elemental force!"

Previously, the dream masters of Da Qian were only able to sense the Demonic Heart Realm through their spiritual wills and therefore absorb radiation of dream elemental force. Only from there would they be able to refine the most elementary form of dream-type elemental force.

Now, due to the fact that the Demonic Heart Realm had flooded Da Qian with a dream elemental force of a higher quality, it seemed like this new dream elemental force had much more unknown and mysterious usages.

"This was Shang Hou's plan, which was to reform Da Qian into an environment more suited for his true physical body to thrive in..."

Fang Yuan shook his head.

If dream masters still had the dream dao, they would be jubilant about having the reformed environment. However, now, only the demons were benefitting from this new environment.

"According to Ado, they are consumers and creators. Every Demon Spirit or demon will turn into pure dream elemental force upon their deaths, returning the energy to the surroundings..."

Fang Yuan started to fear about this quality of the demons.

After prolonged periods, the entire Da Qian will be taken over by the Demonic Heart Realm and will actively reform into a place similar to Demonic Heart Realm.

"This might not be bad news for me!"

Fang Yuan took in a deep breath and he could feel an immense amount of energy flowing into his body. With that, he attempted to connect with his actualised dream world.

"9 Extremes Mountain is under The Ultimate Segregation, which does not allow for supernatural forces to enter into its perimeters. However, with my Green Wood Sky Net Array, an opening is thus created. Upon entering through the opening, the elemental force from outside will be purified and the concentration of elemental force throughout the mountain will remain consistent to form different points of nodes."

Fang Yuan would temporarily not release dream elemental force to the normal cultivators for he was afraid of affecting the conversion of their professions to spiritual knights or Wu Zongs. However, he had no fear in allowing the dream elemental force to flood over himself.

In fact, he did not mind absorbing the corrupted elemental force from the outside world and digesting it on his own.

"It's too difficult... Although there is plenty of dream elemental force in the surroundings, it is extremely difficult to use it in my actualised dream world..."

Fang Yuan took in a deep breath.

Considering his cultivation as a True Divine, he had no difficulties in absorbing martial arts elemental force. Even the most corrupted of martial arts elemental force was absorbed by him without much difficulty.

However, his actualised dream world was indeed pitiful.

It was like a person dying of thirst, gazing at a river before him but unable to walk forward to take a drink.

The lack of strength in such a situation could potentially drive someone crazy.

"My actualised dream world..."

Fang Yuan's spiritual will entered his actualised dream world. He realised that it was now only about 40 inches wide and might just crumble anytime.

"The actualised dream world represents my foundation as a dream master. I cannot let it crumble just like that! Wait a minute..."

Fang Yuan froze. "I will not give up on the dream dao. However, there needs to be some sort of adaptation!"

Although the dream masters of Da Qian were unique, their foundations were still based in the Demonic Heart Realm. Even the power to create objects was from the other realm. Due to the fact that dream masters were too reliant on the Demonic Heart Realm, all dream masters quickly became crippled as soon as the dream dao was taken away from them.

If all of that were to happen again, dream masters would once again be rendered helpless against the beings of the Demonic Heart Realm.

"The foundation of dream masters lies in dream elemental force. I cannot change this fact. However, I can alter the future path of dream masters to reduce reliance on the Demonic Heart Realm. Furthermore, I can also alter the very composition of dream elemental force.

Fang Yuan's eyes glistened as many ideas popped into his mind.

Although many of his ideas were too impractical, the general direction in which he was exploring was correct.

"Most importantly, we have to be independent!"


With that thought, his actualised dream world suddenly crumbled and was being compressed like a black hole, leaving behind a small singularity.


Taking this opportunity, Fang Yuan removed the restrictions on the specific type of dream elemental force required in the actualised dream world.

Silvery dream elemental force flowed towards the singularity and in a dramatic explosion, a void space started to expand from the singularity.

Although the newly formed void seemed a little illusionary, a layer of silver dream elemental force was flowing in it. In fact, the elemental force could now be radiated outwards from Fang Yuan's actualised dream world, affecting everything.

"Although I am only at the 1st Tier of the Illusionary Divine stage, my ability as an Area Being is still with me..."

With the wave of his hands, the surroundings of his actualised dream world became dreamy and illusionary as Fang Yuan tried to hold back his laughter. "What does this count as? A disguise? I may appear weak but I am able to secretly use the spiritual territory of a 7th Tier Illusionary Divine dream master?"

In fact, Fang Yuan knew that after all that had happened, no other dream master would be able to compete with him in terms of foundations as a dream master.... There might only be a single Illusionary Divine dream master in the entire Da Qian now.

"Even the hollows of sages could not hold up against the removal of the dream dao. I believe that these sages could not even retain their own actualised dream worlds..."

Fang Yuan shook his head before taking a glance at his stats window:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 100

Spirit: 100

Magic: 43 (100)

Profession: ???

Cultivation: True Divine, Area Being, Illusionary Divine (1st Tier)

Technique: Pangu Eagle Body, [8 Gates Sword Array (???)], [Elemental Spiritual Energy Cultivation Spell (Grade 5 (Completed))]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)], [Fiery Golden Eyes (Level 1)]"

The newest changes to the stats window were the grey words describing Fang Yuan's cultivation as a dream master. These words were now black again, as though Fang Yuan had broken through certain restrictions to allow himself to increase his cultivation once again.

"My Botany has not improved even after planting the Jianmu. Could it be that it is not enough, or that I have yet to satisfy a certain condition?"

Fang Yuan sighed.

"With a paper, I will be able to paint. Therefore, I shouldn't rush into restoring my 8 Gates Sword Array..."

The 8 Gates Sword Array would allow one to achieve the 8th Tier of the Illusionary Divine stage at its peak and there was no 9th Tier. This was a major disadvantage and pity.

Considering Fang Yuan's abilities, it was unlikely that he would be able to create the 9th Tier all by himself.

After all, the first 8 tiers were already fixed from the beginning. This would be akin to adding another storey onto a building which would pose many problems.

Now that he had reset his cultivation, it was a great chance for him to resolve any issues he might once have with his foundations.

"I have the recordings and treasures from the Divine Lotus Cult as well as the inheritances from Li Qingmian and Shang Hou. Together with the recordings I already have from the Realm Alliance... I have possession of almost 40% of all the recordings about the dream dao in Da Qian. By starting afresh, I will be able to create the strongest path to follow!"

Fang Yuan felt extremely confident.

Furthermore, taking this opportunity while the other dream masters were weakened, he could sort out everyone. The dream masters of Evil Divine Sect and Baize Mountain would likely submit themselves before Fang Yuan and provide him with their own doctrines and treasures.


Just as everyone was beginning to settle down in 9 Extremes Mountain, enjoying their hard-fought peace, chaos continued in the outside world.

The fighting resulted in hatred and suffering for everyone, which was the best food for the Demon Spirits. The demon disaster quickly spread from the Middle Region to everywhere else and everything was out of control.

Those rebels who took the opportunity to take over armies quickly realised that the problem was not about gaining enough territory or reaping enough treasures and rewards, but simply surviving in such times of chaos!

On Baize Mountain.

"Roar! Roar!"

Beasts roared as they guarded the back door of the mountain.

On a closer look, one would realise that these were stone figurines which were full of life. These figurines were able to exert dominance as they fought against the invading demons.


Sage Baize sat on a cloud in mid-air and there were a few other elders behind him. The surging energy around him meant that he had already broken through to become a True Elemental! He was now a True Elemental spiritual knight!

After all, it was already about a hundred days since Fang Yuan had shifted and altered the 9 Extremes Mountain.

By relying on his foundation as a sage, Sage Baize was able to alter his foundation and push his cultivation as a spiritual knight to the peak!

"This plague of Demon Spirits is becoming increasingly scary as the days go by."

Behind him, an elder sighed. "Now, they seem to be just as powerful as our Ten Thousand Spirits Array!"

"Hmph, these are mere pests. If the Baize Magical Beast was still around, it will be able to lead all the spirits of this world to combine with the stone figurines. By then, even powerful beings will not be able to survive!"

An elder sighed.

Sage Baize remained emotionless but inside, he was enraged.

He was a sage in the past and he could control anyone who was unwilling or was looking to rebel. However, he was merely a True Elemental now.

On Baize Mountain, among the few elders, normal deacons and disciples, there were a few who had cultivated in both martial arts and spiritual spells and were as powerful as Sage Baize.

Since he could not rule by power now, compromises had to be made.

Therefore, even as a powerful being, his words did not hold as much weight as they use to now.

"It's useless to say all of these now!"

Sage Baize spoke. "I can still try my best to manipulate the Ten Thousand Spirits Array. Even if the demons were to give it their all, they will still not be able to infiltrate. We need not be worried."

"Roar! Roar!"

As soon as he finished his sentence, a roar was heard among the invading demons.

A dragon demon with a lizard's body, huge wings and 3 ferocious-looking heads flew up from the swarm of demons. It gazed down and hollered. "Submit? Or die?"

Its mind power was extremely strong and many elders of Baize Mountain could feel a chill down their spines. The weaker ones turned pale and many other disciples behind started to faint one by one.

"This Demon Spirit seems to be as powerful as a powerful being!"

Sage Baize had a solemn look on his face as he waved his sleeves. "Wind!"


Strong winds raged on and quickly formed a tornado. The green tornado seemed to have a mind of its own as it weaved through all the obstructions, killing its way towards the 3-headed weird-looking dragon.

The 3-headed dragon roared as the sharp wind sliced through its neck, beheading it. Its blood started to spew everywhere.

"Roar! Roar!"

With another roar, its wound started to expand quickly and black streaks of energy started to glister. Within moments, 3 smaller dragons appeared and roared in unison as they broke through the Ten Thousand Spirits Array before arriving in front of Sage Baize and the elders.

"This is impossible!"

An elder shrieked. "How can it maintain its spiritual aura even after splitting into 3 entities? What secret technique is this?"

The 3-headed dragon split into 3 entities, creating 3 new powerful beings!

This secret technique was mind-blowing and too powerful for anyone to conceive! Too powerful for anyone to handle!
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