Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Shaoyang City

"The Secluded Mountains Prefecture is one of the three prefectures in the country. It is also under the jurisdiction of the six counties, which Qinghe is a part of. It is home to several mysterious and special individuals..."

"In terms of martial arts, there are several talented spiritual knights, capable of fully mastering spiritual energy and lightness skill. Only the crme de la crme of martial artists can rival their skills..."

Fang Yuan sat cross legged as he prepared his tea.

The steam from the piping hot water simmered off once it came into contact with the cool surroundings as the stunning fragrance of the tea wafted out.

The small fireplace created a sense of comfort from the bitter cold environment.

It was a different experience reading his book in such an environment.

Elder Zhao from the Spirit Returning Sect suffered a life-threatening injury as he was hit by Gui Wusheng's Ghostly Claw and the Decomposition Toxins seeped into his bones. His condition was made worse by his internal injuries. However, with the combination of Fang Yuan's

Golden Needle Acupuncture and Yama's Talisman, Fang Yuan saved his life without a fuss.

After Elder Zhao's condition stabilised, Fang Yuan immediately sent off Lu Zhisen and the group of people who were thanking him profusely. He then began to read the book they gave him intently.

"Erm...in this journal, the time period is longer. Furthermore, the author's martial arts prowess is so advanced. It seems like he has reached the highest level of Wu Zong..."

After reading through the book once, doubts arose in Fang Yuan's mind.

Most importantly, the author recorded several legends regarding spiritual knights, traditional customs and even revealed some precious pieces of information regarding advanced martial arts. This pleasantly surprised Fang Yuan.

"I'm left with one remaining gate to clear to break through the 8th Golden Gates in the 12 Golden Gates. After I clear this, I must master the Yin and Yang energies for the 4 Heavenly Gates..."

Laying out the 12 Cultivation Levels of Initial, Rest, Life, Restriction, View, Pain, Shock, Death, Yin, Yang, Earth and Heaven in front of Fang Yuan, he only had five left to clear.

"At the 8th cultivation level, I must break through the Death Gate. At the 9th and 10th, I must master the Yin and Yang energies individually while at the 11th cultivation level I have to master combining yin and yang energies into one and to break through the 12th cultivation... At the 12th level, I must put in consistent effort in training to break through this level. After completing all these, I can finally get a taste of the exhilarating experience of being a martial artist of the highest level of Wu Zong..."

"Many gifted martial artists have failed at this stage but apparently after passing this stage one would enter an entirely different realm altogether. There are even changes in the formfor example, one would no longer train inner force but...elemental force!"

From these descriptions in the booklet, Fang Yuan was able to confirm that this author had already reached the Wu Zong level.

"According to him, it is only with the breaking of the Wu Zong and mastering of elemental force then one could be considered to be really set on the route of cultivation which can then be worthy of comparison with the spiritual knights and alchemy masters..."

While reading this particular paragraph of description, Fang Yuan sensed a hint of melancholy between the lines.

At this point, Fang Yuan's mood was also affected.

After all, it was extremely rare even for gifted martial artists who had renowned teachers to break through the 4 Heavenly Gates. Wu Zong was more about fate. Even if one were to train and prepare for his entire life, he also had to count on fate to succeed.

But as for spiritual knights and the like, they started training their elemental force straightway. Their strengths and abilities at the beginning were already on par with Wu Zong. This news could possibly disillusion several martial artists.

"In the first place nothing in this world is fair!"

Fang Yuan put down the booklet with a sigh. He was still very envious of spiritual knights and their kind, thinking, "Spiritual knights use elemental force and are able to manipulate nature, gaining the ability of Creation. For example, magical masters are able to arrange the key elements while alchemy masters can obtain the extremely beneficial essence from spiritual plants, grabbing the valuable fruits of nature. There are also the more mysterious dream masters..."

Fang Yuan no longer had further doubts about the martial arts route ahead of him before Wu Zong.

Fang Yuan was only slightly puzzled about how to become a spiritual knight.

"If we were to talk only about physical capabilities, there are not many people who are better than me I think. Especially in the aspect of magical energy..."

As for the honing of martial arts skills, it usually consisted of just building up and enhancing elemental energy. As for Fang Yuan's growth in the magical energy, he had the aid of the Questioning Heart Tea.

As for the requirements to become a spiritual knight, it seemed to be very similar to this magical energy.

Fang Yuan walked to the front of a bronze mirror and released all of his magical energy.

At that moment, the young man in the mirror looked incredibly vibrant and lively. He was almost shining with youth and vigour, like a luminous pearl in the night.

"Luminosity...magical energy of 3.0, and I can already accomplish something like that..."

Fang Yuan knew that it would be a pity if he did not attempt to train to be a spiritual knight with his current capabilities.

But becoming a spiritual knight was not a simple task. It required determination and will.

"When I leave this time, I have to also pay more attention to the details here..."

Fang Yuan made up his mind, but he was still slightly troubled.

As for all those spiritual knights, Qinghe Country was just a poor rural area. Even he had never heard about this area in the legends.

If he really wanted to find out, he had to travel out towards the Secluded Mountain Prefecture or even the capital of the country, maybe he had to even travel out of the country to search for it in order to have a glimmer of hope.


After making up his mind, Fang Yuan got up walked to the garden and called out.

His voice reverberated around the valley and shook the ground.



A big and small shadow from the sky and ground respectively sped towards Fang Yuan. It was Flower Fox Ferret and Iron-tailed Black Eagle.

"I'm going to travel out for a long period of time, this secluded valley will now be under your charge!"

Fang Yuan caressed the small head of Flower Fox Ferret and tossed a bamboo fruit to Iron-tailed Black Eagle.

Taking his spiritual tea, spiritual rice, and bamboo fruit, he hid them in separate places within the vast and huge Clear Spirit Mountain. Given the vastness of the mountain, not many people would be able to uncover his hiding spots.

After harvesting the crops for the last time, Fang Yuan set a fire and burned all the Vermillion Jade Rice plants into ashes. The barren Questioning Heart Tea tree and spiritual bamboo that were left looked a bit conspicuous, but it was extremely difficult to notice them. It would be far more challenging for someone else to take advantage of their beneficial properties in their current state.

Furthermore, with the protection of the two spiritual beasts, Fang Yuan felt more assured.


Lieyang County.

This was a part out of the six counties in the Secluded Mountain Prefecture. It had always been the territory of the Five Ghosts Sect and a neighbour of Qingye County. As it had a few gigantic quarries, the county was economically powerful and looked more developed than Qinghe County.

Winter passed and spring set in.

Within Shaoyang City, people who rested during the bitter cold winter resumed transporting huge amounts of mineral ores again.

These mineral ores of Lieyang harnessed some form of Yang energy. It was the blacksmith's favourite material to add to their works which included weapons. After the addition of these mineral ores through a unique process, the quality of the constructed weapons would be enhanced and maybe even transformed. It might also have some divine or holy properties. It was said that such weapons could defeat the most demonic entities and were thus known to be the divine and powerful weapons of magical troops.

Of course, this was just said in legends. However, the hard reality was that the demand for Lieyang mineral ores was far greater than its supply.

Furthermore, along the journey, the value of these mineral ores would increase along the way. By the time they reached the main mansion of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture, the price would increase by fifty percent. When they reach the capital of the country, the price would double. If one was willing to risk breaking the law and transporting it beyond the country's borders to faraway lands, the profits one could make would be almost uncountable. It was definitely enough for one to live the rest of his life in prosperity without having to work anymore.

However, several dangers and obstacles plagued this transportation route.

These merchants were only enticed by the sheer amounts of profits they could reap to take the risk of face the bandits and robbers along the way. They had to be brave, intelligent and extremely determined on their journey in order to succeed.

"Is this Shaoyang City?!"

As the horse carriage entered the gates of the city slowly, a jade-like hand pulled open the curtains and the person inside visually surveyed the different scenery the city held. The person was feeling incredibly excited.

"Miss, we have reached the inn!"

In front of the carriage stood a middle-aged man with a goatee. He looked like the hotel manager and at the same time, he also looked like he was the carriage driver.


The lady dismounted from the carriage. Her striking red robes incongruently stood out against the dull colours of her surroundings. Her eyes were glistening beautifully, but she covered half her face with a mask, eliciting looks of disappointment on those around her.

"Old Yu, thank you so much for putting on the disguise and for also being my carriage driver, it must have been hard for you!"

After entering the inn and requesting a suite, the lady removed her mask and revealed a gorgeous face. It was Lin Leiyue.

"I am honoured to work for you, Miss Lin!"

The middle-aged man smiled and wiped off the sweat from his face. The lines on his face changed drastically and he looked evidently more light-hearted.

If Fang Yuan was here, he would definitely find this man familiar. This was the man who forced Lin Yuanwai to back out of his marriage. He was the Cold-faced Iron Eagle, Yu Qiuleng!

"Elder Han has already notified us that he would link up with us as soon as possible to chase down Gui Wusheng!"

Lin Leiyue clapped her hands and a few skilled martial artists entered, ready to take orders.

"The Five Ghosts Sect has a mysterious background and they are unpredictable. When they were in Qinghe county they activated the spies they planted for many years. Their objective does not seem trivial. You are the elite spies of our sect in Shaoyang County, support Elder Han and my mission this time and find out the objective of the Five Ghost Sect!"

"Yes Madam!"

All the martial artists bowed respectfully.

"Good, Yan San, Ma Si, Hou Wu, Zheng Liu...Four of you guard the four doors in Shaoyang County. The martial artists of Five Ghosts Sect have recently been gathering in this city. Make sure you get to know each of them inside out!"

"Zou Jiu, you will..."

Lin Leiyue looked as though she was issuing operational orders in an army. Her last order was to Yu Qiuleng, "Old Yu, I will put you in charge of the deployments of the Five Ghost Sect in this area!"

"Rest assured, I will not fail you!"

Yu Qiuleng replied in arrogant tone; he was confident that he would succeed.

He had no reason to believe otherwise.

Since the last time, Yu Qiuleng had made massive improvements in his martial prowess. He was also promoted to an elder in his sect. His confidence was bolstered, and he was extremely satisfied. This time, he was tasked with escorting members of the sect on this mission. It was a huge responsibility, an indication of his bright future in the sect, thus explaining his confidence and high morale.

Seeing this, Lin Leiyue cautioned him, "The Five Ghosts Sect is as powerful as ours, do not be complacent!"

"Very well said Miss Lin, I will remember it!"

Yu Qiuleng waved as he replied. Judging from his cavalier attitude, Lin Leiyue knew then that he did not take her words seriously.

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