Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 583

In the East Ocean Prefectures.

As they were near the ocean, the Demon Spirit armies came in fewer numbers, so the damage during the demon disaster was minimized.

Of course, good and bad things always happen at the same time. Of the sect parties and forces that survived, many went to the coastal areas and fought each other for survival. The citizens there suffered a lot, and it was essentially no different from a demon disaster.

“That’s a good base, it’d be a pity if it weren’t taken!”

Above the clouds, Fang Yuan looked down at the giant city and sighed a little.

“Master, if you command, Ah Duo will immediately get those prefectures for you!”

On the side, the demon general, who wore a black cape, tapped his chest to show his loyalty.

“Within the East Ocean Prefectures, I like the South Prefecture, Ocean Prefecture, and the Building Prefecture the most – they are the real essence within the essence! However, the bases are not enough to take them now.”

Due to the demon disasters, many large sects were killed, and those who were lucky enough to survive escaped everywhere. The East Ocean Prefectures were popular choices, so there might be talented individualsor maybe even higher beingsin hiding there.

Moreover, the Magic Masters’ Association and the Alliance of Dream Masters would not give up such great, big bases.

After all, there was the Martial Alliance to the north, the God Seeking Palace to the west, and the demon disaster at the center. If the East Ocean Prefectures were not taken, there would be no way to become stronger and fight for the future.

Although Fang Yuan was not afraid to fight solo, it would still be better if he looked at the forces he had.

The 9 Extremes Mountain was just a newborn baby in that respect and could not even be compared to the Heavenly Spirit Association.

“It’s not that I don’t like it, I just can’t do it! I need to wait for the Demon Spirits to avoid the ocean!”

Ah Duo laughed coldly. “Once Master commands me, I will immediately move hundreds of thousands of demon armies and get the three prefectures for Master”

“Those three prefectures might become dead territories. Is there any difference if we take over or not?”

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes. “The demon armies have already attacked and taken over the area by force. The governing is very unsightly, but there will always be a chance!”

They turned a few times and went back to the 9 Extremes Mountain. Liu Mengmei welcomed them and said, “Mountain Master, the Evil Divine Sect and the Baize Mountain have come to see you!”

“To be able to make you act like this, these visitors must be special” Fang Yuan muttered. “Could they be two of the prime sages”

“They are indeed sages, but to use the word ‘prime’ is a little I” Liu Mengmei’s face flushed immediately, and she was at a loss for words.

She was after all, from the Divine Lotus Cult and had drawn in all kinds of amazing powers from the sages since she was young. This had planted a deeply-rooted seed that had an immense effect on her.

Even though the dark sage had passed away, he was still greatly revered by the others who used to be sages.

“Oh, Mengmei, know that that ever since the moment you joined my 9 Extremes Mountain, you became a part of this family. You are even representing me in internal affairs Even if previous sages came, they can only talk to you in the same manner they talk to their peers!”

Fang Yuan enjoined with a dominating aura.

At his current state of cultivation, it was indeed unsure whether he or the sages were better and who was striving.

What did those old monsters, abandoned by time, think they were?

“Even so, they chose to abandon their posts and rush over here despite being preoccupied by daily state affairs. You should still see them!” The Extreme Darkness took a step forward and said gently, “I have arranged them to be at the hall.”

“Since this is it, I shall meet them then!”

Leading the way, Fang Yuan walked straight into the 9 Extremes Mountain’s main hall.

“I have seen you before, my friends!”

He had met the Evil Divine and the Baize Sage during the war of the Jade Capital previously, so they were not strangers. Hence, he cupped his one hand in the other before his chest in a greeting gesture.

“What matter requires the two of you to come here?”

Fang Yuan went over to sit on the master’s seat without consulting anyone, and his tone was not polite at all. “Baize Mountain has just been besieged by Demon Spirits, and the Evil Divine Sect also has unsolved internal issues. What favor do want from me at this time?”

“Great, Brother Fang is indeed a straightforward person!”

Baize took the lead and said, “We have indeed come together to discuss something with you, my friend.”

While talking, his eyes were calculative as he looked at Fang Yuan. The Evil Divine was doing the same thing beside him.

When there were numerous demon generals surrounding and attacking the 9 Extremes Mountain, no one had any good prospects towards Fang Yuan, and everyone thought that the best possible outcome would be his defeat and the disintegration of the organization he had built.

However, they did not expect the situation to develop as thus.

Fang Yuan was able to kill and defeat numerous demon generals with just his fist, sealing one of them and driving the others away. He was even able to win the fight against the leading demon spirit, the 3-tailed Scorpion Lion!

Even Qian Huanyi and Superior Wu Zong would have found it difficult to achieve these results.

At this point, the news of The Ancient One’s passing had leaked despite the Realm Alliance’s efforts to conceal the information, causing the two sages to be even more shocked.

With the ability of a real sage, this feat is impossible unless this child recovered a part of the dream master’s capabilities

They took a wild guess in their heart. However, no matter how they looked, they could not see how Fang Yuan’s body had changed. Unless they attacked with all their powers, they had no way of measuring his power.

“Emergency! Please speak!”

Fang Yuan waved his hands in a commanding position.

Seeing this, Baize and Evil Divine made a face.

Since ages ago, the two had always been highly respected sages, well received by the dream masters below them.

However, now that they were being looked down upon by a junior, they were incredibly insulted.

Despite their anger, they were reserved in their thoughts, and in a blink of an eye, they returned to normal. Baize took the lead and cupped his hand in the other as a polite gesture. “Mountain Master, have you ever heard of the Heavenly Spirit Association?”

“Yes, I heard that they are an organization of spiritual warriors that mainly does business and exchanges information with other spiritual warriors on the side. They have a large force spread across the whole Da Qian!” Fang Yuan explained.

“Yes The Heavenly Spirit Association has now been taken over by us dream masters, and we are full of ambition. Now, it is finally exposed completely”

They were frustrated, but the two sages still kept their arrogance. Even though they respected Fang Yuan’s abilities, deep down, they still viewed the spiritual knights and Wu Zong as inferiors.

“If we had known earlier, we would have turned those spiritual warriors and Wu Zong all into ashes from the start to prevent today’s troubles from happening!”

Evil Divine said angrily. When he saw how nonchalant Fang Yuan was and how he was not stirred by their instigation, he secretly scolded him before going back to the main topic. “The dream masters have now collapsed, so I hope that you will help us. How do you feel about rebuilding the Alliance of the Dream Masters?


Fang Yuan smiled. Rebuilding would, in fact, result in a reshuffling of powers.

How fortunate was he to be able to benefit by being a part of the dream masters?

“Yes In view of how the original the Divine Lotus Cult and the Source Seeking Sect have been destroyed, as well as how the Realm Alliance is in a defensive position it is also time for our organization’s structure to change. We can no longer defend the old prejudices among ourselves, and each family should give what they have and overcome this challenge together!”

Baize Sage was very righteous, and the way he talked was extremely sincere. “I propose that the Evil Divine Sect, the Baize Mountain, and the 9 Extremes Mountain rebuild the Alliance of Dream Masters. All the higher beings who have maintained their cultivations will be Elders, and they will vote on a course of action when something big happens. How about that?”

Sometimes, what seems to be fair is actually most unfair.

If what he said was really done, the 9 Extremes Mountain would only have two votes at most and would definitely be controlled by these two sages. Fang Yuan would be a fool to agree to such terms.

“With only the three of us, how would we form the entire Realm Alliance be?”

Fang Yuan realized Baize’s words hid another motive and pretended to be suspicious and asked.

“Would it be that it is still not known by the Mountain Master?”

Suspicion flashed in Baize’s eyes. “The Ancient One of the Realm Alliance was attacked by a strong enemy and had met an unfortunate event, leaving him dead”

“What?” Fang Yuan’s voice dragged on. “From what I know, he left to dream-traverse through 3,000 worlds?”

Fang Yuan would not admit that he had long since killed the Ancient One, but at the same time, he could not act as if he knew nothing about the Realm Alliance; that would be too fake! Hence, he decided to slip some truths to make his lies seem much more realistic.


Evil Divine and Baize made eye contact, exchanging looks filled with shock and suspicion. “Maybe my report was wrong. However, it is true that the Ancient One was addicted to exploring the world and was not one to be bothered by the problems from the outside world. From this viewpoint, it would still be the three of us that will lead!”

“If our new dream master alliance is set up, where should our base be?”

Fang Yuan did not answer directly and instead replied with another question.

“The west, north and center have forces occupying them. Only the East Ocean Prefecture is unguarded!”

This was no secret, and Baize said directly, “However, there is one challenge left. The Heavenly Spirit Association seemed to be more active and wants to conquer the East Ocean Prefecture. We should hurry up and take action!”

The world was almost completely divided into territories, and the only piece of land that was not conquered was the East Ocean Prefectures.

The Heavenly Spirit Association and the Alliance of Dream Masters were both eyeing it.

Fang Yuan finally knew why these two sages abandoned their cults and rushed over to find him.

“The Heavenly Spirit Association This is rather worrisome!”

“I have already gotten accurate reports that the Heavenly Spirit Association is joining the forces in the East Ocean Prefectures. They are planning to organize an alliance meeting at Hailan City in the Haizhou district next month.” Worried, the Evil Divine added. “The Heavenly Spirit Association’s actions were previously concealed, but they have countless ties with other forces. The original sects in the East Ocean Prefecture would answer their call to fight. They then would become successful after conquering everyone else!”

Even though the Heavenly Spirit Association had become powerful, it was previously made up of small and friable alliances spread around the world.

If they were able to obtain this big piece of land, their potential and ability would be vastly different.

“Based off the structure and organization of the Heavenly Spirit Association, there are definitely powerful characters moving behind the scenes, right?”

Fang Yuan thought about it for a while and asked suddenly.

“As expected of the Mountain Master to be able to observe accurately and penetrate the underlying problem!” Baize complimented. “I have already instructed people to investigate this properly. The initiator of the alliance is a True Elemental spiritual knight from the Heaven Spirit Ancestors.”

“The Heaven Spirit Ancestors?!”

Fang Yuan noted this down silently.

“Even though his name sounds intimidating, he was actually a normal herb farmer within the Divine Lotus Cult previously. He was lucky to be alive and was thought highly of by Dark Divine, so he was promoted to a servant. He was given cultivation techniques, and as expected, he reared a tiger and court disaster!”

Evil Divine said emotionally, conveniently exposing the Heaven Spirit Ancestor’s cover.

“Well, this is unexpected.”

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes.The herb picker who was mentioned might be the gigolo of the Dark Divine. Otherwise, why would he be thought greatly of? Tsk tsk

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