Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 641

“Finally… beginning?”

Fang Yuan was armed to the teeth as he walked over to the middle of a wave of Evil Demon Hunters with his Starry Night sword and Monster Sob.

“Leader, Sir!”

All Evil Demon Hunters, even those at the level of a Power Obtainer, bowed to show their respect.

“This time… We’ll completely eradicate the Evil Demons!”

He clapped his hands and two hunters brought over a Master.

“I say… all of you have promised to pardon me if I tell you everything…”

This Master was a young man with golden hair. He was trembling now, as if he was a quail.

“The master of the 13 clan’s only has descendants like this? How sad!”

Fang Yuan waved his hands. “Tell us the last stronghold of the Evil Demons. In my name, Hulk, I’ll pardon you.”

“I’ll speak! I’ll tell you everything!”

The young man quickly revealed everything. “The last stronghold of the Evil Demons is an old nest within the Black Goat Forest in the Bourbon Kingdom. It’s also rumored to be the birthland of the Evil Demons. Moreover… moreover… they seemed to be secretly organizing something, even our own clans became blood sacrifices!”

“Very good!” Fang Yuan walked out the main door and boarded the airship.

Many Demon Hunters walked in systematically and silently.

“Bourbon Kingdom isn’t far from here, so we’ll be able to rush over within half a day…”

A few people around Fang Yuan acted like secretaries and constantly reported to him. “However… the support we receive from troops is decreasing… They fear us. Maybe, after the disaster this time, the camp will be a divided.”

“That’s normal!”

Fang Yuan led them.

Having ambitious people among the humans was very normal. Needless to say, even the resistance army from before was organized by a group of kingdoms and generals that also had their own demands to seek.

After toppling the Evil Demons, they would immediately go their own separate ways.

“Even more so… It’s also possible that we’re held back now…”

Fang Yuan laughed coldly in his heart. He was already mentally prepared for everything, “However, for the Evil Demons… They are in a way gambling everything?”

Black Goat Forest.

Within the Bourbon Kingdom, the forest occupied a huge area. It mainly consisted of a variant of black pine trees, and it looked very dark and terrifying. It often had rumors about monsters coming out.

Of course, the former Demon Hunter Headquarters had sent out Demon Hunters to investigate. However, nothing was found in the end, hence, it was judged to be false rumors.

And only now, was Fang Yuan clear that the Evil Demons had purposely allowed the few investigating Demon Hunters out in order to hide their nest right under the Demon Hunters’ eyes.

Currently, within the Black Goat Forest, the night breeze whistled, and the pale white spiritual body and random green will-o’-the-wisps danced around, pursuing one another among the gloomy forest and playing up the horrifying atmosphere of the forest.

A large enchantment boundary rose up and transformed into dense fog, enveloping the entire area.

Inside the enchantment was a large slaughterhouse, countless human corpses were stacked together; there were easily thousands of corpses, forming a pyramid.

There were even Evil Demon Hunters and Night Family Clans inside.

Large quantities of blood seeped out, gathering to form tiny streams. The streams combined to form a large pool of blood.

Inside the blood pool were Evil Demon corpses!

The concentrated power of death, as well as the presence of evil, almost caused the Evil Demon Hunters to immediately breakdown.

When Fang Yuan rushed over with a group of Elite Evil Demon Hunter, this was what they saw.

“The Evil Demons are killing each other… and even destroying?”

Many Evil Demon Hunters looked at the pyramid of corpses. First, they felt as though they were suffocating and dizzy, but at the same time, they also felt shocked and enraged.

And promptly, after seeing the other Night Family Clans, they became shocked.

At the center of the pool of blood, they saw a dark sacrificial altar made from the bodies of Evil Demons, and they were filled with shock and fear.

“We cannot let them finish…. this ancient blood sacrificial ritual… They’re summoning… Mother of Reproduction!” An old Evil Demon Hunter immediately exclaimed.

On top of the Evil Demon sacrificial altar, a large pile of Dead Sea Ancient Scroll pages was scattered around. They shone with symbols and splendor that combined as though they were rays of enchantments.

Zoro stood on top of the sacrificial altar, quietly observing the approaching people.

“Evil Demon… go to hell!”

There were already Evil Demon Hunters that couldn’t hold it in and shouted loudly.

“In order to lift the seal from the Mother of Reproduction, there’s also a need to offer the blood and flesh of Evil Demons?”

Fang Yuan’s eyes emitted a golden glow and observed the array, but he looked pensive. “However… it’s still missing an Evil Demon King!”

“Yes, that’s me!”

Zoro looked at the Demon Hunters that gathered around it, its face was calm.

As the ritual completed, its death would instead be a new beginning.

“Is the current situation worth it for the Mother of Reproduction?” Fang Yuan asked curiously.

“I did these things because she is our mother, the Night Family Clans’ mother. This is the mission of her offsprings!”

Zoro burst out into insane laughter, and its body began to burn a shade of bright red flames.


Among the flames, the Evil Demon’s torso, skin, and bones began to dissolve, falling onto the sacrificial altar, drip by drip.

Quick! Everything was unexpectedly quick!

Just as a few Evil Demon Hunters leaped over to the edge of the sacrificial altar, a blood-red light expanded from the Dead Sea Ancient Scroll, instantly forming into a crimson light. It slowly rose up to the sky and broke through the thick layer of air, making it appear extremely gorgeous.


The Demon Hunters that had charged forward, suddenly held onto their stomachs, shouting in agony.

Among the shocked and scared gazes of the others, their stomachs actually bulged outward with a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. In the blink of an eye, their stomachs became as big as a lady that was ten months pregnant.

“Such a strong reproductive power. Just by dispelling it slightly, it was able to do this…”

Fang Yuan’s eyes became even brighter after seeing this scene.

The power of reproduction had too many similarities with the power of creation.

Promptly, he could feel it.

In space, above the Alcala mainland, a large, unparalleled unknown object appeared from the darkness, drawing closer with every second.

It was a giant ball of flesh, but it was around the same size as a celestial body, bringing with it a strange power that was difficult to describe.

A large quantity of life force seemed to use it as a carrier and was repeatedly circulating around it, increasing non-stop.

“As expected, the original energy. Furthermore, it’s already domesticated; it’s unbelievable…” He mumbled on. There was only a ball of an ovary-like celestial body in his eyes. “The power of reproduction domesticated the original power? I understand—Mother of Reproduction isn’t an outsider completely, but it’s a product of this world’s original energy!”

Every world had its own uniqueness.

For example, the Purple Eye Realm was still able to utilize body seals as a tool for sealing original power, even though it was tormented by original energy and was badly damaged.

And the counterattack of this world was the Mother of Reproduction!

“Through the power of creation, it modernized the original energy and divided it amongst every Night Family Clan member and Evil Demon. And, through continuous production, even with human mixed-bloods, it underwent domestication. Or so to say, it allowed the whole world to adapt… this has a striking resemblance with my line of thinking!”

Fang Yuan’s gaze was filled with gratitude.

He originally had the idea of domesticating original energy through the power of creation. Looking at the situation now, this was a world that had undergone that plan.

“Seeing this situation, Dante didn’t seal the Mother of Reproduction, before, with good intentions.”

Fang Yuan instantly thought of Dante’s methods.

If it didn’t seal the Mother of Reproduction, maybe this world would’ve completely refined original energy, and wouldn’t be at its current state where it was in an awkward situation.

Based on its identity as an outsider, it could completely be said that it was done with ill intentions!

Of course, what Fang Yuan wanted to do was also similar to what it did.


At this moment, the surrounding scene of sacrifices suddenly changed.

Many corpses suddenly dissolved, entering the pool of blood together, forming the shape of a large placenta. An arm stretched up from it.

Once the Mother of Reproduction was unsealed, a large quantity of Evil Demons would be produced instantly!

“Everyone… follow me onwards to destroy the Mother of Reproduction.”

Fang Yuan shook the bracelet once, and the Sacred Coffin flew out, opening automatically. A Demon Hunter with a handsome appearance walked out of it. Although he didn’t have much of the presence of a strong man, any Evil Demon Hunter would feel a sense of familiarity with him.


Even the Mother of Reproduction seemed to be stunned, and it made a wave for some unknown reason.

“I came from hell…”

Fang Yuan controlled his incarnation, Dante, to open his mouth. Faint, purple branding appeared on its body, and it suddenly waved its hand.

The few, unlucky Evil Demon Hunters, with large stomachs, spat out a few mouthfuls of extravasated blood, and the bulging stomach contracted backward.

“I bless all of you!”

However, Dante chanted slowly, as if it was a sacred song, “Under my power, you will not fear the corruption of reproduction!”

“I Succeeded!”

After seeing that the Evil Demon Hunters were draped with a layer of halos, they charged into the placenta. None of them were infected, and Fang Yuan’s released a long breath.

“Indeed, only original energy can go against original energy.”

His incarnation, Dante, was only an experiment for the power of creation. He unsealed part of the power of the original energy.

Even so, it was enough to become a threat to the Mother of production.

After all, the reproduction power it had revealed was currently only the secondary power of the original.

“However, the body…”

Dante clenched both its fists and roared.


Sound waves shook the vast open ground. Large quantities of tumors exploded, and the Evil Demons that were still breeding inside was killed directly.

“A Sage’s body! A Sage’s power! Is this the state of the original Dream Master Sage?”

If it was an ordinary person, it would basically be like an ant waving around a hammer; if one grasped the power of a Dream Master Sage, then one would only crush themselves.

However, Fang Yuan was different!

His original body had cultivated in both spiritual techniques and martial arts, and he had achieved a powerful state. Contacting a state’s power was, instead, advantageous and inspiring to him.

“Mother of Reproduction!!!” Fang Yuan bellowed while looking at the sky. He came to space, and using his both hands, he grasped onto nothingness.

Two large green palms appeared, shaking with the meatball-like celestial body.


The Mother of Reproduction seemed to be shocked as well. On the surface, life forms appeared one by one. Surprisingly, there were demons with human features, and there were also those with strange shapes; nothing was too bizarre. All of them roared at Fang Yuan, attacking him.

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