Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 642


Once Fang Yuan clapped his palms, many Evil Demons immediately died as a result.

“Yes, this Mother of Reproduction is merely a weapon to breed Evil Demons, but it doesn’t have much combat power. It’s just like how an aircraft carrier needs to rely on its aircraft in order to have combat power!”

“However, at the moment, it’s evident that there wasn’t enough time for it to breed an Evil Demon like Dante!”

Even within the previous Night Family Clan, there was only one owner of Desire that proclaimed itself as the strongest!

The previous Mother of Reproduction even managed to be sealed by Dante, and Fang Yuan didn’t feel that he was any less able than Dante.

His Dante incarnation instantly ascended to that of a Sage, and it confronted the Mother of Reproduction.

Yet, Hulk had instead directed many Evil Demon Hunters to fight with the placenta in the pool of blood.

The new-born Evil Demons were still very young and didn’t have enough time to fully develop. Thus, fighting them was truly as easy as chopping melons and vegetables with a knife.

“I must obtain the flesh core of the Mother of Reproduction!”

Fang Yuan set a goal for himself.

At this moment, he could subtly sense a call from a real spirit—it was evident that the moment he was waiting for is nearly approaching. If he were to obtain the core of the Mother of Reproduction, he would have no regrets in this journey crossing.

Unfortunately, at this moment, numerous meteors are shimmering in the sky.


A loud explosion erupted. Suddenly, there was an artillery unit that launched a devastating blow towards the Black Goat Forest.


A red light inadvertently flashed across Fang Yuan’s eyes as he was backstabbed by his own people while his people were engaging in a deadly duel with the Evil Demons.

“Yes, maintain this offensive and blow up every single district. We must bury the Evil Demon Hunters together with the Evil Demons!”

In a command center at an unknown distance from the Black Goat Forest, General Soro’s face was deadly serious. “And….put our special detachment unit on standby. After the attack, they should immediately rush forward and kill every single being.”

“General, your arrangement is very good!”

A voice trailed out from a communication device at his side. “We will fully support you in terms of equipment, materials, and logistical assistance.”

Very evidently, this retaliation wasn’t only conducted by Soro himself, but the entire rebel unit!

Being a person who wields power among the ordinary people, they definitely won’t allow themselves to be overpowered by the existence of other stronger entities.

Therefore, the Evil Demon Hunters must perish together with the Evil Demons.

The other biologically modified Masters and power transformations will only be controlled with their own hands!

“Oh yes, the most powerful force within the Evil Demon Hunters is the ‘Area Being.’ In order to defend against their ‘Beheading Strategy’… Everyone’s defences should be in accordance to what you’ve used to face the Evil Demons.”

“Relax, we have made our preparations. We even have one specially curated Evil Demon Master defence. Even though there hasn’t been the creation of any ‘Area Beings’ among them, our biologically modified Masters have already been hard at work trying to crack the code. One day… Ahh!!!”

A scream rang out from the communication device. It was as if something unexpected had happened, instantly causing violent wheezing and a struggle against death, causing one to shudder with fear.

Furthermore, this scenario wasn’t unique. More and more screams rang out from the communication device, and in the midst of them, gunshots and the sound of combat ran rampant. “Damn it… Nuuk actually attacked me, he’s my son… Ahh!”

“All of the Evil Demon Hunters went insane all at once. I knew it, there must be some hidden secret underneath the Evil Demon Hunter Association… Bang !”

The loud decibels of noise eventually subsided into silence.

Soro quietly looked at the communication device, speechless. A look of horror suddenly appeared on his face.

At first, to express his loyalty, he proactively engaged in a transformation to become an Evil Demon Hunter. What about now then?

As Soro looked on with a horrified expression, his right hand rose uncontrollably as it transformed into a sharp claw and viciously stabbed into his eyes.


In the midst of his screams, blood spewed everywhere.

The Evil Demon Hunters in the Black Goat Forest were anxiously waiting. When they didn’t experience a second attack, they couldn’t help it but celebrate.

“Hmph, a majority of the Evil Demon Hunters’ blood originated from Dante. I’m currently the owner of Desire—regardless of what skills I’ve mastered in advance, they’re ineffective no matter how loyal I’ve been at the start.”

Fang Yuan scoffed and directed the Evil Demon Hunters to flatten the blood pool placenta while he instantly looked towards the sky.

The actual battleground is still there!”

“Get out!

“Get out… of this world!”

Although the Mother of Reproduction isn’t proficient at fighting, its vitality and fertility are shocking. In fact, no matter how much it’s attacked by a Sage, it’s able to constantly regenerate its health.

Additionally, as time goes by, more ideas accumulate there and carry with them a strong sense of rejection. It truly is the realm’s consciousness in this world!

The Mother of Reproduction is used as a tool by the realm’s consciousness to refine its source of energy. Even the realm’s consciousness appeared to have suffered a heavy blow and descended into a deep slumber together with the Mother of Reproduction.

Yet, at this instant, it’s slowly awakening and unleashing its potential.

“This… is the opponent’s home field, you need to quickly fight and end the war!”

Dante’s split eye was relaxed, and the lines on his lower abdomen quickly spread, releasing an even scarier dark purple glow. “Secondary Release!”


Not even the Mother of Reproduction could resist the source of the energy, and a large horrifying gaping hole appeared on its body.

Even a small purple core appeared, radiating a dim glow.

“Mutual induction between the sources?” Fang Yuan quietly murmured, and he directly charged towards the Mother of Reproduction after transforming his entire body into a streak of light.

“Get out!”

The fierce realm’s consciousness suddenly boomed in his ear, like thunder.

The power of annihilation began to accumulate outside.

The awakened realm’s consciousness has already gradually begun to retrieve its authority.


Chunks of meat started appearing at the spot where Fang Yuan intruded. They became a hundred times sturdier than the finest metal, and they instantly compressed downwards.

Even more so, many flamethrowing instruments produced strong acidic bolts of lightning that rapidly flew towards him and attacked him in different ways.


At this moment, Fang Yuan’s entire body started shimmering with purple light as he fully unleashed the body of a Sage.

Every punch and every kick had an impact so great that it was as though they could split the world.

“Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water—Chaos Divine Fist!”


Huge fists appeared and directly penetrated the passageway. They revealed a meat ball that resembled a placenta encompassed by purple light.

“This is….the core of the Mother of Reproduction? This is also the key to its refining source…”

Fang Yuan placed the placenta in his palm, unsure of how many blood vessels and meridians were torn.

Suddenly, the meat blocks in his surroundings lost their vitality and withered.

“Inside this… really does contain the source. However, it’s already in a broken and half-refined state. Unbelievable!”

The Mother of Reproduction suddenly rushed out as Fang Yuan was murmuring to himself.


The power of destruction accumulated and transformed into a large black human face that looking down. Apparently, the heavenly will of the realm didn’t only fully awakened and regained its authority, but it’s also in an infuriated state.

After experiencing such a difficult struggle, escaping the seal with the Mother of Reproduction, it was extremely close to fully refining the source and improving it. However, upon meeting this disrupter, any will would no doubt be infuriated.

Furthermore, this person had the same look as the previous disrupter!

“What? You really want it?”

Fang Yuan wasn’t afraid as he looked up at the human face, and he provocatively held up the purple placenta in his hands.

He didn’t rely on his godsent status to become a successful Sage. Nor was he endowed with a source or the capital to engage in life and death struggles.

That year, as a Dream Master in the ancient world, he could naturally banish and seal a will in the ancient realm.

The black human face fell silent for a moment, and it immediately thought of an idea for a compromise.


Fang Yuan laughed loudly. “I want this placenta, but I can pass you the source inside it. Anyway, you’ve already accumulated a flesh placenta before, so you would only require a little more effort. I also want a portion of the heavenly energy!”

He also didn’t want to see the spectacle of the failures of both him and the realm’s consciousness.

In reality, the source is endless and having more of it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any better.

What Fang Yuan prioritized was the method of refining the realm’s source. Hence, he must obtain this placenta.

Isn’t it normal to resort to blackmail for heavenly energy?

To obtain this source, one must be willing to sacrifice something.

“You must know… This little source has already been partially refined by you. Even though you don’t have a placenta, the speed of refinement will be much faster once you start anew. Both of us have an unusual existence, so please decide quickly!” Fang Yuan’s voice was cold.

The surroundings of the black human face was circled by lightning, and it carried along a sense of destruction.

Immediately, it looked again at the placenta in Fang Yuan’s hand and had a thought.

“If you want me to leave immediately, refrain from divulging the coordinates of this realm and never come back in the future… Okay!”

Fang Yuan received its terms and conditions and immediately agreed.

In this realm, he only intended to come and harvest it only once, and he had absolutely no intention whatsoever to come here again.

Although he was truly interested in how the realm will progress after the source has been refined, he felt that he could still clearly differentiate between the relative importance of this knowledge and the placenta in his hands.

Fang Yuan definitely didn’t want his opponent to wreck this precious product while he was forcefully escaping.

The realm’s consciousness, on the other hand, was also visibly afraid of a deadly life or death fight. Hence, it could only choose to compromise.


After the realm’s consciousness in the Alcala realm chose to compromise, his actions were very clear-cut and didn’t beat around the bush. Accompanied by the thundering rumbles of the land and the sky, strings of energy from the source suddenly appeared.

Fang Yuan also raised out his hand and stroked the placenta.

Instantly, the layer of purple light converged to transform into a drop of purple source, and it constantly radiated power outwards just like a crystal.

“Sure enough… Only someone who was once a Dream Master Sage could satisfy the requirement to access the alchemically refined source.

At that moment, when Fang Yuan made contact with the source without any protection or defences, it brought him a severe burden.

Hence, he lightly waved his hand and the purple water droplet almost landed on the Alcala mainland.

Of course, the realm’s consciousness wouldn’t allow this to happen. The black human face immediately moved forward and used its forehead to capture it.

“It’s time to leave this Demon Hunter Realm…”

Fang Yuan also made use of this opportunity to absorb his own heavenly energy. He grabbed the evil demon placenta, and he felt his own body, together with Hulk on the ground, say “Go and rest! Go and rest!”

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