Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 659

Chapter 659 The Great War

“All of you, leave!”

After dismissing all of the soldiers, Li Rubi looked at Shi Sheng and suddenly stood up, solemnly bowing.

The Shi Sheng calmly received it, yet at the same time, he shook his head. “Why are you worshipping me?”

“Within the Kun Wu mountains, I’m indebted to you for taking care of me, and I really appreciate it!” Li Rubi said honestly.

“Hehe… If that’s the case, it truly is not without reason for me to receive your worship. I only pity my younger sister apprentice…” Shi Sheng smiled coldly and said.

“The younger sister… what happened to her?”

Li Rubi’s face turned dark.

“Hmph… While you were proclaiming yourself as king, declaring to dominate the human realm, and enjoying a luxurious life… younger sister was, instead, sentenced to enter the Red Cloud Hollow after losing the elder’s Nine Transference Golden Pills. Day and night, she suffered the torment of the Red Clouds and has yet to be released,” Shi Sheng said as he grunted coldly.


Li Rubi’s facial expression changed greatly as he tightly clenched his fist and blue veins started bulging out. He then sat back on his chair dejectedly. “I thought… nothing would happen to her…”

“Hey! You are, after all, a small carp who actually managed to have such a transformation after obtaining the Golden Pills. You know how precious it is, yet you even believed that after I had lost this treasured item that I wouldn’t be punished?”

The Shi Sheng laughed coldly. “Even though I am the direct disciple of the elder, I’m afraid I still do not have this privilege.”

“At the moment… I’m flustered and confused…” Li Rubi circled around a few times and suddenly said, “Have you come back here to catch me then? I’ve already made my mind to go to the Kun Wu mountain to apologize and take responsibility for this. I must rescue younger sister!”

“If you go back right now, I’m afraid that besides from you becoming a prisoner there, there wouldn’t be any point…”

The Shi Sheng shook his head.

At this stage, he was instead proactively considering this matter on behalf of Li Rubi and the younger sister. “The master’s every move and sentence hides a profound meaning inside. This time, you made me go down the mountains. You must’ve predicted that I would run into you. You also talked about chaos around the world…”

He looked at Li Rubi with a serious expression. “Do you have the intention of dominating the whole world?”

“Correct. I desire to dominate the whole world and become the king!” Li Rubi directly admitted.

“Becoming the king isn’t enough…”

The Shi Sheng shook his head. “You need to become the first generation human emperor to benefit mankind and obtain the boundless virtues. Only at that moment would you be able to enter the Kun Wu mountain and, perhaps, use your virtues to oppose master and trade for younger sister’s freedom.”

“Using virtues to oppose? This magical technique is great!”

Li Rubi eyes shined brightly. Very evidently, he had also considered this suggestion long ago.

Immediately, he asked with some uncertainty on his face, “Has the venerable sir met Yuan Hong earlier?”

“He… should be inside the Xuan Nation’s large camp?” The Shi Sheng felt his head hurt a little.

“Correct! When he saw me that day, his temper was explosive, and he ultimately submitted to the Xuan Nation…” Li Rubi’s mouth revealed a bitter smile. To him, this was practically an extension of the previous Kun Wu mountain.

Bullied by monkeys on top of the mountain, and even after going down the mountains, the other party actually continued to be as relentless as before!

“Yuan Hong… sigh…”

The Shi Sheng touched his head and felt that the circumference of his brain had expanded by a great deal.

At the same time, inside the Xuan Nation’s large camp.

Inside a corner of the tent, the whole place was lively and various wines and meat were being served. There were also flexible and seemingly boneless dancers dancing to the beat of the music.

“Haha… Come, let’s drink again!”

Yuan Hong sat on the throne while he hugged women with both hands in a state of pure ecstasy. “These few days of joy and happiness within the human realm exceeds that of the Kun Wu mountain by a few notches…”

“Hehe… So, Brother, you were born on the Kun Wu mountain? I don’t know which personage passed down these spiritual techniques to you?” A teenager wearing a green shirt, who was transformed from a golden-winged Pengornis and acting as his accompanist, asked with a smile.

“Naturally, it is the Holy Elder!”

Yuan Hong finished this sentence, and his heart turned cold. He stopped saying anything else and focused only on eating and drinking.

“Brother Yuan, you are our tribe’s higher being. I offer you a kanpai!”

At this moment, a seductive, beautiful lady raised her glass of wine, causing Yuan Hong’s eyes to stare directly at her.

“I wish immediate success for the general!”

The beautiful lady smiled gently and drank the cup of wine in one mouthful.

“Of course!”

Yuan Hong stared at this scene blankly and only focused on drinking. Traces of wine flowed down along the sides of his mouth.

At this moment, he was drunk and inadvertently grumbled, “All of you don’t need to worry. Me and the leader of that Mountain tribe are completely irreconcilable, and I will definitely chop off his head!”

In his heart, he was extremely infuriated with that carp.

“Being the child of the Holy Elder, I had to be very careful with my conduct on the mountains. That small fish obtained the Golden Pills and had such a majestic transformation. This is really unfair!”

In reality, if it wasn’t for Li Rubi’s own cultivation being profound at this moment, coupled with the protection of the army and the higher mutant beings that were involved, Yuan Hong might’ve wildly sneaked in a surprise attack early on.

It was precisely because of this that it made him change his original intention of depending on Kun Xie, and he instead chose to give in to the embrace of the Xuan Nation. It was easy to understand what mindset he had—without even asking.

“That small carp, when it’s wings have been broken, this Ape elder will personally strip off its scales and pull out its tendons, causing it to neither live nor die. This can slightly soothe the grudge from the thunder whips!”

Initially when Li Rubi swallowed the pill and escaped from death, not only did it harm the younger sister, even Yuan Hong also suffered from many thunder whips.

Naturally, he didn’t hate his own elder, and he only threw all of his anger onto Li Rubi.

Unbeknownst to him, the hearts of the two demons accompanying him were also like the fierce crashing of waves and tides as they kept asking themselves, “Kun Wu mountain? Is that where the ancient Gods are residing?”

However, seeing the Yuan Hon’s lasciviousness and his wild habit, when he achieved his own ambitions, they slowly shook their heads.

If it wasn’t for him still needing these demons in the future, his discourteous standards would’ve been driven out with beating sticks long ago.

“The Path of the Ghost Deity?!”

Inside the Kun Xie army camp, Kun Xie wore a Taoist robe and discussed the transformations of the demon tribe with a few allied forces.

“Indeed… This demonic spirit’s immortality technique has cultivated a small portion of eternal spiritual awareness, traversing the realms and reincarnating as a human!”

An Immortal Cultivator slowly stroked his beard. “Only… this technique is very difficult. Even amongst the demons, only a few are able to cultivate to this standard on their own. Hence, it was mostly the golden-winged Pengornis contributing, personally protecting and realizing it…”

The demon tribe must be spiritual beasts that are able to cultivate. However, in this realm, it mostly consisted of dumb domestic animals.

The golden-winged Pengornis used the Path of the Ghost Deity to realize those with potential, allowing them to traverse the realms and reincarnate anew as humans in order to open up their spiritual intelligence and allow them to naturally make rapid progress when cultivating.

This is also the reason for the flourishing strength of the Xuan Nation and the extraordinary abilities of its army.

“That year when we heard the ancient Gods preach, that golden-winged Pengornis and nine-tailed fox were both legendary creatures within the demon tribe and could realize the Ghost Deity Path, but it wasn’t that surprising…”

Kun Xie was in deep thought. “Among our kind, Peng’s qualifications and comprehension were our first priority. Luckily, that person, at the time, assisted Li Rubi and was also part of our camp.”

“The ambitions of the demon race were already well-known at the time. Kun Xie, being a leader of our kind, you should bring order out of chaos and return peace to our land!”

An Immortal Cultivator named “Li” stood up and spoke righteously.

His suggestion was instantly supplemented and agreed upon by many people. “The Ghost Deity of the demon tribe is just a small path. Our only actual ambition is the major human tao.”

In order to differentiate from the demon tribe, they called their own cultivated deity path “Human Deity,” which means the path that the human race cultivates to become a deity.

Suddenly, a servant rushed over quickly and handed over a note.

Kun Xie looked and his face instantly changed. “Shi Sheng? Kun Wu mountains?”

“Brother, what happened?”

A few brothers asked in succession.

“This is good news. The Mountain tribe has obtained a new mutant they call ‘Shi Sheng’ who came from Kun Wu mountain…” Kun Xie hesitated for a while but still said the truth, “This mountain leader is suspected to be the Holy Man of Beginnings!”

“What? He’s Master?”

A few cultivators were elated. “Our kind must head over and personally pray to him!”

“We will discuss all of this after the war!”

Kun Xie waved his hand with slight frustration, and a shadow from five years ago seemed to appear.

This shadow that blocked the sun and covered the heavens, it swallowed the magical power of over ten thousand soldiers in one mouthful and was like a nightmare that constantly circled around him.

Even though he had recruited that the Immortal Cultivator disciples from that year, it only slightly improved his confidence a little.

Furthermore, there was another piece of information that he didn’t reveal.

“The cultivator from Kun Wu mountain isn’t alone! There is someone else that’s extremely likely to be inside the Xuan Nation’s camp!”

Although his heart was a little disturbed, he was powerless at the moment, and he had to face the treacherous deep abyss if he took a step back! Even Kun Xie had no choice but to lower his head and move forward.


Loud bursts of noise coming from the beating drums shook the heavens and earth.

Tens of thousands of soldiers converged and displayed their battle formation on the plains in three different camps.

“Today’s war will determine who will be in control of everything, and it is the key to the life or death of our demon tribe…”

The teenager who had transformed from the large golden-winged Pengornis sighed and looked at the armies opposite him. “At the key moments, I will once again use my abilities and magical powers!”

“Definitely not!”

The beautiful lady at the side hurriedly refused. “Last time, you had already injured your foundation, and as of now, you have yet to fully recover. If you do it again, I’m afraid…”

“For the long-term cause of my race, what difference does a mere tiny injury make?”

The Pengornis laughed without restraint and looked at the battlefield.

At this moment, the soldiers of the three factions had already begun a brief skirmish.

Seeing that even though the Xuan nation army had a lot of people, they faced the few but elite Kun Nation and Mountain tribe armies, but they seemed to be locked in a stalemate.

“Indeed… there is great fortune on Kun Xie’s faction. Perhaps he is the next king!”

The teenager that had transformed from the Pengornis saw this scene and instantly sighed. There seemed to appear a shapeless staircase in front of him that allowed him to walk step by step into the skies.

“It’s him!”

While delegating tasks down the ranks, Kun Xie’s expression became stern. “All Brothers, prepare!”

Just as the big war was about to start, Yuan Hong also found the Shi Sheng, and his face inadvertently flushed red with anger. He came to the front of the Mountain tribe and said loudly, “Shi Sheng, why do you have to cause trouble for me? Don’t you know that this Li Rubi was that evil dragon that escaped before?”

“This… when I went down the mountains, the elder only ordered me to choose a leader to assist to govern the country…”

The Shi Sheng scratched his head and used a straightforward and good-natured voice to speak.

At the same time, his heart turned even colder. What if the sentence: “Everyone has their own leader” from the Holy Elder, had already long predicted his choice?

“Argh… This is pissing me off!”

After hearing such a roundabout explanation, Yuan Hong was livid with anger. “Shi Sheng… Our mutual affection will end today, and we will meet on the battlefield. Do not blame me for not considering our previous relationship!”

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