Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 724

Chapter 724 Corruption

In mid-air, the giant Evil Demon that Jay had transformed into moved all over and constantly roared.

“My foolish brothers and sisters! Do you actually think that Apophis will truly let all of you unite? It’s no use… There must be one final person determined among the Deities in the Nine Tier Purgatory, who would then be able to enter the ninth tier of Purgatory and directly face the true body of Apophis! This is the revelation I received!”

“Despite that, we can’t succumb to the desire to slaughter!” Amanda’s face was still.

Nearly at the same instant as when she heard the revelation, the divinity and divine fire in her body roared, and she witnessed the truth from another aspect, causing her to realize that what he said was true.

However, she naturally could not reveal that now.

“Even the churches’ Sons of Purgatory will ultimately slaughter each other. This is our destiny!”

Jay opened up both his hands, and the illusion of the Death God Nation descended. “Death… Wither!”

“Even if it’s destiny, we have to overcome it!”

Django’s entire body was bloody and many cracks had appeared on his divine armor and diamond star armor. But his face was instead more determined.

“Among the Sons of Purgatory, only one can survive. What evil will exist by then?” Heim floated in the air and the Purification Domain immediately shrank. What it brought to Jay was instead a more severe threat.

One Slaughter God and two Half-Gods were already sufficient to handle Jay.

Not to mention, their divinity was not simple. They had the favor of the world on them, which was also the power of destiny.

“Darkness Ambush!”

Suddenly, Amanda’s figure blurred, as if she had entered the void. Without warning, she flashed behind Jay and the moonblade in her hands directly entered the Evil Demon’s head.

“Success?!” Django was surprised and instantly filled with joy.

However, in the next instant, he shockingly saw Amanda being flung and crashing heavily onto the ground. He became frightened, and the frightening spell in his hand rapidly flew forward. “Meteor!”


A large meteor fell from the sky and directly struck the giant Evil Demon.

“Lady Amanda!” Not bothering to look at the outcome, he immediately rushed over to the large crater that Amanda had fallen into. “Are you okay?”

“I’m alright! But after he transformed into an Evil Demon, there aren’t any true weaknesses on his body!” Amanda laughed bitterly, spitting out a mouthful of God blood.

Of course, even though he had no weakness, after being struck by such an offense by the Slaughter God and Django, the Evil Demon was also sprawled on the ground and could not currently get up.

“Blasphemy! Sin! … needs to be purified!”

Heim rushed forward and the Purification Domain had already condensed to its limit, transforming into a white light beam in his hands.

Suddenly, the white light beam shook and landed onto the Evil Demon’s body.


Air billows engulfed everything and swept up a massive black mushroom cloud.

The astonishing tumult caused the earth to constantly tremble.

After the ashes and dust settled, a hemispheric cover of earth cracked and revealed Django’s figure looking very awkward. “Damn… Heim, do you want to kill me together with him?”

In fact, he was very clear that an ordinary Purification Domain basically had no lethality.

However, Jay was different, as the power of divinity in his body was highly concentrated. When it clashed with the power of purification that was similarly highly concentrated, it was like boiling hot oil mixing with cold water, and an extremely horrifying reaction immediately occurred.

“Jay… died?” Amanda mumbled and walked forward. Her spiritual will moved and detected the previous hostile aura.

At the center of the explosion, in the middle of a large pit.

Jay has already lost most of his Evil Demon form and lay at the bottom of the pit. His appearance was of a human with ragged clothes, and there were many wounds on his body, looking very terrifying.

If it was a mortal inflicted with such injuries, they would likely have already died.

However, he was eventually a God and could still hold on at the moment.


The three, including Amanda, looked at this and delved into silence.

“Hehe… I can’t believe that it’s the moment of my death.” Jay looked at Amanda and Django, and laughed bitterly. “Whether you believe me or not, I was previously a warrior devoted to fighting for the Gods… Unfortunately, it was the Gods who first abandoned me!”

“Even if that was the case, this wasn’t the reason for your fall. It was definitely the depraved mentality that birthed in your heart that caused the Gods to abandon you!”

Heim walked forward holding a sword of light. “In the name of the Gods, I give you my judgement!”

With this, he directly plunged his sword at Jay’s chest.


This scene caused Django and Amanda to gasp in shock as their eyelids constantly twitched.

Unfortunately, Heim ignored them and the sharp purifying sword penetrated Jay’s chest.

After the God blood sprayed upward, it revealed a cluster of divine fire and a large dark golden crystal on top.

This was Jay’s divine fire, the accumulated divinity that he obtained from all his slaughters, and the Death Godhood.

During the last moment of his life, Jay still laughed in a low voice, as if he clearly saw the trappings of destiny. “Hehe… Son of Salvation… although you have the brilliance of an entire world on your body, it still isn’t sufficient to resist the infection of divinity!”

“Since this is what you really want, take it! Take all of it!”

After speaking, Jay closed his eyes and his signs of vitality completely stopped.

Suddenly, that cluster of divine fire covered the Godhood crystal and transformed into a shooting star, directly entering Heim’s body.


The highly concentrated divinity turned into a dark golden, mist-like egg and enveloped Heim within.

“Heim… will become the Death God?” Looking at this, Django widened his eyes.

“Not necessarily!” Amanda shook her head with a solemn expression.

After all, Jay was not Zorro. He definitely would not have the slightest liking for his killer. How would it be possible for him to sacrifice himself and help Heim?

Thus, Django and Amanda both believed that there had to be a trap within.

Many auras appeared in the surroundings, with the lowest being a Legend. They were all swept away by the previous commotion, but had returned with the intention of fishing in troubled waters.

“It’s the Javina Brothers!”

Among them, Django saw two familiar people. They were the Legend brothers from the Church of War.

Of course, their auras were more powerful than before, and they were just a step away from igniting their divine fire. They had to have killed many Evil Demons and Sons of Purgatory.

“Can’t believe we met again so soon after separating, my brother!”

Javina looked at his younger brother, but his face was very strange.

“Indeed. Unfortunately, I still need a bit more. If I can become a Half-God…” said the younger brother without a sliver of affection.

He looked toward the bundle of black light and could not conceal the greed in his eyes. “Such concentrated power of divinity. Brother, let us join forces and grab it. How about it?”

“Kunville, what’re you preparing to do?” Django’s entire face was wary. “Don’t forget that all of us are working for the Gods!”

“No, no! There’s still some distinction between us!” The older Javina walked forward. “You’re under the Mother Earth Goddess, while we’re under the War God. This is the difference! Not to mention, in the views of the Gods, only the surviving Son of Purgatory has value. There are nothing if they die!

“Battling against this God, I believe you’ve also been heavily injured, right? Pass us the divinity and Godhood. We can swear that we definitely won’t trouble you!”

“This is the alliance of the Gods?” Amanda rolled her eyes and looked at Django.

“It’s just one case! After all, it’s very difficult to control the desires of a Son of Purgatory…” Django’s face turned red in a rare occurrence.

However, he was also actually shocked.

The Gods just wanted to nurture a Son of Purgatory to contend against Apophis. The more powerful their strength, the more recognition they would receive.

If the Javina Brothers really snatched this divinity and successfully apotheosized, they would be on the same level as the Mother Earth Goddess. After that, the Goddess might not necessarily investigate.

Of course, most importantly, this was still a life-and-death war. Perhaps only one could survive, so who would still consider other problems?


At this moment, the black eggshell cracked and Heim’s figure slowly walked out. “This is a Son of Purgatory? It’s really hideous!”

“Haha… we’re hideous?” Kunville pointed at Heim. “Then look at yourself, what have you become?”

The current Heim had already grown black horns on his forehead and a pair of wings opened up on his back, as if they were about to cover the skies. He had surprisingly transformed into a half Evil Demon form.

Changing to an Evil Demon form was almost like an innate ability for the Sons of Purgatory.

However, with the body of the Son of Salvation, this was very abnormal.

“In order to purify the world, this is the consequence that I must pay!”

Heim’s pupils had already turned entirely black, and his voice carried an extreme indifference and coldness. “I have thought it through very clearly… Previously, I made a mistake… It’s really too difficult to purify divinity. No matter how much I purify, it’s just like the difference between a drop of water and an ocean compared to the size of the Nine Tier Purgatory!

“The only method is to completely annihilate all of the Sons of Purgatory!

“It’s much more convenient for me to purify within utter destruction!”

Buzz Buzz!

As he was speaking, the Purification Domain once again spread.

However, the glow this time was evidently different.

Amid the white, there were now hints of blood-red and black mixed within.

“My divinity… Damn!” Javina shouted loudly. “He’s already insane. This domain is extracting our divinity!”

“Heim… you!” Django was also extremely astonished. That was because Heim had also enveloped Amanda and him inside.

Furthermore, the form and nature of the domain had all changed.

This was not the previous annihilation; this was instead… absorption and transformation!

“This isn’t good…”

A divine light flashed in Amanda’s eyes, and she shook her head. “The Death God’s divinity was too powerful. Apophis’ will has corrupted him…”

“So he’s really insane?!” Django felt somewhat dismal.

Son of Salvation Heim was the hope of nearly all the Gods and humans this time.

However, someone like that still inevitably started to degenerate in the Nine Tier Purgatory.

Then, in this world, what else could stop Apophis?

“I’ll kill all of you and use death to purify the contamination!” Heim muttered, the sharp black glow in his eyes expanding as he suddenly took action!

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