Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 807

Chapter 807 Invitation To Battle

“Speaking of the Pugilistic World… Since there are new rankings in the Armament Manual, we must talk about the important events concerning each armament owner!”

The short old man looked at the piles of copper and silver coins in front, and his face lit up, smiling from ear to ear. “Recently, there was an important event that coincidentally happened near Emerald Rock Commandery. Has everyone heard of the Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword before? Rumors say that this sword’s blade has colorful cloud-like patterns and its brilliance is dazzling. Whenever the sword appears, there would definitely be an unusual phenomenon. The previous generation’s Sword Grandmaster became publicly known as first in the Sword Dao by depending on this sword!”

“Of course we’ve heard of it before! The sixth Divine Armament!”

All the other martial artists rolled their eyes. “Don’t keep us on tenterhooks. Say it quickly!”

“All right!” The old storyteller waited a moment, confirming that there was no one else tipping him, before saying at a pace that was neither fast nor slow, “The owner of the Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword this generation has been born, and she’s somehow provoked the Demon Sect. The Demon Sect’s Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons has invited her to battle at Heaven Capital Peak!

“This Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons is from the Six Dao Demon Sect and the Dao Master of the Myriad Poison Dao. His whole body poison techniques are said to be world-shaking. He was even the one that created the Gaseous Poison skill, which changes unpredictably and kills invisibly. It’s said that this demon’s enemies would usually deliver their lives in a daze without even exchanging blows!”

“Looks like this news is really true. Heaven Capital Peak, I must go and take a look. I missed the battle between the Blood Imbibing Saber and the Heaven Earth Man Providence Mirror, so no matter what, I can’t miss the opportunity this time again. Otherwise, I’ll definitely regret it my whole life!”

The martial artists in the restaurant exchanged glances, fire burning in their eyes.

Of course, a few hot-headed people cried out, “In history, evil has never defeated righteousness. The Myriad Poison Cauldron is only ranked eighth, so how can it compare to the sixth-ranked Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword?”

” Sigh … Even so, the Demon Sect doesn’t mind using shameless methods when they handle matters…” The old storyteller sighed faintly. “The Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword owner is said to be a lady, but two fists have difficulty overcoming four hands… Furthermore, with the precedent of the Blood Imbibing Saber, who would be able to guarantee that? Armaments only play a supporting role in the Pugilistic World rankings. Most important is still the person themselves!”

These words caused the atmosphere to turn slightly depressing instantly.

Many martial artists drank their alcohol and ate their meals, but no one knew what they were thinking or planning to do.

“Big Stone…”

In a corner, there were three people sitting at a table.

One of the young ladies pulled the sleeve of the honest and good-natured youth sitting beside her.

“Ah… You still want to eat?” asked the youth innocently as he raised his head. The food crumbs could still be seen on the corner of his mouth. He had thick brows, large eyes, and was utterly honest and good-natured.

“Eat, eat, eat! All you know is to eat! You pig!”

The girl rolled her eyes.

Her hair was tied into two large braids, and her small face was scrunched up currently. “Stone Oaf, you ate too much. We won’t have enough money! Also… did you hear that just now? The Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword! Although we didn’t know before, the Old Man had admitted that it was his sword, even though he gave it away!”

This girl was naturally Fu Hongmian, and the honest and good-natured youth was the Sword Grandmaster’s favorite disciple, Shi Lei.

“Master’s sword?”

Shi Lei wiped his mouth and his face became solemn. He glanced at the person sharing the table beside him, but stopped himself from speaking even though he looked like he was about to.

Although he was honest and good-natured in front of his junior sister, he was also mature and well-behaved.

“Looks like I’m disturbing!”

The one sitting with them was a girl wearing black clothing. Her brows and eyes were as beautiful as a drawing, but her temperament was as chilly as ice.

If Fang Yuan were here, he would have certainly recognized her.

Previously, he had met a girl named Xiaodie while making a ruckus at the Jiang family of Boyang Commandery.

Of course, the Jiang Xiaodie now was a completely different person. Not only that, but she was also carrying a long strip of cloth on her back and had the appearance of someone from the Pugilistic World. “I was originally an outsider, so I’ll leave first.”

“No way. Sister Xiaodie has a warm heart despite your cold surface. You’re a great person. Furthermore, didn’t we agree to make a living in the Pugilistic World together?”

Fu Hongmian stopped her and pulled on Jiang Xiaodie’s arm, saying, “There’s nothing we can’t say, right, Stone Oaf?”

“That’s right…” Shi Lei scratched his head but was dumbfounded in his heart. You’ve already said it, so what’s the point of asking.

“Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword was your master’s sword… I truly had eyes but failed to see, not realizing that you two were actually disciples of the Sword Grandmaster. Truly disrespectful…” Jiang Xiaodie said calmly.

No matter what she said, the tone was neither warm nor cold, as if she was being sarcastic.

However, Fu Hongmian willfully went with it. “Sister Jiang, please don’t be bothered about this Stone Oaf!”

All right! It’s me! It’s me again! It’s me who’s unjustly blamed again!

Shi Lei rolled his eyes.

“Speaking of this…” Jiang Xiaodie unintentionally took a glance behind her before saying while fiddling with her black hair, “You two are the inheritors of the Sword Grandmaster, so why wasn’t the Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword passed down to you two?”

“Who knew what the Old Man was thinking?”

Fu Hongmian said angrily, “That Old Man normally had no money for drinking and was so poor he wished that a coin could multiply, but to hide so many swords secretly… And not tell us!”

Although she was angry, her eyes were red when she finished speaking.

“We’ll definitely avenge Master!” Shi Leu clenched his fists. “Demon Sect… Sky Fiend Dao Master!”

“He’s the formidable authority of the Demon Sect. Moreover, since the battle in the Heaven Deity Palace, he’s vanished without a trace. No one knows if he was heavily injured and secluded himself to treat his injuries, or if he had died inside. Even if he was found, so what? Can you beat him?”

Jiang Xiaodie sneered.

Shi Lei’s martial arts were decent. In fact, it was more than decent and already at first-grade. However, compared to Sky Fiend Dao Master and other peak figures, he still lacked years’ worth of accumulation.

“That’s right!”

Mentioning this, Fu Hongmian was enraged and kicked Shi Lei. “There were so many rare swords, but Stone Oaf only chose a stone sword. You truly are the death of me!”

“The stone sword is really nice to use. Furthermore… Master had it fall next to me, so there must be a deep meaning!”

Shi Lei touched his weapon.

It was a long, stone sword.

While it was called a sword, it was somewhat insulting to the word ‘sword’. To outsiders, it was a thick and heavy slab of stone that was barely carved into the form of a long sword. The handicraft was incomparable clumsy, like a child had conveniently scrawled it.

“However, I feel that the material of this sword is unusual. Normal stones break after getting struck by other swords, but this stone sword could last until now…” Jiang Xiaodie said comfortingly.

“What’s the use of having good material, to pound someone dead?” Fu Hongmian was still enraged. “Stone Oaf, we should go to Heaven Capital Peak to look at who has the Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword. If it’s one of Master’s old acquaintances, I won’t say anything, but if they aren’t related, you’ll take it. At most, you can help her dispatch that whatever Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons. This is helping her to our best already…”

“How could we do that?”

Shi Lei shook his hands quickly.

However, Jiang Xiaodie nodded. “Shi Lei, your sword… Although it isn’t ordinary, it’s really too heavy. You should get a Divine Armament to fight against your enemy! However, Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons is already at Heavenly Phenomenon, and those that can compete with him aren’t simple! It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

“It’s all because of Shi Lei! He’s too dumb… Oh, right!” Fu Hongmian complained out of habit but suddenly thought of something. She looked at Jiang Xiaodie and asked, “Sister, why are you traveling in the Pugilistic World?”

“Me?” Jiang Xiaodie touched the long strip behind her back and replied, “It’s to find a… person worthy of my attack! I hope he… won’t disappoint me…”

As she said that, it seemed as though that overbearing and wild figure appeared before her eyes.

Heaven Capital Peak.

At the moment, at a dangerous place in Emerald Rock Commandery, there was a mountain peak that was like a sword piercing the clouds. At the midsection of the mountain, there was a dragon-like cloud encircling. The sight was spectacular.

Since news of the battle between the current generation Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword owner and the Demon Sect’s Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons at the mountain peak had spread, the mountain had become thoroughly crowded. It was unknown how many martial artists came, but unfortunately, they were reminded of their disastrous defeat at the foot of the mountain.

However, every expert had their own ego. How could they tolerate it when they were treated like monkeys in public?

Thus, the Demon Sect had already assigned people around the area to clear the scene.

Of course, what they needed to clear were merely the small fish. The true experts were unconcerned.

“Wow… So many people!”

At the moment, there was a fighting ring in front of the path up the mountain, and many martial artists were surrounding it.

This was what Shi Lei saw when he arrived.

“What happened?”

Fu Hongmian was lively and directly grabbed a martial artist beside her to ask.

The martial artist wanted to explode, but his temper became much better when he saw that it was such an innocent and adorable girl. He said, “It’s all because of those demon brutes. They’ve shamelessly sealed the mountain, and Gu Qixing even said that whoever could defeat him while he’s using half his strength would be able to witness the battle on the mountain! Wait until I adjust my Qi properly, and I’ll definitely go beat the crap out of him. He’s basically bullying us Orthodox Dao martial artists!”

Of course, this was all talk. It was impossible for him to really go up and fight.

After all, Gu Qixing had made fierce progress during the last year and had already entered first-grade. Even though he was not at Heavenly Phenomenon yet, he was still one of the best!

This martial artist knew about his own matters, and he could only be called mighty in a small commandery. If he really got on stage, with his middling skill, he would probably be knocked off with a kick and lose face.

Those in the Pugilistic World could lose their lives, but their face and reputation could never be lost. Otherwise, dying was better than living.

“Gu Qixing!” Hearing this news, Fu Hongmian’s eyes lit up even brighter. He pulled Shi Lei’s arm. “Stone Oaf, go and beat him!”

“Ah?” Shi Lei touched his head. “Why?”

“Are you dumb? If you don’t beat him, how do we go up the mountain? Besides… this person isn’t Heavenly Phenomenon yet, so you can definitely beat him!”


The martial artist beside them was speechless. How could this pair of youths boast more wildly than him?

Did they know what a first-grade grandmaster was? Not being Heavenly Phenomenon still meant that he was undoubtedly at the peak of the Pugilistic World and sufficient to found a sect.

It was almost enough to make even the masters of a few large holy grounds need to maintain appearances.

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