Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 808

Chapter 808 Probe


Gu Qixing kicked, causing a fellow calling himself North Sky Hero to be knocked out of the fighting ring.

“Too weak! You’re too weak!”

He shook his head and sighed while looking at that grandmaster’s face turn red as he escaped in embarrassment.

In fact, he had such qualifications.

After the battle with the Jiang family’s patriarch, he had drawn a lesson from that bitter experience and made himself train harder. He had already reached first-grade grandmaster and was even unbeatable among the same age group, save one!

Blood Imbibing Saber⁠ Nangong Wuwang!

He had suddenly appeared and was like a sun that snatched away all radiance, causing the stars to lose their splendor.

But it’s all right… Nangong Wuwang depends on the Blood Imbibing Saber and has unstable foundations. Who knows, maybe he’s wrecked his vitality after using some unknown secret technique. In this year, he’s been extremely low-profile. Keeping silent and laying low is clear proof… With a few more years, I’ll definitely enter Heavenly Phenomenon and exceed him!

Gu Qixing’s heart was filled with wild ambitions.

Compared to this, he was still more worried about the Six Dao Demon Sect’s situation.

After the Heaven Deity Palace battle, Lady Temptress and Ghosteye had survived, but Sky Fiend Dao Master had truly passed away, resulting in chaos in the Demon Sect.

Just when they had recently recovered a little of their vitality, they were stepped on by a new female swordsman.

Otherwise, Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons would not have bullied the young and appeared on stage.

However, these foreign aggressions were trivial matters. What truly worried Gu Qixing were the internal problems.

He did not know if it was an illusion or not, but recently, he felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere in the Demon Sect, as if there was some undercurrent hiding.

“… I am Stone Oaf… Wait! Shi Lei, and I’ve come to seek advice!”

Just as Gu Qixing was absent-minded, an honest and good-natured youth with thick brows and large eyes slowly climbed up onto the ring and stood opposite him.

“What happened?”

Gu Qixing frowned and glanced at the Demon Sect soldier closeby.

Although he was guarding here, not just anyone could be his opponent.

Seeing this, the soldier quickly signaled with his hands, causing Gu Qixing to understand immediately. A grandmaster. Defeated the previous two trials. Deeply hidden…

He looked at Shi Lei and slightly squinted as he said, “Pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger… I’ll turn you into a real pig!”

Gu Qixing set his mind, his eyes emitting a cold light.

“Beat him! Beat him, Stone Oaf!”

Below the ring, Fu Hongmian was very excited. After thinking a bit, she unveiled her big move. “If you don’t win… I… I will ignore you!”


This scene caused many spectators to laugh, also managing to slightly relieve the vicious currents in the ring.

“All right! All right!”

Shi Lei was flustered but still took out his weapon.


Once the stone sword appeared, Gu Qixing’s eyes were suddenly a little sluggish.

“Haha…” The whole scene became silent, then shortly after filled with laughter. “That’s a sword? It’s obviously a stone pillar!”

“An immature and inexperienced child still dares to presumptuously come forward?”

The grandmasters defeated previously also criticized him without hesitation.

Even though they could see that Shi Lei truly had skill, they were still bitter and harsh because they certainly did not want this honest and good-natured fellow to beat Gu Qixing.

After all, Gu Qixing had defeated them. If he defeated Gu Qixing, it would mean that he was above them.

If it was a Pugilistic World elder or a famous chivalrous hero, it was still all right. But if it was a rash person like this, they were afraid that they would not be able to lift their heads in the future.

However, Gu Qixing did not laugh.

He realized that this honest and good-natured youth opposite him had instantly changed into another person after holding the stone sword.

He was steady and reserved, like jade just exposed after grinding a stone and could not wait to emit its radiance.


His wrist shook and his long sword was unsheathed.

The Seven Stars Sword had been damaged years ago, and Gu Qixing’s current sword was a sandalwood sword.

Compared to the nameless metal sword of the Jiang family’s patriarch, he was undoubtedly a step further, reaching the realm of accepting wood as a sword.


The two moved into position, and Sword Qi suddenly permeated everywhere.

Although it was merely just this, many Pugilistic World elders changed their expressions and squarely faced this coming great battle.

“What a good swordsman. This spirit… reminds me of the previous generation’s Sword Grandmaster!”

“After today’s battle, Shi Lei’s name will definitely spread throughout the Pugilistic World… It’s only a nickname right, or is he really called Stone Oaf? This is too…”

“Gu Qixing also isn’t simple. He was defeated by the common metal sword used by the Jiang family’s patriarch, but today, he changed to using a wooden sword. This Sword Dao mastery is probably unique among the youths, and his ability must have exceeded the Petal Rinsing Divine Sword now!”

“A fierce battle between giants, it’s really a fierce battle between giants!”

“Even if I can’t witness the battle between the Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword and the Myriad Poison Cauldron today, this journey wasn’t in vain…”

“Wooden sword! Is a wooden sword very powerful? Wood is not as heavy as stone, nor as hard as stone!”

Below the ring, Fu Hongmian clenched her small fists tightly.

“Hmm… This makes sense!”

Beside her, Jiang Xiaodie nodded and her face twitched. She could not maintain her image as an ice-maiden.

“Right? Sister Xiaodie also thinks like this!” Fu Hongmian had a proud look. “Stone Oaf can definitely win!”

“This is…” Jiang Xiaodie smiled and looked at the Pugilistic World boors shouting loudly beside them, feeling complicated listening to them say that Gu Qixing had already surpassed the Petal Rinsing Divine Sword. “Is… the Petal Rinsing Divine Sword really no match for Gu Qixing?”

“Of course…” replied the martial artist beside her. “Have you seen the Armament Repository’s latest Heaven Roll and Earth Roll? The Heaven Roll records Heavenly Phenomenon experts, while the Earth Roll records first to ninth-grade experts. On the Earth Roll, Gu Qixing is ranked seventh. Compared to the tenth Petal Rinsing Divine Sword, he’s two ranks higher!”

“What does the Earth Roll count as? I see that this demon has pretty good luck. Maybe one day, he’ll get on the Heaven Roll!”

“Promoted to Heavenly Phenomenon? With his natural endowments, this is really feasible. Although this fool of an opponent also has some cultivation… Ah!”

Just as the two martial artists were discussing happily, an agonizing scream was abruptly heard, and they spit out a mouthful of blood-stained teeth.

“Who dares plot against us?”

They were enraged, but the next moment, a sound broke through the air and multiple pebbles hit their faces, causing them to cry out loud and wail while hugging their heads. They no longer dared say words of revenge.

“Sister Xiaodie?”

Fu Hongmian’s eyes widened.

Although the others did not discover it, standing nearest to Jiang Xiaodie, she had realized something.

She did not expect that a chivalrous woman that was the same as her senior brother and her, who had come out to make a living in the Pugilistic World, was also a deeply hidden expert!

“Don’t tell me your martial arts are better than Stone Oaf’s?”

Fu Hongmian covered her red lips.

Although her own martial arts were not good, she had had a great master and thus very good eyes. When Jiang Xiaodie truly made a move, she had instantly discovered it.

“Our paths had crossed and we hit it off at first glance, but now, we have to separate!” Jiang Xiaodie stroked Fu Hongmian’s hair and said hesitantly, “Also… treat your Brother Stone better. There aren’t many men like him in the Pugilistic World!”

“No! Sister, don’t go!”

Fu Hongmian was on the verge of tears and did not have any mind to focus on what was happening in the ring.

“Fate will start and end, so don’t hold on to it too much!”

Jiang Xiaodie slowly untied the cloth strip behind her back and held it in her hands.

” Tsk tsk … Looks like I made it on time for a good show!”

Fang Yuan, who was wearing all white and was unarmed, slowly walked in between the ladies. After looking at Fu Hongmian’s pupils, he was even said playfully, “Miss, you have to know that in every sect, the junior sister is intended for the senior brother… What you did was lure in a wolf, which is very, very dangerous. Be careful of your sweetheart being taken away.”

“Who are you? And… what sweetheart, taken away?”

The girl widened her eyes and was slightly confused.

But it seemed as if something in her heart was struck, and she slightly realized a bitterness.

“Blood Imbibing Saber! Nangong Wuwang!!!”

Jiang Xiaodie’s expression changed, and the cloth strip in her hands transformed into butterflies and exploded, exposing a quaint long sword.

This sword was faint blue, and there were blood-colored lines on its body. There was even a blood hole in the middle, and terrifying demonic thoughts wreaked havoc. It looked like it would swing at Fang Yuan at any time.

“The third Demonic Armament, Li Perishing Sword? Looks like the Jiang family really hid many secrets!”

Fang Yuan looked at Jiang Xiaodie serenely. He was completely unarmed, but he was greater than any other pressure, almost preventing Jiang Xiaodie from breathing.

Lady Temptress and Ghosteye were his people. In this one year, he had naturally infiltrated the Demon Sect.

Currently, he only lacked three of the Demon Sect’s top ten Demonic Armaments.

Therefore, Fang Yuan, the Armament Repository Master who rarely appeared, decided to make a move after being silent for so long and went to Heaven Capital Peak to recover the armaments.

The Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword and the Myriad Poison Cauldron were enough for him to make the journey here.

And at the moment, he seemed to have discovered a more interesting toy.

“The inheritor of the Sword Grandmaster? Stone sword?”

Fang Yuan looked at Shi Lei, who was on the fighting ring, and then looked at Fu Hongmian and Jiang Xiaodie.

Hmm, he had to say that these two girls each had their own beauty, each having their strong points. However, they both seemed to adore that silly boy?

No matter how I look at it, he has the feel of a main character… Unfortunately… my great plan needs the true Celestial Thearch Sword!

Even if the possibility that that silly boy was the owner of the Celestial Thearch Sword was above fifty percent, Fang Yuan would still not make a move easily.

After all, it only got more challenging at the end. It was one of his strategies to get the more easily obtained Divine Armaments and Demonic Armaments before dealing with the Celestial Thearch Sword.

Furthermore, if he slaughtered him too early, the Celestial Thearch Sword would not appear at all, and he would not be able to complete his Pseudo Dao plan. At that time, who could he cry to?

“What? He’s the Blood Imbibing Saber?”

Fu Hongmian and the surrounding martial artists were all shocked, quickly retreating a certain distance.

At the moment, there were less than ten people in the Pugilistic World who knew that Nangong Wuwang was the master of the Armament Repository. However, the Nangong Wuwang identity was scary enough.

The Blood Imbibing Saber owner! A Heavenly Phenomenon martial artist!

Under these halos, even the two youths in the ring were overshadowed.

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