Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 809

Chapter 809 Fairy Sect

Fang Yuan stood with his hands behind his back and casually said, “Miss Xiaodie, you really seem to desire a fight with me.”

“I must avenge the Jiang family!”

The Li Perishing Sword suddenly emitted brilliant blue light, as if it had sensed its owner’s determination.

“Which Jiang family?” Fang Yuan said in a teasing tone, knowing that only Xiaodie could understand his words. “Honestly… I’m very happy. Your presence is a pleasant surprise, as you have brought the Li Perishing Sword to me!”

Unarmed, he took two steps forward.

Jiang Xiaodie’s expression was solemn. Her acupoints opened and closed all over her body, preparing to trigger a heavenly phenomenon!

As the Li Perishing Sword owner, she had progressed quickly into the Heavenly Phenomenon realm!

“Very good!” But Fang Yuan did not look impressed at all. “Congratulations, Miss Jiang. You will appear on the Heaven Roll of the Armament Repository next month!”

This man!

Fu Hongmian retreated continuously, her eyes full of fear.

Their friend, Xiaodie, had been traveling with them for a long time, but it was unexpected that she was a Demonic Armament owner and a Heavenly Phenomenon!

Even scarier was that she was suppressed by a young man barehanded!

Even though this young man was Nangong Wuwang, this scene was still too shocking!

Damn it! I can’t endure this any longer if Stone Oaf doesn’t finish the battle quickly! Fu Hongmian complained silently and glanced at Shi Lei.


At this moment, a clashing of swords was heard in the ring, and two silhouettes separated immediately.


Gu Qixing stared at the broken wooden sword in his hand with slightly glazed eyes. “I lost!”

He had cultivated diligently, made breakthroughs, and fought in the Pugilistic World once again hoping to salvage his reputation. However, he was defeated once more, and by a mere nobody?

Could I… really not be gifted?

These continuous blows made Gu Qixing doubt his ability.

“Junior Sister!”

Meanwhile, Shi Lei ignored the exclamations from the audience and leaped off the ring in a hurry to protect Fu Hongmian behind him. “I won’t allow you to hurt my Junior Sister… and Miss Jiang!”

“Hehe… How affectionate!”

Fang Yuan could not help laughing while his eyes glistened.

Superficially, this youth named Shi Lei was merely a gifted young man.

But the stone sword behind his back had a mysterious spiritual aura, corresponding with the heavens and the earth. From the stars to the mountains and rivers, all was under its influence.

Of course, since the Divine Armament concealed its power, it would be useless even if Fang Yuan wrested it away.

The Celestial Thearch Sword has recognized its owner. Can only this person bring the Divine Armament into the light of day?

But he’s only a nobody right now, so do I need to help him become more powerful?

Fang Yuan suddenly felt a headache.

When he had read novels in his previous life, he had always felt that the antagonist was so stupid. The antagonist had left a lot of time and opportunities for the protagonist to grow stronger. Moreover, the antagonist even sent his subordinates, whose abilities were always just enough, to sharpen the protagonist’s skills.

But now, he had to be the stupid antagonist for once.

“Brother, the problem isn’t whether I’ll let her off, but whether she’ll attack me…”

Fang Yuan shrugged and looked at Jiang Xiaodie. “So… Miss Jiang?”

Jiang Xiaodie’s expression was cold, and she seemed prepared to wield the Li Perishing Sword at any moment.

But then she saw the worried looks on Shi Lei’s and Fu Hongmian’s faces. Laughing bitterly, she sheathed her sword. “Blood Imbibing Saber owner… After this battle on Heaven Capital Peak, there’ll be a fight between us!”

“It’s good that you can size up the situation and stay humble at the right time!”

Fang Yuan nodded.

This woman had matured a lot since her family was decimated.

If she had dared to wield the sword just now, she would have died miserably.

The ability to hold back her murderous intent and sheathe her sword suggested her broadmindedness and boldness.

But the most crucial part was her luck!

With that thought, Fang Yuan stopped exerting pressure. The heavy pressure covering the entire area suddenly dissipated.

Gu Qixing was all smiles when Fang Yuan strolled toward him. “Since Blood Imbibing Saber Senior Nangong is here, I won’t dare obstruct your way! Please!”

Gu Qixing was only a first-grade grandmaster after all, and it would be absurd if he dared to stop a Heavenly Phenomenon.

He was no match for Jiang Xiaodie either. Bowing respectfully, he invited the four of them onto the mountain path before straightening up. He then glanced at the rest of the martial artists coldly. “Anyone else?”

He could not wait to vent his spleen on these martial artists.

“Hey hey… Are you really Nangong Wuwang?

“I heard that you rank seventh on the Heaven Roll!”

On the mountain route, Fu Hongmian could no longer hold back her curiosity. She chattered around Fang Yuan like a lark, her large eyes blinking as she talked.

“Miss Jiang, is this your enemy?” Shi Lei shivered at the sight of Fang Yuan. “He feels really frightening…”

“Although I’ve broken into Heavenly Phenomenon, I’m still very far from his level!” Jiang Xiaodie had a cold expression. From the short confrontation just now, she was clear about the distance between Fang Yuan and herself. “But it’s fine. As long as I’m still alive, I can make another attempt… Now that he’s ignoring me, this is my best chance!”

All four of them were experts in the Pugilistic World and swiftly went up the mountain with ease.

However, Shi Lei felt uneasy because Fang Yuan kept following the three of them, as if he was already their close friend.

When they arrived at Heaven Capital Peak, Shi Lei could no longer endure and shouted, “What… in the world do you want to do?”

“Nothing. I just want to verify a conjecture!”

There was a platform at the peak where a few martial artists sat cross-legged and settled down.

The last three martial artists on the Divine Armament Roll were present, but only Ghosteye came here to represent the Demon Sect.

Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons and the Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword owner had not appeared yet.

Fang Yuan and the others attracted a lot of attention upon arriving at the peak.

“Blood Imbibing Saber… Nangong Wuwang!”

“Is that girl carrying the Li Perishing Sword on her back? She must be in Heavenly Phenomenon if she can master that Demonic Armament!”

“I thought that Gu Qixing was the top talent of the Demon Sect, but he’s no match for either of them!”

Many people began whispering.

As for Shi Lei and Fu Hongmian, they were directly overlooked.

“Why hasn’t the battle started yet?” Fu Hongmian craned her neck, but found that the battle had not started yet. She felt somewhat disappointed but simultaneously excited. “I didn’t miss it after all!”

“Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons! Show yourself!”

After a while, a woman’s voice was heard in the fog.

Chi! Chi!

Sword radiance suddenly appeared and split into five colors.

The radiance shimmered and transformed into a rainbow. A valiant woman in neat clothes tread on the rainbow as she approached the peak. Her eyebrows were like swords and her eyes were like stars, and the thin sword in her hand was three feet three inches long.

This sword had a purely golden color and emitted a mysterious five-colored light. There were patterns of the Five Elements on the blade.

The sixth Divine Armament—Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword!

“What? Old Poison Creature, are you scared?”

The woman was indeed arrogant, directly calling for her opponent after reaching the platform.

“Hehe! You’re too rude!”

With sinister laughter, Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons walked out from a shadow.

His looks were pretty good. He wore a green robe and had the manner of an immortal. His eyebrows and beard were red like fire, while some of his hair had turned greyish white.

His look would be eccentric in any mortal world.

This was Myriad Poisons Dao Master of the Demon Sect, Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons.

“Xie Xuanyun!”

Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons ruined his aura with a hoarse voice. He had hurt his vocal cords when using poisons at a young age. Although he had recovered from the injury, he still suffered from the aftermath. “You killed three of my disciples! If I let you leave Heaven Capital Peak today, I’ll reverse my name!”

“Old Poison Creature, your disciples were thousands of times less capable than you, but they were ten times more arrogant! They often bullied men, raped women, and plundered others’ belongings. I happened to see them committing a crime, so I directly killed them. What’s wrong with that? I was also helping you dispose of unqualified members!”

“You…” After hearing that domineering declaration, Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons seethed with anger despite his self-control. “Young girl, don’t argue with me. Since we’re in the Pugilistic World, we’ll ultimately resolve this with a battle. I’ll let you attack first!”

Having finished his sentence, he stood with his hands behind his back just like a grandmaster.

However, those in the Demon Sect familiar with Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons took a step back at the same time.

After all, Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons was famous for the Gaseous Poison! It was capable of killing invisibly!

“All right!”

Xie Xuanyun shouted, and the fiery red pattern on the Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword shone brightly.

Chi! Chi!

Fiery clouds emerged around her.

Every attack by the Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword would certainly be accompanied by an unusual phenomenon!

The fiery clouds were not ordinary fire, but heavenly fire. They were so powerful that they evaporated all the Gaseous Poison immediately.

The fiery light was followed by the thick, yellow color of earth.

The Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword had the forces of the Five Elements.

Xie Xuanyun started the battle with fire in order to cope with the Gaseous Poison in the air.

Fire generated earth, earth generated metal, metal generated water, and water generated wood. Right now, the sword transformed continuously according to this order, amplifying its power by more than ten times.


Waves of the Five Elements surged onto the battlefield and triggered mind-blowing heavenly phenomena.


The Old Poison Creature stared with his eyes wide open. He opened up his sleeves and released two dark clouds.

Numerous golden-skin wasps in the dark clouds fearlessly attacked the Five Element Cloud Qi.

Chi! Chi!

Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons waved his hand again, and the air was suddenly shaken.

Streams of black Qi emerged to form scorpions, centipedes, toads, and other poisonous creatures in the air, charging at the waves of the Five Elements.

Shi Lei found his trip worthwhile, witnessing this battle between top martial artists of this generation.

“I didn’t realize that years had gone away until I came down the mountain today!”

While the audience watched the battle nervously, a voice reciting a poem suddenly rang out in everybody’s ears.

“Such a celestial voice?”

A few seniors exchanged glances and immediately thought of the source of the voice. “The Fairy Sect?”

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