Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 810

Chapter 810 Besiege And Kill

This person had the ability to let everybody hear her voice during the battle between two Heavenly Phenomenon martial artists, alerting everyone to the presence of another Heavenly Phenomenon.

“I am Bi Luokong from the Fairy Sect. Please forgive me for coming without prior notice!”

Speaking with a distinct voice, a young lady walked gracefully toward the battlefield.

She appeared to be around twenty years old and had fair skin. While she dressed as a male scholar with a gentleman’s headcloth, she was still attractive in an unusual way.

Even Ghosteye took a deep, cold breath when he saw Bi Luokong’s face.

“This lady is so beautiful!”

Although she dressed like a man, Bi Luokong was still beautiful and sacred like the immortal fairies from the Dunhuang Feitian.

She seemed to be the embodiment of all truth, kindness, and beauty in the world—a spirit that represented justice and light.

Bi Luokong arrived at Heaven Capital Peak, but instead of mediating the fight, she first approached the group of people near Fang Yuan.

“Young Master Shi Lei…”

Bi Luokong’s feet were like moving lotuses, shifting a few kilometers within a moment and appearing in between Shi Lei and Fu Hongmian.

Her sleeves shook gently, sending both of them far away and letting them land steadily without a scratch.

This godlike technique separated them from Fang Yuan with well-controlled angle and force.

Of course, this was also because Fang Yuan did not care.

Otherwise, if Fang Yuan had taken the chance to attack the Sacred Lady, he would have taught her a good lesson.

At this moment, even Jiang Xiaodie’s eyes glistened.

While Fang Yuan had a righteous excuse, he was actually moving in a way that suppressed the three of them, especially Shi Lei and Fu Hongmian, and could take their lives as he wanted.

But Bi Luokong easily resolved their unfavorable situation. Her ability was indeed impressive.

Fang Yuan ruminated as he looked at this. “The Coiled Dragon Silk?”

The Coiled Dragon Silk was the second Divine Armament and wielded by the Sacred Lady of the Fairy Sect.

Bi Luokong’s cultivation had reached Heavenly Phenomenon, and together with the aid of the Coiled Dragon Silk, her ability was not to be underestimated.

“Thank you… Miss Bi!”

Shi Lei heaved a sigh of relief and thanked Bi Luokong after seeing that Fang Yuan was not chasing after them.

“Young Master Nangong…” Bi Luokong gazed at Fang Yuan, her eyes gleaming. “For the sake of all people in the world, may I request you put a stop to your actions?”

“Oh? It seems that you’ve discovered something. After all, the Fairy Sect is the greatest force of the Orthodox Dao…” Fang Yuan shrugged casually. “But how much do you know about it?”

“Young Master…” Bi Luokong laughed bitterly. “What have all people done to deserve this? If you’re willing to retire, I can always serve you. What do you think?”

“Heroes will eventually be defeated by old age, as well as tender Affection Silk?”

Fang Yuan was stunned as he saw all the beauty of the world in this lady’s eyes. He could not help murmuring, “Is this the truth about the Coiled Dragon Silk?”

The hardest thing in the world existed not in the mundane world, but in the human heart. It was known as the Affection Silk!

The Affection Silk was long and tensile, extending without breaking. The Fairy Sect had mastered the Coiled Dragon Silk with affection, but they were not on an immoral path.

Moreover, the Affection Silk Dao was lingering and complicated. The previous masters of the Coiled Dragon Silk succeeded in most of their attempts to persuade demonic martial artists who rampaged through the Pugilistic World.

This also resulted in the development of the Fairy Sect.

“What if I don’t agree?” Fang Yuan squinted.

“If you insist, I’ll have to invite you to the Fairy Sect.”

“Hehe… I wonder why you’re so confident!” Fang Yuan laughed out loud sarcastically.

Bi Luokong said with a smile, “The Fairy Sect has been paying close attention to you for a long time. For example… should I call you Young Master Nangong or the Armament Repository Master?”

Shi Lei and Fu Hongmian shuddered at her words.

When the Golden Breeze Drizzle Building broke down, countless people had wanted to reap some benefits from it, but a mysterious force had devoured all of it before they could plunder anything.

And that mysterious force was the Armament Repository! However, the identity of its master was unknown.

As time passed, some people were used to this new ruler, while those who genuinely rebelled against him were completely annihilated.

There were naturally many rumors about the remolded Armament Repository in the Pugilistic World.

But nobody expected that the mysterious Armament Repository Master was Nangong Wuwang!

“Unbelievable, unbelievable…”

The news was too shocking. Even Fu Hongmian stopped arguing with Shi Lei, her eyes opening wide. “This man is the mysterious Armament Repository Master! Oh my…”

“I defeated Chen Qiyou and took all of his belongings, so what?” Fang Yuan asked, without any intent to conceal the fact he had reaped all the benefits.

“There’s indeed nothing wrong with that, but I can’t agree with what you’re doing now… The Armament Repository is gathering all the Divine Armaments and Demonic Armaments in the world, which is blatant robbery! You threatened to kill the entire Kong family to force them to repair the Righteousness Ruler, and what was that for?”

Bi Luokong’s mesmerizing eyes stared at Fang Yuan. “Furthermore… having collected so many Divine Armaments and Demonic Armaments, why did you bring nothing with you?”

Fang Yuan was unarmed right now, not even bringing the Blood Imbibing Saber, much less the Seven Slaughter Tiger Soul Saber.

“Very good. The Fairy Sect has lived up to its reputation, and your investigation is quite thorough!”

Fang Yuan shrugged as he looked at the battlefield where the Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword was fighting against Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons. “Was this bait as well? You made the arrangements just to attract me here?”

“That’s right. Given your identity and status, only the presence of two Divine Armaments could attract you here,” Bi Luokong answered calmly. “The Orthodox Dao and the Demon Dao must collaborate in order to cope with you… Armament Repository Master, you controlled experts in both the Orthodox Dao and the Demon Dao using Yin Yang Talismans, but Divine Doctor Sacred Hands has found a flaw and cured them. I look forward to seeing how many of them are still on your side!”

Chi! Chi!

As soon as she finished her sentence, Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons and Xie Xuanyun stopped fighting, and two streams of light swept toward Fang Yuan.

“You were indeed putting on an act!”

Fang Yuan retreated quickly, and the ground cracked around him. After evading the attack with ease, he looked at Ghosteye. “You also betrayed me?”

“How can I betray you if I’ve never been loyal to you?” Ghosteye shook his head. “Your intention to conquer the Demon Dao was too obvious. Since the Demon Sect is losing and unstable, some elders decided to take action. I-I should naturally shoulder my responsibility!”

Pa! Pa!

Fang Yuan clapped. “What a good move!”

The Sacred Lady of the Fairy Sect seldom appeared, but once she did, she would shock the heavens and the earth.

She could readily seduce everyone, and Fang Yuan was speechless seeing so many old guys under her command.

“Stone Oaf!”

Fu Hongmian pulled Shi Lei’s sleeve cautiously, implying that she wanted to leave early.

Evidently, she clearly knew what a giant vortex she was standing beside.

If she was a little careless, she would be shattered into pieces.

But when Jiang Xiaodie witnessed this, her eyes suddenly glistened. “Scoundrel Nangong, you’re dead!”

” Sigh … I only wanted to collect Divine Armaments, so why do you have to force me?”

Fang Yuan let out a faint sigh as he looked at the people in front of him.

Bi Luokong was the leader organizing and advocating this action, so she immediately attracted part of Fang Yuan’s attention.

Other than Bi Luokong, there were Xie Xuanyun and Curmudgeon Myriad Poisons, the wielders of a Divine Armament and a Demonic Armament respectively.

And there were three other Demon Sect members who used to wield Demonic Armaments.

Together with Jiang Xiaodie, there were eight Heavenly Phenomenon martial artists right here!

What could a Heavenly Phenomenon do in the Pugilistic World? They could easily found a sect and do whatever they wanted.

But now, all of them had gathered here to kill Fang Yuan. This was a huge effort.

“Armament Repository Master, I apologize!” Ghosteye distanced himself from Fang Yuan. “I’m afraid your martial arts have reached Nie Kuang’s level, breaking through Heavenly Phenomenon, so we only have a chance of defeating you by cooperating!”

“Kid, serves you right!”

White Tiger Crone and the other two who had lost their Divine Armaments became red-eyed.

It was totally reasonable that they hated Fang Yuan and betrayed him.

Fang Yuan had not only controlled them with a peculiar technique, but also wrested away their Divine Armaments.

Armament-wielders who lost their armaments would become laughing stocks in the Pugilistic World!

Therefore, they had cooperated and provided a lot of information, which was crucial to setting this trap.

“The Li Perishing Sword, the Myriad Poison Cauldron, and the Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword!” Fang Yuan counted silently. “It’s pretty good if I can take back three Divine Armaments at once. However, all of you… have mistaken my character!

“Nobody can ever threaten me nor make me compromise!”

Fang Yuan roared and suddenly disappeared.

“Be careful!”

Bi Luokong’s pupils contracted. She saw Fang Yuan’s figure flash and emerge above the three former Divine Armament owners.

“Murdering God White Tiger!”

White Tiger Crone was wide-eyed and struggled desperately. Although she was only wielding a pole made of common fine steel, she could easily crack open a mountain with a strike.


A giant shield smashed down from the sky.

And the Dragon Engraving Bow owner quickly distanced himself and placed three arrows on his bowstring.

“Creation Divine Fist!”

Of course, Fang Yuan would not give them much time and punched straightaway.


It looked as if God Pan had just created the world, refining earth, fire, wind, and water.

The space around him was crushed, and even sunlight was blocked, as if there was a black hole.


How ferocious was this punch? It directly smashed the giant shield, penetrated the martial artist behind the shield, and reached White Tiger Crone.

Unfortunately, the crone was capable as well. On the brink of death, she managed to turn swiftly and retreat continuously.

Roar! Roar!

Fang Yuan punched again, which transformed into the forms of the Four Symbols and pounced at the crone’s back.


Blood splattered; a Heavenly Phenomenon was killed!

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