Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 812

Chapter 812 Plan

If the Heaven Roll had been published thirty years ago, these two grandmasters of the Orthodox Dao and the Demon Dao would have ranked among the top three. However, they were crushed into ground meat just like that!

Although the Sacred Lady of the Fairy Sect, Bi Luokong, had been confident of her plan all along, she was also shocked by this scene.

“So? Still want to attack me?”

Fang Yuan turned around and looked at Ghosteye with a sarcastic smile.

“I… I…” Ghosteye was extremely awkward.

This trap designed carefully by the Orthodox Dao and the Demon Dao was shattered in the blink of an eye. He was indeed overwhelmed by the situation.

But now, with a wan smile on his face, he could only close his eyes and await death.

“Hmm… Old dog, you may still have some value!”

With the intent to exploit Ghosteye to sharpen Shi Lei’s skills, Fang Yuan pointed at Shi Lei and Fu Hongmian. “If you can kill the two of them and bring their heads to me, I’ll spare your life!”

“Really?” Ghosteye asked in surprise.

He had never imagined that Fang Yuan would give him a second chance!

But in Fang Yuan’s eyes, he was already dead.

Did the subordinate sent to the protagonist by the antagonist ever have a chance of survival?

However, Fang Yuan’s indifference reassured Ghosteye, who suddenly pounced at Shi Lei.

“Junior Sister, run!”

Shi Lei lifted the stone sword and stopped Ghosteye.

While Ghosteye was like a dog under Fang Yuan’s control, he was a powerful Heavenly Phenomenon who could easily kill a first-grade grandmaster.

As soon as they started to fight, the stone sword vibrated with a buzz, implying that Shi Lei could not hold on any longer.


At this moment, the Sword Qi of the Li Perishing Sword blocked Ghosteye.

“Young Master Shi Lei, please bring your junior sister down the mountain immediately! People from the Fairy Sect are waiting for you!”

Bi Luokong blocked Fang Yuan’s path, the clothes covering her chest stained by blood. A melancholy expression was seen on her beautiful face.

“Oh? Why do you care so much for this silly boy?” Fang Yuan stared at Bi Luokong, looking interested.

“In the Pugilistic World, the Orthodox Dao will exist eternally!” Bi Luokong said firmly as numerous threads of the Coiled Dragon Silk joined to form a giant spiderweb.

Chi! Chi!

Another two threads extended out, but instead of killing, they were used to save.

“Miss Jiang, Miss Bi?”

In a daze, Shi Lei flew dozens of feet away under the influence of a tender force.

“Leave now!”

When they landed, Fu Hongmian finally recovered from her shock and grasped Shi Lei’s hand, hastily rushing down the mountains.

“No… I must save them!” Shi Lei looked determined.

“Stone Oaf, do you wanna die… Nangong Wuwang is too scary!” Fu Hongmian grasped his arm. “I don’t care. If you don’t go with me, I’ll jump off this mountain and end my life!”


Shi Lei had no other choice. Looking at Fu Hongmian’s eyes, he suddenly shuddered. He knew that if his junior sister saw him courting death, she might really die with him!

Suppressing his desire to help and disregarding the overflowing Qi at Heaven Capital Peak, he quickly reached the foot of the mountain with Fu Hongmian.

“Are you Young Master Shi Lei?” Two maids in white were waiting for them here. “Sect Master has invited you to visit the Fairy Sect! The fate of the Orthodox Dao and the happiness of all the people in the Pugilistic World will depend on you!”

“Uh… all people in the world?” Shi Lei rubbed his eyes. “What does it have to do with me? I haven’t washed my face after getting up today…”

Heaven Capital Peak.

Fang Yuan twisted his hand. Jiang Xiaodie cried out as she felt a sharp pain in her wrist, and Fang Yuan grabbed the Li Perishing Sword flying out of her hand and wielded it lightly.


Countless translucent silk threads surged forward and wrapped around the sword, forming a transparent sphere.

“The Sky Fiend Seven Slaughter!”

He gripped the other hand and used the Sky Fiend Seven Slaughter Style. Bi Luokong cried out and seven continuous sounds like strings breaking rang out on her body.

She was pale and knelt on the ground.

“What a bunch of useless people!” Fang Yuan glanced at Ghosteye. “The Armament Repository will soon dominate the Pugilistic World. If you can’t accomplish this, you won’t be tolerated anywhere in the Pugilistic World of the Divine Continent!”

“Building Master, don’t worry! I’ll definitely bring their heads to you!”

Ghosteye’s face was malevolent.

If Jiang Xiaodie had not stopped him, he could definitely have killed those two kids.

Knowing that this was his last chance, he hightailed it out of here.

“Armament Repository Master… Do you want to conquer the Pugilistic World?”

Bi Luokong and Jiang Xiaodie were kneeling on the ground. While they were badly injured and had lost their Divine Armaments, Fang Yuan did not take their lives. Instead, he clapped his hands gently.

Four men in green came forward silently and brought them into a carriage.

“You’ll know my intention in due course.”

Fang Yuan gave the order. With the crack of a whip, the carriage immediately set out.

Jiang Xiaodie did not know how long they had traveled for, but she saw a huge building when she got off the carriage.

The nine-floor building was built on a cliff, as if it was overlooking all mountains in the world.

“The headquarters of the Golden Breeze Drizzle Building? Or rather, the Armament Repository?”

Bi Luokong’s eyes gleamed mysteriously as she gazed at the building.

“I’m honored to have the both of you as my guests today!”

Fang Yuan had changed into casual clothes and led the way like a young gentleman.

Heat waves were surging in the Armament Repository.

Unlike the intelligence agency that the two ladies had imagined, the Armament Repository Headquarters had taken on a new look.

Instead of pigeons flying into the building with letters, precious minerals and all sorts of fuels were continuously being transported into the building, making the place look like a giant factory.

“Hmm? Gong Shuqian? Xiahou Yan?” Bi Luokong sighed when she saw two elderly armament artisans passing by. “Renowned armament artisans in all parts of the Divine Continent disappeared this year. Did you cause that as well?”

“The Fairy Sect has investigated me covertly for a long time, so didn’t you have a clue?”

Fang Yuan shrugged and brought both of them to the center.

Fire blazed in a horrifying furnace, melting all the rock around it. They felt like they were in hell.

Fang Yuan was an expert at forging armaments as well. He glanced at the Li Perishing Sword in his hand and ordered, “Come, bring forty-nine sariras of eminent monks to neutralize the demonic nature of the Li Perishing Sword!

“As for the Coiled Dragon Silk? It’s harder to cope with than the Li Perishing Sword, so I need to think carefully about it!” he said to himself, but the two ladies beside him looked shocked.

They felt like they could see the remains of many Divine Armaments in this frightening furnace.

“Do you really want to forge the ultimate Demonic Armament to confront the Celestial Thearch Sword?” Bi Luokong murmured. “It’ll make no difference. The Celestial Thearch Sword is the ultimate treasure of the Orthodox Dao and the top Divine Armament in the world. No other armament, not even one you forge from the ten Demonic Armaments, can be as powerful as it!”

“Of course I know this, but you talk too much!”

Fang Yuan clapped his hands. A beautiful palace lady gracefully approached him with a purple bead in her hands.

“The Purple Cloud Bead?”

Bi Luokong’s pupils contracted again.

“Hmm, that’s right. Pass this bead together with the Myriad Poison Cauldron and the Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword to the masters down there. They can contribute to the incipient processing steps! Tell them that I’ll fulfill all my promises once they complete everything!”

Fang Yuan waved his hand and took out the Myriad Poison Cauldron and the Five Elements Cloud Qi Sword. “Moreover… I’ve sent Ghosteye to deal with Shi Lei. You’ll go and assist him!”


The beautiful lady was a bit doubtful, but she withdrew respectfully, leaving behind the shocked and bewildered Bi Luokong.

“Right now, I’ve gathered all the Divine Armaments and Demonic Armaments in the Armament Manual except the Celestial Thearch Sword!” Fang Yuan extended a hand. “Furthermore, the furnace will finish refining the armaments in 81 days! I’ll hold the Pugilistic World Meet then and let all sects acknowledge allegiance to me! How’s that? Can the Fairy Sect stop me?”

“We’re naturally no match for you, but what about the Celestial Thearch Sword owner?” Bi Luokong was reluctant to admit defeat.

“Are you talking about that silly boy?” Fang Yuan smiled sarcastically.

He knew it! He actually knew it!

Bi Luokong was stunned into a state of panic.

The Fairy Sect had met the previous Celestial Thearch Sword owner and observed the sword before, but even so, she was uncertain about her deduction.

But how did Nangong Wuwang know?

Moreover, if he took Shi Lei seriously, why didn’t he capture this opponent at Heaven Capital Peak?

Although they had tried their best to stop Fang Yuan, they were not really confident that they could prevent him from killing Shi Lei.

With a mysterious smile on his face, Fang Yuan gave the order to imprison the two ladies. “Spread the message that I’ll kill them both as sacrifices in the meet! Will Shi Lei come to save them? I can motivate him by putting him under pressure this way.”

After everyone else had left, Fang Yuan took out an iron hook.

It was the former ninth Demonic Armament and the tenth now—the Prolonged Grievance Hook!

“The Nangong family may have to change their name and continue moving, preferably overseas…”

Since he had the hook, he had surely been to his family and made the necessary arrangements.

After all, even if he succeeded in what he would do next, he would have to leave immediately. Therefore, he had to prepare his family for the future in advance.

With that thought, Fang Yuan entered another room.

The room was filled with thick blood color. Purplish-red veins extended continuously on the blade of a giant demonic saber at the center.

“Let’s go!”

He grabbed the Blood Imbibing Saber and left for the wilderness at lightning speed.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Thick, blood-colored light fused onto the blade and transformed into the image of a demon.

“The Essence Soul of the Great Sanguine Demon, we’re even now that I’ve released you!”

He had gathered all the fragments of the Sanguine Demon’s Essence Soul in less than two years.

Despite that, the demon had been dead for many years and would need some time to regain part of his strength.

Of course, this Sanguine Demon would definitely disturb the Divine Continent Pugilistic World, but that would be none of his business.

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