Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 813

Chapter 813 Sword Owner

At the gates of the Fairy Sect.

Clear streams meandered through the mountains, and cranes and apes were vaguely seen in the rising fog.

A small lake was encircled by the mountains. Its surface was as smooth as a mirror and glittered like jade.

” Phew … Is this the Fairy Sect? It looks ordinary!” Fu Hongmian exhaled and looked at the women farming in the plantations on both sides. “It’s… different from what I imagined!”

“Even martial artists are mortals and can’t live without basic necessities. The Fairy Sect cultivates the Dao of transcending the mundane world by living in it, so we must practice a lot! Everyone, including the Sacred Lady, makes a living on her own!”

A lady in light yellow clothes smiled and said, “Of course, your senior brother and you are honored guests, so you’ll enjoy the best we have to offer!”

She was still slightly astonished after she said that.

After all, the Fairy Sect only accepted females. Even if that silly lad was a first-grade grandmaster, why would he be favored by the sect master?

“Bad news, Senior Sister Yellow Oriole!”

Two young ladies in red were panting as they ran up the hill in a panic. “The Armament Repository declared that it’ll hold the Pugilistic World Meet two months later to discuss the leadership of the Pugilistic World, and… and… the Armament Repository Master will kill Jiang Xiaodie and the Sacred Lady as sacrifices in the meet!”

“What?” Yellow Oriole’s expression suddenly changed. “This is serious. I need to inform Master about this. Follow me!”

The group of people hurried toward the center of the lake, but Fu Hongmian was preoccupied as she followed them.

She did not know what others would do, but she was sure that the silly Stone Oaf would try to save Xiaodie.

She felt even more upset at the thought of Fang Yuan’s words.

The sect master of the Fairy Sect was a graceful, middle-aged woman. With a Daoist hairstyle and a Daoist robe, her temperament was like a nun who had taken vows for Buddhistic cultivation. It could vaguely be seen that she had once possessed unparalleled beauty, but now she seemed to be steady and composed.

“Since the Armament Repository has made the declaration, Luokong and Miss Jiang will be safe and sound for at least two months!”

“I know that, but Stone Oaf is so silly. He’ll definitely go to rescue them! What should I do? What should I do?”

Fu Hongmian’s eyes turned red, about to burst into tears.

“By that time, we won’t be the ones who need to worry!”

A strange look flashed across the Fairy Sect Master’s eyes.

“Where did you bring Stone Oaf?” Fu Hongmian pretended to be crying, but she stared stealthily at the Fairy Sect Master through the space between her fingers.

“Don’t worry. Your Senior Brother Shi Lei is experiencing something beyond imagination!” The Fairy Sect Master smiled like an amiable elder. “The seniors he’s meeting with are all top martial artists of the Orthodox Dao who have enjoyed great prestige for decades!”

Roar! Roar!

As soon as she finished her sentence, the earth shook and the lake was disturbed, as if an evil dragon stirred underwater.


Suddenly, a torrent of water shot out of the lake like a white dragon flying into the sky.


It was immediately followed by dark clouds and the rumbling of thunder.

“A Heavenly Phenomenon?!”

The Fairy Sect Master was stunned by the scene.

“Stone Oaf, did you break into Heavenly Phenomenon?”

Fu Hongmian was exhilarated and waved her arms.


The white, water dragon rolled and landed ashore, transforming into a human figure. He had thick brows, large eyes, and was honest-looking with an indescribable temperament.

With a bit of his manipulation, the large amount of water flowed back into the lake, but it did not splash onto the shore at all due to his perfect control.

But now, Shi Lei did not appear happy about his advancement, his eyes slightly red. “Senior Kuang, Senior Hong, and Senior Ma… have passed away!”

“The three of them, together with Elder Bai who died at Heaven Capital Peak, were pillars of the Pugilistic World in the previous generation, and they’ve been living in the Small Mirror Lake since their reclusion! They made an exception to meet you and even gave you all of their cultivation power. Do you know the reason?”

The Fairy Sect Master had an indifferent expression, suggesting that she had expected everything.

“Because of it?”

While Shi Lei was honest and good-natured, he was not stupid. He took out his stone sword.

The sword still looked crude and mediocre, but it had many more cracks on the blade.

“That’s right. This sword is the legendary Celestial Thearch Sword!” The Fairy Sect Master nodded. “And you are the sword owner of this generation, chosen by the Celestial Thearch Sword! That’s why the seniors died for your sake! Heavenly Phenomenon is the minimum requirement for mastering the Celestial Thearch Sword, and you’re now capable of exploring the mysteries in the Celestial Thearch Sword.”

“What? The Celestial Thearch Sword?”

“The top Divine Armament in the world?”

Fu Hongmian, Yellow Oriole, and the others were hearing this secret for the first time. All of them stared at Shi Lei fervently.

Yellow Oriole and the other Fairy Sect disciples were especially attracted to Shi Lei, as if he possessed unusual glamor now.

“The Celestial Thearch Sword… The Celestial Thearch Sword…”

Shi Lei felt lost for a moment before realizing what had happened as he stared at the stone strip in his hand.

“The Sword Grandmaster was the top martial artist in the Sword Dao, but he chose to live as a recluse at the peak of his life. This sword might be the reason…” the Fairy Sect Master speculated. “As for its appearance now, it’s because the Divine Armament has concealed its real value. You can reveal its true features when you gain its recognition! Only then can you defeat the Armament Repository Master! Did you know that he’s become increasingly ambitious and is prepared to execute Jiang Xiaodie and Bi Luokong in the Pugilistic World Meet…”

“The Pugilistic World Meet? When will it begin?”

Shi Lei gazed at the stone sword in his hand.

Rays of light were emitted from the cracks. Just like jade hidden in an ugly stone, its luster could no longer be concealed once a corner of the stone was cut off.

“Two months later!”

Suddenly, the Fairy Sect Master turned around and hit a rockery beside them with her palm.


Her slender hand exerted a shocking force. The granite was crushed into powder and the rockery collapsed.

Within the cloud of dust, a dark silhouette pounced at Shi Lei at lightning speed. “Give me the Celestial Thearch Sword!”

Of course, the intruder was Ghosteye!

He was adept at concealment and tracking, and he had followed Shi Lei all the way to the Fairy Sect, even hearing the shocking secret.

Unfortunately, shocked by the secret of the Celestial Thearch Sword, he had exposed himself.

Therefore, he chose to attack as soon as the Fairy Sect Master discovered him.

After all, it was the Celestial Thearch Sword—the top Divine Armament in the world! No other armament was comparable to it!

If he could obtain it, he would be able to fight against Nangong Wuwang!

As for Shi Lei? He was not worried about a Heavenly Phenomenon who had just broken through.

The sudden change took place right beside them!

Ghosteye was extremely fast. Within a moment, he went past the Fairy Sect Master and reached Shi Lei. “Boundless Heaven and Earth, Five Lightning Righteous Technique!”

He struck out his palm, which carried the sound of storm and thunder with it. It was shockingly the lost martial arts technique, ‘Five Lightning Hand’!

Ghosteye’s ability was distinguished among Heavenly Phenomenon even without the Kuiniu Eye. Otherwise, he would not have survived the competition within the Demon Sect.

“About time!”

Shi Lei held the sword straight with no intention of evading the attack.

But something strange happened.

The tip of the stone sword shook. It slashed through the lightning and directly reached Ghosteye. “Lightning Breaking Style!”


With a single sword strike, the lightning retreated and a hint of Sword Qi pierced into Ghosteye’s chest.


Ghosteye fell to the ground, blood foam overflowing his mouth.

As an experienced Heavenly Phenomenon, he could not understand why he was as powerless as a baby in front of the opponent.

It happened with Shi Lei, as well as the Armament Repository Master. He felt that he had wasted his entire life.

In fact, there were always such people in chaotic times.

In the Orthodox Dao, they lived in obscurity but would always pass all their cultivation power to the protagonist in times of crisis.

The antagonists would put up a fight because they were unwilling to be forgotten, but the protagonist would defeat them with ease.

That was because the birth of the Son of the World was the result of a great convergence, which they were way too powerless to change.

” Cough cough …”

Ghosteye coughed and spit out blood mixed with organ fragments. He was at his last gasp.

“Don’t worry. I won’t let you die!”

At this moment, Shi Lei took a few steps forward and prolonged Ghosteye’s life with inner force. “If you want to escape the Armament Repository’s control, you must collaborate with me!”

Shi Lei was preoccupied with thoughts about sneaking into the Armament Repository and saving Jiang Xiaodie.

Fu Hongmian was dejected when she saw this.

“All right… I’ll tell you!!”

People would become more afraid of death as they got older, and this applied to Ghosteye as well.

Having witnessed Shi Lei’s powerful martial arts, he surrendered immediately. It did not matter that he had betrayed his masters many times.

At this point, his expression suddenly changed. “Not good! The Amorphous Dao!!!”


While Shi Lei’s martial arts were now peerless, he did not react in time.


At this moment, a maid in red who had been following Yellow Oriole revealed a sinister smile. She cut Yellow Oriole’s and another maid’s throats and then controlled Fu Hongmian with ease.

“The Demon Sect’s Amorphous Dao Master?”

There was a flicker of movement in the eyes of the Fairy Sect Master, but she did not attack. “I didn’t expect that the entire Demon Sect would support Nangong Wuwang!”

“The mission of the Demon Sect is to conquer the world. Since he’s the Blood Imbibing Saber owner and has tamed the Tiger Soul Saber, he’s the true master of the Demon Sect!” Amorphous Dao Master said matter-of-factly.

Evidently, the prolonged internal strife in the Demon Sect had finally reached a conclusion.

The power supporting Fang Yuan had prevailed.

Amorphous Dao Master was still disguised as a girl, her eyes glaring at Shi Lei. “If you don’t want your lover to die, kill Ghosteye and throw the Celestial Thearch Sword to me!”

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