Carefree Path Of Dreams Chapter 814

Chapter 814 Sharpening The Blade

“Don’t hurt Hongmian! I’ll do anything you want!”

Although he had broken into Heavenly Phenomenon, Shi Lei panicked when he saw his junior sister threatened.

“Lad… The Amorphous Dao is best at cheating! Don’t believe them! Even if you kill me and hand over the Celestial Thearch Sword, they won’t return her to you!”

Ghosteye was desperate.

His life was in Shi Lei’s hand.

And anyone would know how to choose between a lovable junior sister and a disgusting old man.

“I…” Shi Lei hesitated.

Seeing this, Fu Hongmian let out a mournful laugh.

Of course, she knew that her silly senior brother was not reluctant to give up the Celestial Thearch Sword nor kill Ghosteye.

But Ghosteye was equivalent to the only chance to save Jiang Xiaodie! While she also knew that Shi Lei would definitely compromise after some hesitation, she was still disappointed by his attitude.

For some unknown reason, she suddenly recalled what had happened when they met Nangong Wuwang for the first time.

“Miss, you have to know that in every sect, the junior sister is intended for the senior brother… What you did was lure in a wolf, which is very, very dangerous. Be careful of your sweetheart being taken away.”

She had only felt slightly bitter at that time, but now she felt hopeless.

“Stone Oaf… Goodbye!”

She laughed mournfully and lunged toward the blade in front of her neck.


Blood spewed everywhere.

Amorphous Dao Master was stunned, not understanding why this hostage courted death in such a hurry! It was abnormal!

But he did not have time to ponder.

Because he had to confront the furious Celestial Thearch Sword owner in the next moment.


Shi Lei was red-eyed, and the stone sword emitted brilliant light when he slashed with it.

The heavens and the earth rumbled as if they were responding.

Amorphous Dao Master lifted his saber to block the attack, but he was like a mantis trying to stop a chariot. The saber immediately broke, and he was shaken into a bloody mess under the force.

“Why… Why are you so silly!”

Shi Lei embraced Fu Hongmian’s corpse and burst into tears.

Tick! Tick!

Affectionate tears fell onto the Celestial Thearch Sword and penetrated the cracks.

Crack! Crack!

The stone sword immediately underwent a mysterious change. The stone came off to reveal the original texture of the Celestial Thearch Sword.

The sword was neither gold nor jade but similar to both. A picture of the stars of the heavenly cycle was inscribed on one side of the blade, the scenery of mountains and rivers on the other.

The sword blade emanated an astounding spiritual aura.

Anyone seeing the sword for the first time would be enchanted by it because they would see the world, the Great Daos, and everything else in it!

“Young Master Shi, please restrain your grief!” consoled the Fairy Sect Master, approaching him after some time had passed.

“Fairy Sect Master…” Shi Lei suddenly lifted his head. “You could have stopped Amorphous Dao Master, couldn’t you?”

Facing his shrewd eyes, the Fairy Sect Master felt a chill running down her spine. She laughed bitterly. “Yes!”

“You didn’t save her life because of the Celestial Thearch Sword?”

“That’s right. The sword concealed its true features. While it had recognized its owner, another condition had to be met to completely sharpen its blade—affectionate tears!”

The Fairy Sect Master said frankly, “The heavens and the earth do not have affection, but people do. This is the teaching left behind by the previous Celestial Thearch Sword owner. Now that the Celestial Thearch Sword has truly emerged and I have attained my goal, it’s up to you whether to punish me or kill me… No need to worry. You are the master of the Pugilistic World’s Orthodox Dao because you possess the Celestial Thearch Sword! I have ordered the entire Fairy Sect to follow your commands even if you kill me!”

Her expression showed her determination to sacrifice herself just like a martyr.

Shi Lei’s hand holding the Celestial Thearch Sword shuddered.

Would he kill the person in front of him—a lady who had tried her best to help him?

Of course, he did not forget that he had only advanced to Heavenly Phenomenon with the sacrifice of the three seniors just now.

After truly refining the Celestial Thearch Sword, his status was equivalent to possessing divine importance to the heavens and the earth, with which he grew much stronger.

A moment of silence followed.

The next moment, Shi Lei lifted his hand lightly.


Sword Qi suddenly moved!

From stars to mountains and rivers, everything in the world supported the Celestial Thearch Sword!


Despite her Heavenly Phenomenon cultivation, the Fairy Sect Master was immediately beaten into the air. She flushed and blood spewed out from her mouth.

This was the sheer power of a single trace of Sword Qi!


The Fairy Sect Master turned pale, wrinkles emerged on her smooth complexion, and her hair became grey.

“You… stripped me of my martial arts?”

Her voice was hoarse, as if she was suddenly twenty years older.

“I’ll save Xiaodie and Luokong on my own. The Fairy Sect has nothing to do with me!”

Shi Lei’s expression was cold. With Fu Hongmian in his arms, he flew away and disappeared beyond the horizon…

Two months passed in a flash.

A lot of things had happened in the Pugilistic World.

The Armament Repository shot to fame.

Martial artists in the Pugilistic World finally learned that the mysterious Armament Repository Master was the new star of the Saber Dao, Blood Imbibing Saber Nangong Wuwang!

He even conquered the entire Demon Sect and took over cities successively.

The Orthodox Dao lost its top martial artist, Ba Dao, in the battle at the Heaven Deity Palace and was defeated in disunity.

On the 15th of July, the Armament Repository attacked the Kong family. The family head of the Kong family disarmed himself and surrendered the Righteousness Ruler.

On the 16th of July, they conquered the Sword Repository Mountain Villa and obtained hundreds of famous swords, as well as countless precious minerals!

On the 19th, they killed the Three Friends of Yellow Crane and shocked the southwestern Pugilistic World.

All of a sudden, the Armament Repository dominated the Pugilistic World, with a tendency of conquering the entire world.

This was the natural result of Fang Yuan’s earlier arrangements.

He had planted Yin Yang Talismans in many martial artists from both the Demon Sect and the Orthodox Dao, thereby manipulating them and controlling their lives.

Even the battle at the Kong family was only a show planned in advance.

With such authority and power, the Armament Repository deliberately declared that it would hold the Pugilistic World Meet at its headquarters on August 15th and select an alliance leader to rule the Pugilistic World. Its wild ambition was blatantly obvious.

All over the Pugilistic World, the Orthodox Dao weakened as the Demon Dao strengthened. Members of the Demon Sect cheered in excitement, while a piece of news regarding the Celestial Thearch Sword circulated silently in the lifeless Orthodox Dao.

Some experienced martial artists proclaimed their loyalty to the Armament Repository but associated with the Fairy Sect and other final strongholds of the Orthodox Dao covertly.

The Pugilistic World was going through a period of instability. Many experts and seniors who had been living in seclusion headed for the Armament Repository Headquarters, prepared to witness the grandest event in the past century.

Armament Repository Headquarters.

Fang Yuan went to an upland area that overlooked a huge venue nearing completion.

Although it was located in remote mountains and the topography was complex, it was not a problem for Fang Yuan given his current status. Most of the Pugilistic World was at his command, and the power was enough to shift away mountains and reclaim land from seas.

A hundred thousand people had built it within a month.

Of course, it was insignificant in comparison with the furnace below.

He went down the stairs and stopped in front of the furnace at the core of the place.

The flames and heat waves were unendurable even for a first-grade grandmaster.

But Fang Yuan was unconcerned about the heat. He took a few steps forward and gazed at the silhouette of the armament in the furnace.

After gathering nineteen of the top Divine Armaments and Demonic Armaments, the armament being forged began to take shape. It was not a saber nor a sword but was similar to both. It had the forms of all the armaments that had ever existed and all sorts of mysterious auras.

“Good. Seems that the process can definitely be completed before August 16th. It was worth my effort of searching for materials all over the world!”

Fang Yuan was not truly interested in conquering the entire Pugilistic World.

In fact, his primary goal was to collect precious minerals and secret forging techniques, invite expert armament artisans, and so on.

Some of these things were even the treasures of established families and sects, so he had to annihilate the families and sects in order to obtain them.

“Building Master, the Extreme East Grey Netherworld Sect and the South Sea Sect have written letters of surrender with their blood. Their sect masters will present their sect treasures at the Pugilistic World Meet!” reported Tang Shushu, standing behind Fang Yuan. “The Armament Repository will soon rule the Pugilistic World!”

“Oh?” Fang Yuan turned around and looked at the most handsome man of the Orthodox Dao, “Do you really think so?”

Honestly, he was slightly surprised. White Tiger Crone and the other two Divine Armament owners had betrayed him, but this owner of the fourth Divine Armament still diligently worked for him and did not even mind losing the Peach Blossom Fan?

It’s interesting to observe the nuances of human behavior!

“Of course not. While the Armament Repository seems to be flourishing, there are hidden dangers. If we can’t deal with them properly, our grand plan may have to be aborted at the last minute!” Tang Shushu said with a straight face.

“Oh?” Fang Yuan was a little impressed by him. “What is the greatest hidden danger that may undermine the grand plan of the Armament Repository?”

“It’s naturally the Celestial Thearch Sword owner!” Tang Shushu replied without any hesitation. “All the hidden cultivators of the Orthodox Dao are no match for you, but the emergence of the Celestial Thearch Sword will significantly change the situation. The Celestial Thearch Sword itself is a flag. Possessing it is equivalent to becoming the lord of the Orthodox Dao, and that surpasses the importance of the Seven Slaughter Tiger Soul Saber to the Demon Dao!

“Every tribulation in the world was accompanied by the emergence of the Celestial Thearch Sword, and the same thing will happen this time. The Celestial Thearch Sword owner is the biggest trouble!” Tang Shushu said seriously, but felt doubtful.

Given the current power of the Armament Repository, how could the Building Master not know what had happened in the Fairy Sect?

The emergence of the Celestial Thearch Sword was only a rumor to ordinary martial artists in the Pugilistic World, but those at their level knew that the birth of the Celestial Thearch Sword owner was real.

The development of the sword owner was unpredictable. Even if he could not fight at all at the start, he would quickly become the top martial artist in the world.

Furthermore, the sword owner of this generation was highly gifted. A few elders of the Orthodox Dao had also sacrificed themselves to give him their cultivation power.

Tang Shushu wanted to ask this mysterious Building Master whether he really had no fear.

“Great!” Fang Yuan glanced at Tang Shushu with a hidden meaning in his eyes. “I’m going to let you host the Pugilistic World Meet this time. Don’t disappoint me!”

“Yes, Master!”

Impressed by his enigmatic decisions, Tang Shushu bowed respectfully.

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